May 2021 New Releases

It’s the start of our summer publishing season, and we can’t wait for you to take a look at these latest Bethany House releases. Four strong leading ladies, pictured on the covers, head up these four novels. You’ll see hints at their stories on the outside, but take a look inside by clicking on the covers to read an excerpt. Enjoy!

The Nature of a Lady by Roseanna M. White
Secrets of the Isles #1

Plot Summary: Fleeing to the beautiful Isles of Scilly, Lady Elizabeth Sinclair stumbles upon dangerous secrets left behind by her cottage’s former occupant and agrees to help the missing girl’s brother, Oliver Tremayne, find his sister. As the two work together, they uncover ancient legends, pirate wrecks, betrayal, and the most mysterious phenomenon of all: love.

Let It Be Me by Becky Wade
A Misty River Romance

Plot Summary: When pediatric heart surgeon Sebastian Grant meets Leah Montgomery, his fast-spinning world comes to a sudden stop. And when Leah receives surprising news while assembling a family tree, he helps her comb through old hospital records to learn more. But will attaining their deepest desires require more sacrifices than they imagined?

Paint and Nectar by Ashley Clark
Heirloom Secrets

Plot Summary: In 1929, a spark forms between Eliza, a talented watercolorist, and William, a young man whose family has a longstanding feud with hers over a missing treasure. Decades later, after inheriting Eliza’s house and all its secrets from a mysterious patron, Lucy is determined to preserve the property, not only for history’s sake but also for her own.

Woman of Words by Angela Hunt
Jerusalem Road #3

Plot Summary: Asked by Mary to record stories of Yeshua while the eyewitnesses are still alive, Matthew, a disciple, reluctantly agrees. But the longer they work together, the more difficult their task becomes as they face threats and opposition. And when Matthew works to save his people, he realizes that the job he hesitantly accepted may be his God-given destiny.

How often do you open up a book from an author who is new to you to read the first few lines?

2 thoughts on “May 2021 New Releases

  1. If the back cover copy intrigues me, I’ll open to the first page. I do it more so when I’m at a bookstore, which unfortunately, hasn’t been often this last year. But it’s fun to see if the first few lines will grab my attention and encourage me to sit down to read more.

  2. Hello! Are these book up for review? If they are I would love to review one are all of them. I love, love Bethany House fiction. You guys and gals are the best! I would give anything to live near your company. I’d love to work there or either volunteer. I would be so much fun to be around so many new books! Please let me know if these are for review. I would love to be able to.Joy Hannabass 4391 Diamond Hill Road Moneta Va 24121Thank you so much. Joy Hannabass Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G.

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