Celebrating the Christy Awards: Dragonwitch Giveaway

Update: Here are our randomly-chosen winners! Please email me, Amy, at agreen@bethanyhouse.com with your mailing address so I can send you the book (and the other goodies). Loved reading all the answers, by the way!



Last Monday night, as I watched the liveblog of the Christy Awards, I cheered out loud when Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Dragonwitch was listed as the winner of the Visionary category. I’m a big fan of her Goldstone Woods books, so I entirely agree with the judges that the award was well-deserved. You can take a look at all of the Christy nominees and winners here.

12543-DRAGONWITCH christy memeIn a land besieged, an unlikely hero discovers his destiny: he alone can wield the sword that will slay the Dragonwitch—and save them all.

Here are some fun “extras”if you want to learn more about Dragonwitch and Anne Elisabeth’s other fantasy novels.

  • Stop by Anne Elisabeth’s blog. There’s always something fun going on there, whether it’s a fairy tale writing competition or a music contest.
  • Read an excerpt of Dragonwitch and see why one of the Christy award judges said, “Very few books compel me to stop midway through and track down and buy the author’s backlist. Dragonwitch did.”
  • And, finally, what better way to celebrate than by giving away books? We’ll be hosting a giveaway here on the blog. Five winners will receive a copy of Dragonwitch, along with a bookplate signed by the author, a few Goldstone Woods bookmarks, and a shiny Christy Award seal on the cover.


Here’s how to enter: just comment on this blog post with an answer to this question, “If you were given the opportunity to step into a fictional world, which book would you choose to enter and why?” (It doesn’t have to be a fantasy book.)

Winners’ names will be posted in an update to this blog post next Thursday, July 3rd, so be sure to check back to see if you won!


Internal Conflict: Writers Weigh In

Conflict. It’s what makes readers keep turning pages late into the night, and what helps writers know what to put on the page next. Some conflicts are fairly obvious: blizzards, runaway trains, or moustache-twirling villains are pretty easy to identify as the enemy.

But what happens when your real enemy is . . . you?

That’s what writers call internal conflict, and it can be subtle.


As I read this month’s releases from Bethany House, I noticed that all of the main characters had a great story arc involving internal conflict. Yes, things are happening outside of them: a mistaken identity, hostage negotiation, impending murder, and blackmail. But what really drew me into the story were the unique and nuanced issues that each character faced. Here, the authors and I talk about the characters’ internal conflicts.


To learn more about Judith and her books, go to judithmccoymiller.com.

Andrea Wilson
From A Shining Light by Judith Miller

Judith’s Take: For several years Andrea Wilson faced the consequences of a bad choice. A choice that destroyed her trust. Now, unexpected events have thrust her into life among the Amana Colonists in Iowa. If she is to ever find the peace, safety, and love she desires, she must learn to trust God as well as the people who have given her shelter. When trust proves more difficult than she anticipated, she must decide if she will rely upon her own understanding or finally trust God.

Amy’s Take: Sometimes communities like Amana are so peaceful that they seem far away from the problems of the outside world. When Andrea brought some of those problems into Amana, I loved watching how the people there loved and protected her. Sometimes trust doesn’t come easily, and I appreciated the realistic way Andrea struggled with that. Continue reading