Ask Bethany House 2021…and a Giveaway!

It’s a new year, readers, and that means that we need new questions from you to answer in our Ask Bethany House Publishers monthly feature. I always enjoy hearing what readers want to know, from the quirky to the informative to the wow-that-one-even-stumped-me.

Take a second and think through this list to generate ideas. Have you ever wondered…

  • Whether the tips about what a writer should “always” or “never” do when interacting with a publisher are actually true?
  • How one of the steps between an author writing a book and you picking it up off a shelf actually happens?
  • What we at Bethany House think about various trends or new developments in publishing?
  • If the nagging question that others have passed around on social media reader groups has an answer?

These are just a few prompts out of many to start your thinking. We welcome any and all questions to our Ask Bethany House poll.

Once you’ve submitted at least one question, just for fun, come back here and comment with a book that you’re looking forward to in the new year. We’ll enter you in a giveaway to win one of our January or December new releases and choose the winner on 1/14/21.

24 thoughts on “Ask Bethany House 2021…and a Giveaway!

  1. My question of the year is how can I support Bethany House without using Facebook. I have become so disenchanted with that platform and plan to close my account. I plan on continuing to post on other platforms and writer’s blogs, along with my own blog. Is this enough? The pleasure I receive from reading a well written book is something I like to share with others. Books imprinted with Bethany House have been selected with care. Thank you for all you do for us, from the monthly Prayer for Authors to keeping your readers updated with current offerings.

    • Great question, Mardell! Requesting that your library purchase books, recommending and gifting them to friends, and leaving reviews on retail sites or Goodreads are all non-social media ways to support books. I hope that’s helpful, and I’m so thankful that you’ve loved many Bethany House books.

      Amy Lokkesmoe
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  2. I can’t wait for blackberry beach by Irene Hannon, but that’s by baker house publishing, so I’m not sure it counts ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Just this week, so many books were added to my TBR pile. I’m looking forward to reading “Dreams of Savannah”, “All Through the Night”, & “The Thief of Blackfriars Lane”. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ“š

  4. Would Love to read Faith’s Mountain Home ! I sent a question to the Ask Bethany House Poll! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  5. I’d looking forward to reading A Cowboy for Keeps – Jody Hedlund and Dreams of Savannah – Roseanna White to name a couple.

    Bethany House has many of my favorite authors!


  6. I think 2021 is going to be a great year for books! I’m currently reading A Cowboy for Keeps by Jody Hedlund and loving it! Dreams of Savannah by Roseanne White and Shadows of the White City by Jocelyn Green top my wishlist.

  7. I wonder if your writers have spell check of a type of grammar check. It’s very insulting to read a book full of errors. Sometimes the errors make a difference in meaing.
    The book I would like to read is Veiled in Smoke by Jocely Green.

  8. I have really enjoyed great fiction published by Bethany House, especially Beverly Lewis books. Any good historical or Amish fiction is what i like to read.

  9. So many great titles but I would love to read Endless Mercy by Tracie Peterson and
    Kimberley Woodhouse. Thanks for this opportunity!

  10. I agree with Mardell Grayhek and would like an alternative to Facebook & other social media locations that are like minded! I am looking forward to the book, “The Prince of Spies.”

  11. I submitted two questions..first, how long does it take for a book to go from its beginning stages to release day? Second, how is the cover design determined for a new book?

    I am looking forward to Shadows in the White City by Jocelyn Green and Tidewater Bride by Laura Frantz…. and many more, you make it hard to narrow it down because there are soooo many good authors! Thank you for having this giveaway!!

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