October 2021 New Releases

Welcome to October, readers! We can’t wait to show off our list of new novels this month…as well as their lovely covers, hinting at the stories inside. We hope that you’re intrigued enough to check them out and read the first chapters by clicking on the covers.

A Flicker of Light by Katie Powner

Plot Summary: Widower Mitch Jensen is at a loss with how to handle his mother’s odd, forgetful behaviors, as well as his daughter’s sudden return home and unexpected life choices. Little does he know Grandma June has long been keeping a secret about her past–but if she doesn’t tell the truth about it, someone she loves will suffer, and the lives of three generations will never be the same.

Waiting on Love by Tracie Peterson
Ladies of the Lake #3

Plot Summary: Fulfilling a promise to her dying mother, Elise Wright watches over her father as cook on his Great Lakes schooner. But the behavior of a new sailor unsettles her and first mate Nick Clark, who secretly begins investigating. When tragedy strikes, Nick and Elise must rely on their faith and each other as they confront their greatest fears.

A Deep Divide by Kimberley Woodhouse

Secrets of the Canyon #1

Plot Summary: When her father’s greedy corruption goes too far, heiress Emma Grace McMurray sneaks away to be a Harvey Girl at the El Tovar Grand Canyon Hotel, planning to stay hidden forever. There she uncovers mysteries, secrets, and a love beyond anything she could imagine–leaving her to question all she thought to be true.

The Heart of a Cowboy by Jody Hedlund
Colorado Cowboys

Plot Summary: Traveling the Santa Fe Trail on a botanical exploration, Linnea Newberry longs to be taken seriously by the other members of the expedition. When she is rescued from an accident by Flynn McQuaid, her grandfather hires him to act as Linnea’s bodyguard, and Flynn soon finds himself in the greatest danger of all–falling for a woman he’s determined not to love.

Love on the Range by Mary Connealy
Brothers in Arms #3

Plot Summary: Assigned by the Pinkertons to spy on a suspicious ranch owner, Molly Garner hires on as his housekeeper, closely followed by Wyatt Hunt, who refuses to let her risk it alone. But when danger arises, Wyatt must band together with his problematic brothers to face all the troubles of life and love that suddenly surround them.

Tell us in the comments about the latest book you read and loved.

2 thoughts on “October 2021 New Releases

  1. I just recently finished Kimberley Woodhouse’s A Deep Divide. Nice take on the Harvey girls and and rich girl in hiding genre. We visited the Grand Canton, but not the big hotel, and saw display of Harvey Girls in small museum. Had trouble making the connection then. Thank you, Kimberley!!

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