November 2021 New Releases

Readers, if you’re looking for some beautiful books, we have four new releases for you! With breathtaking settings, page-turning plots, and characters you’ll want to cheer for, these are perfect for your reading list or Christmas gift list.

After She Falls by Carmen Schober

Plot Summary: After an abusive relationship derails her plans, Adri Rivera struggles to regain her independence and achieve her dream of becoming an MMA fighter. She gets a second chance, but the man who offers it to her is Max Lyons, her former training partner, whom she left heartbroken years before. As she fights for her future, will she be able to confront her past?

Every Word Unsaid by Kimberly Duffy

Plot Summary: As the nation’s most fearless travel columnist, Augusta Travers explores the country, spinning stories for women unable to leave hearth and home. Suddenly caught in a scandal, she escapes to India to visit old friends, promising great tales of boldness. But instead she encounters a plague, new affections, and the realization that she can’t outrun her past.

As Dawn Breaks by Kate Breslin

Plot Summary: After a deadly explosion at the Chilwell factory, munitions worker Rosalind Graham leaves the painful life she’s dreamt of escaping by assuming the identity of her deceased friend. When RAF Captain Alex Baird is ordered to surveil her for suspected sabotage, the danger of her deception intensifies. Will Rose’s daring bid for freedom be her greatest undoing?

Dead Fall by Nancy Mehl
The Quantico Files

Plot Summary: When a renowned profiler is found dead in his hotel room and it becomes clear the killer is targeting agents in Alex Donovan’s unit, she is called to work on the strangest case she’s ever faced. Things get personal when the brilliant killer strikes close to home, and Alex will do anything to find the killer–even at the risk of her own life.

With Thanksgiving coming up, what’s one reason you’re thankful for books?

One thought on “November 2021 New Releases

  1. I am an new influencer for Nancy Mehl and when I received her book, Dead Fall, from you, there was a note from Bethany House that said “for ideas on how you can promote this book, visit” I cannot find the ideas. Please send me the list of ideas because I want to be faithful to write as many reviews as I can. This was a great read. Can you direct me further? Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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