Giveaway to Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day!

The last Saturday in April is Independent Bookseller Day, and we’re excited to celebrate it with you! We love hearing about readers who have an amazing local bookstore or one they’ve “adopted,” whether in their hometown, a favorite vacation spot, or even that they order from online from a distance away. Booksellers are hardworking small business owners with a talent for connecting readers to great books. Their personal recommendations, special events, and love of reading are an inspiration to us.

Not sure if there’s a store near you that you can visit or order books from? Check out resources like IndieBound, where you can locate indie bookstores to visit. I love checking their site when I’m planning a road trip so I know where I should plan a shopping stop.

To celebrate this holiday, we’ll be giving away one of our spring books (reader’s choice) as well as a $20 gift card to Baker Book House, our own local indie bookstore. (They can ship anywhere in the US. International readers are free to enter as well, but we’ll substitute a different prize.)

You can enter by commenting with an answer to the question at the bottom of the post, but until then, enjoy some of our favorite memes and cartoons featuring bookstores.

To enter the giveaway, comment on this post with the answer to this question: what’s a favorite bookstore you’ve visited, and what did you like about it?

Winner will be contacted by April 30, 2021.

76 thoughts on “Giveaway to Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day!

  1. Love Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Vermont and their second location in Saratoga. The VT location is a huge two story shop filled with nooks and crannies that are fun to explore. There was an author weekend I went to there before Covid, hopeful it will come back and we can once again enjoy books, authors, and live face to face meetings with our fellow bookworms from all over the US.

  2. We have a Christos. Bookstore in town and they have the nicest staff, seating rooms to read and beverages to drink while you browse. And a great selection of books!

  3. When I was in college, there was a small independent bookstore about 2 blocks from campus. It was Cottrell Christian. The owners were super nice. They’d order anything I asked for. I have no idea if they are still in business or not. But I loved that little store.

  4. My favorite bookstore is Baker Book House! I live almost 400 miles from there so don’t get to shop in person often. But the store is huge and my favorite part is the used book section where I can get many books (new and old) for great prices!

  5. I always loved going to Lifeway, roaming the aisles of wonderful Christian books. But of course they are closed now, so the only option now is Barnes and Noble.

  6. I live in a very small town, and sadly, we have not had a bookstore here for a very long time. However, when I was a child, there was a shop that sold, books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, and candy. Every Saturday morning, I would walk to that store and get my new comic books and a big bag of M&Ms. The owner was a nice man who always greeted me with a big smile–he called me his “regular customer”. When I started buying books, he teased me about growing up and becoming “sophisticated”. When he passed away, the shop was closed. I was sad for the loss of my friend and his store.

  7. I haven’t been to an actual bookshop in forever, ugh. But what I love about ordering from Baker Book House is that they package the books so well. My books always arrive safe and secure. No bent pages, no covers damaged, etc. Makes a booklovers heart happy. Nice giveaway.

  8. That Sarah Anderson meme is the best!! I don’t know that I have a favorite bookstore despite being well-traveled and having lived in 6 states. I’ve been shopping online for books since at least 1998, however, I do like an occasional stroll through Mardel. The bigger chains don’t boast as many CF titles.

  9. I visited a book store in Vancouver and it was perfection. Cozy and organized yet creative and fun. I would love to go back one day.

  10. My favorite bookstore was the Barnes and Noble in Rochester Minnesota downtown galleria. It was converted from an old theater and had a rounded ceiling painted as the night sky with stars, and a floor to ceiling castle in the childrenโ€™s section.

  11. My husband and I had a scavenger hunt of sorts. We were searching for an out-of-print series from his childhood. Any time we traveled anywhere, we’d seek out local bookstores. Our favorite bookstore was actually housed in a barn in Iowa, but I can’t remember the name because it was so long ago. (Before GPS so even finding it in the first place was quite an accomplishment!) The country setting was certainly unique and there were books, books, books everywhere. It took us years to complete the set of 27 books, but we finally did it!

  12. My two favorite bookstores are Blue Plate Books in Winchester, VA and The Book House in Dillsburg, PA. They are fabulous little places with lots of old books (and new books). I can only visit them once or twice a year, because I have no “shelf” control! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I just visited Baker Book House yesterday! I love their friendliness, their fiction section and their used books section. I occasionally order from their online store ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  14. We have a local used book store called Yesterdayโ€™s Books and I love going in there because there are just sooooo many books and you feel like youโ€™ve entered book land!!!

  15. An indie bookstore in Lancaster was a favorite until I moved out of the area. They had book signings with authors-a big yay! In the area I live now I visit a local Christian retail store with a smallish section of books but with their variety of items itโ€™s still fun!

  16. I don’t have any indie bookstores near me, but I love to shop online at Baker Books! They have the best deals, and I’d much rather support them than Amazon when I can.

  17. When my daughter and I visited Wales, there was a small used book store. When we stepped in you felt you were enveloped with the scent of books! There were books stacked from floor to over our heads. This went on for room after room. We stopped in to take a quick look, as we are both book lovers, but spent most of the afternoon in there. What a memory.

