7 Bookish Things We Are Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, readers!

Today, as we number our blessings, we are grateful for so many undeserved gifts. Here are just a few of them:

1. Books in all formats

I know readers have very strong opinions on whether print books are better than ebooks, and if listening to audiobooks even counts as reading. But how wonderful is it that we have the ability to read no matter what we’re doing. Going on a vacation and want to bring multiple books? You can bring all the books you want on your phone, Nook, or Kindle! Planning on taking a road trip across the country or want something to listen to while you’re going for a run? Audiobooks are an amazing alternative. We love how accessible books are!

2. Libraries and bookstores—and the people who run them

After everything shut down due to COVID, we truly missed browsing through the library and local bookstores. Ordering books online does not compare to holding books in your hands. Plus, asking a librarian or bookseller for help is much more enjoyable than a Google search.

3. Handsome book boyfriends

We have to be honest here, friends. We love all the elements to an amazing book, but a charming hero is icing on the cake. Authors do an amazing job of writing swoony book boyfriends. Our design team is fantastic at choosing cover models. And the combination of the two is *chef’s kiss.*

4. Never running out of books to read

Though it can be slightly stressful watching the TBR pile grow and knowing we’ll never have time to read all of the books we’ve collected, we’re grateful that we live in a society that still values books given that we always have such a robust selection to pick from!

5. Hot tea, coffee, and other warm beverages

Also, cozy blankets and hammocks! Because nothing beats having something to snuggle up with while reading a great book!

6. Knowledge through reading

We’re so incredibly grateful for authors that give us the gift of knowledge through books that teach, entertain, challenge, and give us perspectives outside our own.

7. Authors, reviewers, narrators, publishing professionals, etc.

Last but certainly the most important of all, we’re incredibly grateful for everyone who plays a part in bringing a book into the world. You make dreams possible, and we couldn’t do our jobs without you!

We here at Bethany House hope you are enjoying a day of joy and gratitude with the people closest to you. What bookish things are you grateful for today?

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