Dependence Day Giveaway!

Readers, I’d love to have you join me for a very special holiday tomorrow…Dependence Day!

What is Dependence Day, you ask? It’s a completely made-up holiday on July 3rd where we celebrate America’s former dependence on England. Strictly speaking, it’s less pining for the good ol’ days of British colonization and more about having an excuse to eat scones and drink tea, so if you’re an American, you can celebrate with your patriotism intact.

All that’s required is that you participate in some manner of vaguely British-themed activity, such as:

  • Using some Shakespearean insults.
  • Listening to the Beatles (or a more modern British band).
  • Planning a dream trip across the pond.
  • Searching the news for whatever the royal family is up to these days.
  • Watching Pride and Prejudice or anything BBC.
  • Reading a book set in England.

If that last one sounds perfect to you, we’ve got some great recommendations below for all you Anglophiles out there.

Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes: Reeling from the loss of her parents, Lucie Clairmont discovers an artifact under the floorboards of their London flat, leading her to an old seaside estate. Aided by her childhood friend Dashel, a renowned forensic astronomer, they start to unravel a history of heartbreak, sacrifice, and love begun 200 years prior—one that may offer the healing each seeks.

The Bridge to Belle Island by Julie Klassen: While Benjamin investigates a mysterious death, evidence takes him to a remote island on the Thames. There, Isabelle is trapped by fear and has a recurring dream about a man’s death. Or is it a memory? When a murder brings everyone under suspicion, and the search for truth brings secrets to light, she realizes her island sanctuary will never be the same.

Line by Line by Jennifer Delamere: Years of hard work enabled Douglas Shaw to escape a life of desperate poverty—and now he’s determined to marry into high society to prevent reliving his old circumstances. But when Alice McNeil, an unconventional telegrapher at his firm, raises the ire of a vindictive co-worker, he must choose between rescuing her reputation and the future he’s always planned.

Vying for the Viscount by Kristi Ann Hunter (releases August 2020): When a strange man appears to be stealing horses at the neighboring estate, Bianca Snowley jumps to their rescue. And when she discovers he’s the new owner, she can’t help but be intrigued—but romance is unfeasible when he proposes they help secure spouses for each other. Will they see everything they’ve wanted has been there all along before it’s too late?

The Number of Love by Roseanna M. White: In the midst of the Great War, Margot De Wilde spends her days deciphering intercepted messages. But after a sudden loss, her world is turned upside down. Lieutenant Drake Elton returns wounded from the field, followed by a destructive enemy. Immediately smitten with Margot, how can Drake convince a girl who lives entirely in her mind that sometimes life’s answers lie in the heart?

To celebrate Dependence Day, we’re giving away the winner’s choice of one of the titles above. To enter, just comment with the answer to the question below: what would be a place in England you’d enjoy visiting? (Or have visited.) We’ll choose a winner next Thursday, July 9th.

132 thoughts on “Dependence Day Giveaway!

  1. I would visit places where my ancestors lived near Norfolk. And my choice for the book – should I win – would be Julie Klassen’s The Bridge To Belle Island.

  2. I think I’d enjoy visiting Buckingham Palace. I’ve always been intrigued by stories about England, especially about Christian history from there, and how it influenced America. Would love to win a print book, The Bridge to Belle Island by Julie Klassen; or The Number of Love by Roseanna M. White. Both sound excellent! Thank you for this opportunity to enter a giveaway! God bless! Lual Krautter Email: krautter62520AToutlookDOTcom

  3. I would absolutely love to go to London! I’d like to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Harrod’s….everything.

    • It’s so hard to choose one place! The museums in London, the coasts of Cornwall, a tour of Jane Austen locations! I suppose I need a lot of time there because I want to see it all!!!

  4. I want to see all of those locations from the London season that I always read about, but since I am assuming most of them don’t look the same, maybe just a really good museum 😁

  5. There are many places I’d love to visit in England. But the two that stick out are the Tower of London and Big Ben.

  6. I have been to Bath and would enjoy visiting it again, but would love to see the Lake District and Cornwall…and so many other wonderful places!

  7. So many places but I’ve read so many mentions of The White Cliffs of Dover and this would certainly be one!

  8. With out question it is London. I have been blessed to travel the world but nothing compares to London! Well other than my beloved home here in Buffalo!!

  9. I have not traveled much, so I would be happy to visit anywhere in England. I would like to see Big Ben and some of the historical sites.

  10. Our daughter lived in England for 3 years and I was blessed to be able to visit a number of times. We saw lots of history but I’d love to go back again!!

  11. My family ancestry is in England dating back to the Mayflower, so I think I would love to find out exactly where. and visit some of those places.I think England would be brilliant!

  12. How could I pick just one place in England to visit? I want to visit all of it! But especially the town’s that were home to my ancestors.

  13. Absolutely anywhere would be wonderful, but the Cotswolds and the Cliffs of Dover are particularly beautiful places I’d love to see. And the Victoria & Albert Museum.

  14. I would visit Jane Austen’s home and the Lake District…really anywhere touched by literature would make this English teacher/book lover so happy! This is such a fun idea, and I’m a huge fan of all of these authors!

  15. I would love to go to Grantham, England, to visit my “adopted family” from when I was a student at Harlaxton College there in 1986. I have kept in touch with the family all these many years, and the mom and dad of the family are now quite elderly. I would dearly love to see them again while I am still able to do so and also to visit the Harlaxton campus, which was my “home.”

  16. I would love to visit Grantham, England, in Lincolnshire to see my “adopted family” from when I was a student there at Harlaxton College in 1986. I have kept in touch with this wonderful family all these many years but have not yet been able to return for a visit. The parents of the family are now quite elderly, and I would dearly love to see them again while I still can. I would also love to visit the Harlaxton campus, which was my home away from home.