  18. My town only has one independent Christian bookstore… it’s called Christian Supply Centre. I like them a lot better than the only other bookstore in town, Books A Million, because they are very friendly (even remember your name) and helpful. If they don’t have something in stock, they will special order it for you. Thanks for having this giveaway, Baker House Books has become my favorite preorder place!

  19. There was a small, quaint bookshop in coastal Maine which was constructed of mostly wood beams and which you had to access via outdoor stairs. So cozy with great ambiance!

  20. We have a small local Christian book store named Pierced ( family name of owners, isnโ€™t that cool?) I havenโ€™t visited any other bookshop in quite a while. They are very accommodating about ordering books! Itโ€™s in an old house and has a snack bar. Also a patio. We have two Christian authors in our little town. And they have been to our library and this shop.

  21. The Book Loft in Columbus, OH is the coolest bookstore that I have visited. I went there by myself and enjoyed seeing all the books, I also used to really like going to The Sleepy Hollow Bookstore here in Midland, MI, but it has been closed for years. Thank you for having this fun giveaway!

  22. My favorite bookstore is in our local church. Since so many Christian bookstores have closed, it’s fun to find a place with a large variety of carefully selected books that I can see, touch, and flip through.

  23. My favorite during my teaching years was called Jeremy’s …It was a small privately owned shop that always had the best choices for my classes enjoyment…Also had many books that I enjoyed….Unfortunately, the small stores have disappeared and even Lifeway where I bought many books each month is gone…I am a techno-dinosaur but fortunately have friends who will order for me from Baker and Bethany…Sometimes 20 or more books a month when new releases of favorite authors come out…

  24. We have a Barnes & Noble near us that I like to browse through. Lots of options and book related items too with a little cafe to boot.

  25. When I was in Venice, my husband and I stumbled on a wonderful bookstore. It even had a gondola in it. It smelled of books, and even one in it was reading, paging through books and just enjoying their time. I could tell it was a favorite haunt of many of those in the neighborhood. I personally would have stayed forever.

  26. What I love about โ€œAuntieโ€™s Book storeโ€ is the antiquity of the sections. Each section has itโ€™s only little nook for one to absorb. I get sucked in and do not want to leave with all the varieties of books. It is a beautiful place to hide away and be in a world of wonder!

  27. Hi, all!
    I really like Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Itโ€™s only about a two blocks up from the ocean. What could be better?

  28. Duckโ€™s Cottage in Duck, NC. I found this gem on vacation and it is the first place I go every time we are in OBX. I have been introduced to a few of my favorite authors in this shop. And they have the best coffee and chairs inside and on the porch for reading all day!

  29. We enjoyed getting lost in the shelves at Powell’s Books in Portland on a visit years ago. It’s huge, with a bit of everything. Better than Disneyland. They even had a coffee counter. Nothing like it near us. Have a quaint little second hand bookstore near our market stuffed floor to ceiling that can be fun to browse in though.

  30. My husband and I found a random bookstore in…I think it was Ohio…while I was on a work trip. All I remember is that it was perfect because it was not only filled to the brim with books but it had all the nooks and crannies that you expect of a good, independent bookstore. Every time you turned a corner, there was another room, almost hidden, including one in far corner with ladders!

  31. My favorite bookstore to this it is the Tattered Cover In Denver. It is an independent bookstore and they are always having author signings that I love to attend. It has a warm cozy feel when you walk in. I head straight to the coffee bar and get my favorite latte and then start browsing. Itโ€™s a challenge to see which lasts the longest, the latte or my browsing.

  32. My favorite is The Second Saturday Bookshop, which is the “friends of the library” bookshop. It has great prices and their profits go to help the public library. I found some great christian fiction there.

  33. I don’t really have a favorite bookstore, but when I’m traveling, I love to seek out and visit little bookstores in small towns. They’re such fun to browse and try to find some treasures.

    • I think my favorite bookstore is Christian Book an on-line Christian book and gift store. They have a wide variety of books and I have shopped with them for many years.

  34. We had an independent book store in our town when I was growing up. Itโ€™s a smaller town, so shopping has always been limited. I donโ€™t remember the name of the store, but I remember I felt smarter just walking through their door. I miss having a real book store. The closest thing we have now is the book sections at Target and Walmart.

  35. We used to have a local bookstore called Family Christian Store but it went out of business. I really miss it! The next closet Christian bookstore is Baker Book House, which is AMAZING! I like having so many books at my fingertips!

  36. The Tattered Cover in Denver – just the name made me want to visit. Inside are books upon books, plus the sweeping staircase and wood decor make it cozy and just what I’d picture a bookstore to be like.

  37. This is a tough one; I used to love Half Price Books, which was about 45 minutes away from me, but it closed a few years ago, as did other “nearby” brick-and-mortar bookstores. Farther away, there used to be a Border bookstore that was two stories, and I loved going there on my birthday!

  38. We don’t have any independent bookstores around us. I really enjoy shopping from Baker Bookhouse though. They have so many of my favorite authors and I’m happy to support them over Amazon. Thank you for the chance to win.

  39. There’s a small local indie bookstore near me that called A Novel Idea that I love to go to, not only because I can always find a new book there, but because the owner and her employees love books and are super friendly. They make you feel like family when you come in to browse.

  40. When I was little one of my favorite places to go was Good News Bookstore. My dad would go to get supplies for church or something he needed for a sermon and he would take me. I would always come home with another Alice in Bibleland book or a Jeanette Oke animal friends book. Itโ€™s been closed a long time now, but I will always remember going as a kid and how much I loved it. The beginning of a lifelong romance!

  41. There was a book barn with old books up by Ithaca, NY that we used to love going to visit. My HS friends and I spent days in there. Too bad those are non-existent now.

  42. My favorite hometown bookstore is Cook Christian Supply in Mt Pleasant, Michigan. I first met Jody Hedlund there at a Beverly Lewis book signing many years ago. I purchased Jody’s book, The Preachers Bride, and have not missed one of her books since.

  43. My favorite book store is Baker Book House which I haven’t been in sadly however I was able to pick up some books last year on a road trip to Ohio and we detoured to Baker Book House for my graduation present since my graduation did not go as expected because of covid.

  44. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite, but there is on in Scotland that allows you to sign up to run their bookstore for a week for room and board. How fun would that be???

  45. VCY Bookstore in Milwaukee, WI. They sell a great variety of Christian books, have great sales, and friendly/helpful staff.

  46. Schuler Books in Lansing, MI. It was local, but also open and big enough to have a large children’s section with toys so that I could get lost finding new books (or old favorites) but still know my toddler was engaged and not crying to go home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I loved going to our local Lifeway bookstore before it closed. It was so cozy, the employees were very friendly, and they carried Christian authors I knew and loved that were harder to find in the big Barnes and Noble. I did just learn about several small local book shops that I didn’t know about before by looking at IndieBound, though, (thanks for the link!) so hopefully I’ll be able to check them out and find a new favorite.๐Ÿ˜Š

  48. I haven’t been to an independent bookstore in years and I don’t know of any around my area. So my favorite bookstore is Seagull. I really love the people who work there we can gab about this author or that one. Never pay full price. And I love the books and clothes they have.

  49. We lost our Family Christian bookstore that I used to go to. Mardel is too far north. I like to go to Barnes and Noble sometimes.

  50. When they were open, Family Christian was my favorite to visit. Their selection of books and other Christian gifts was always good and the personnel were excellent.

  51. I loved visiting Square Books in Oxford, MS a few years ago. I especially loved the stairs leading to the second floor โ€“ all painted to look like the spines of books featuring some great titles. So much fun!

  52. My favorite bookstore is The Dusty Bookshelf in Manhattan, Kansas, though I haven’t been able to visit for a few years. It was cozy, had a resident cat, and accepted used books for store credit. My daughter was attending Kansas State University and we’d go book shopping when I’d go to visit her. There was a fire several years ago so it was closed for awhile but they have since reopened. I’d like to visit again to see the new store.

  53. I am not sure my favorite bookstore is still around. I tried to find it online, but was not able. It must have closed. But when I was a student at a college, there was this bookstore in an mid-18th century printing house. Under the same roof was also a cafe, and an Irish pub upstairs. In front of the building, was a statue of Oscar Wilde and of his contemporary, a local author, Eduard Vilde. Those two never met, just their last names sound similar.
    Here’s a pic

  54. Fenton’s Open Book Bookshop on our neighboring town. We have been to wonderful author visits, and they were great about special orders during the pandemic shut down times. Wonderful asset to the community.

  55. Haha…Love those memes! Sadly, I have not found an indie bookstore near me. I usually shop online or at Half-Priced Books. Thanks for the “indie finder”; bookshops on road trips are some of the best highlights!! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿš—

  56. There used to be a Book Swap shop that we would go to as a familyโ€ฆweโ€™d trade in a stack of books for credit, pore over the second hand books in the huge shop, and walk out with bags of books to keep us reading for months! I wish we had places like that around stillโ€ฆmy kids never quite understood that joy.

  57. I loved going to Borders. They were the first (and only) big bookstore we had here and they had a wide variety of books for all reading tastes. When I was a teen they had books I liked, and then as an adult, I could also find something there for me to read. Unfortunately, after Borders closed I have not been able to find a local bookstore that carries the kind of books I like to read. So I’ve had to do all my shopping online.

  58. One of my favorite bookstores was Borders. I liked the deals they had going on and they knew how to grab your attention from the entrance. Their Christian fiction was huge to me. I loved to sit there and just read a chapter to two there.

  59. I recently visited a Mardel bookstore in Lynchburg, VA. It was wonderful to go to a Christian bookstore again. This store also had lots of educational products. So Wonderful!

  60. There used to be so many Christian Bookstores and I loved them. Aside from a Barnes & Noble north of Boston, I am not sure what else is out there! I order online now, but miss the experience!!

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