  17. Oh I would love to see the Lake District (“what are men, compared to rocks and mountains?!”), and the Kilns at Oxford as well!

  18. As a hobby genealogist, I would enjoy visiting several areas in England where i had family in the 1600’s, as well as London with the museums and various historical buildings.

  19. I visited London two years ago, and loved it. However, I wish I could have spent more time bin some of the small towns and countryside.

  20. As a hobby genealogist, I would enjoy vising several areas where I had family in the 1600’s, along with London to see the museums and historic sites.

  21. I would love to visit the Yorkshire Dales. I’ve read a few books set there and then that’s where All Creatures Great and Small is set! One of our favorite TV and book series.
    I have read or will read all but Julie Klassen ‘s book so I will choose that one if I win.

  22. I would love to visit all the literary sites, cathedrals, castles, and medieval towns and cities I could fit in a trip, including the White Tower keep of the Tower of London, which was built by my first cousin 31x removed, William the Conqueror!

  23. I have never been out of the US, but England/Great Britain would be where I would choose to visit if I had the opportunity. I would have to take a LONG trip, as I would like to see it all…but if I didn’t have the time, I would probably go to research family history in Northampton to start. Thank you for having this giveaway!

  24. I’ve never been to England, so I’d be pretty excited to go anywhere. Seeing the Globe theater would be cool, or historic sites around London. I love history, so when you combine that with lit … even better.

  25. I loved visiting Jane Austen’s house in Chawton, England several years ago! They had so many items that belonged to her, or that she herself had made. I could picture her sitting at her tiny table and penning the iconic novels. That was definitely a bucket list visit for me!

  26. I’d love to visit Stonehenge. My last trip to London was a one-day whirlwind in college while we were touring the country, so we didn’t have time to do a lot of exploring.

  27. I would love to visit London to see Big Ben and the Tower of London, as well as museums and to have an authentic British meal.

  28. Sounds like an interesting holiday. I’m in! When we were in England, we visited Lyme Park which was Pemberley in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. We had a picnic on the lawn at the spot where Mr. Darcy meets Elizabeth after his swim in the pond. Unfortunately Colin Firth did not show up to our picnic, but we had a great time anyway!

  29. So far my favorite place that I’ve visited was Oxford. It was just perfect. But I would love to visit the Cornwall area to see where my family emigrated from.

  30. I loved visiting Oxford and Eyam (a town known for quarantining themselves voluntarily during the Plague to keep from spreading it) and would love to go back. One place I haven’t been yet, but would love to, is Nottingham. 😉

  31. When my uncle and grandma went to England many years ago, they brought me back a necklace with a pendant from Wedgewood China. I love the blue color of it. I would like to visit the Wedgewood China factory and see all the beautiful blue pieces.

  32. We have visited England and enjoyed it so much! Especially enjoyed visited the Bronte home! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I would love to visit all of the typical tourist sites in London–Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, etc.

  34. I have been to London — twice. But I’d like to go back someday. Both times we were on tours. I’d like to go back and take some more time, and see further into the country.

  35. I spent all my time exploring London on my first visit to England. If I go again I’d like to visit Bath, to see where Herschel discovered Uranus back in the day. (I’m currently reading Number of Love and loving it!)

  36. I would love to visit my friend in Bath, sightsee there, and then hop over to Bletchley Park. I’m fascinated with the code breaking that took place. What a group of A-MAZING authors & book selections!! Happy Independence weekend! 🇺🇸🎆😎📚🥰

  37. My first trip abroad was to Scotland and England about 15 years ago. My favorite stay was in the Cotswold area. Just exactly what I had hoped to find over there!
    I would choose “Set the Stars Alight” by Amanda Dykes if I won.
    Thanks for the fun!

  38. All the sites I could possibly fit in!! Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Bath, etc! I’m glad I can read books set in some of these places for armchair traveling. 🙂

    Thank you for the chance to win a book!

  39. I would love to visit Buckingham Palace and then spend some time in a peaceful cottage in the country somewhere!

  40. I would like to visit the Lake District. It looks beautiful. With tranquil lakes, beautiful mountain ranges and a whole heap of tiny villages to explore, what’s not to like. It really looks like one of the best places to visit in England.

  41. I would love to visit the central part of England. I can only dream as i will never have a chance to do so. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Now wouldn’t that be sad if you had to give one of your “Dependance Day” books to a Canadian! But if I was going to England, one place I’d visit would Oxford University. I have a friend who has lectured there and their associate colleges for years. He’s also been an assistant manager in the lab that came up with the human genome project about twenty years ago.

  43. I would love to visit Cornwall. And the Lake District. England is on my list as soon as these travel restrictions lift.

  44. I would dearly love to explore every inch of the country, beginning with Plymouth! To stand on the spot from which the Pilgrims set sail for the New World would be an incredible experience!

  45. I’ve never visited England before, but would love to! Seems like Cornwall is a place that has come up several times recent’y in reading and TV viewing. I think it would be a beautiful place to visit.

    sorry if this comes through twice, I thought I had replied, but don’t see it/

  46. Two years ago today my best friend and I flew to England to celebrate our 50th birthdays. One of my favorite parts of the trip was our visit to Stratford Upon Avon where we saw Shakesphere’s home as well as Anne Hathaway’s. Such a fun trip!

  47. Woooow sooo many places I’d like to go! I’ll say one is Cotswold,UK Sooo many quaint villages and the countryside just beautiful, the cobblestone….you get the idea…lol

  48. It has been on my wish list. I would love to go to any of the major landmarks. Big Bend for example!! Thankyou

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