Mountain Heroes: Guest Post with Misty Beller!

Today on the blog, historical romance author Misty Beller is here to talk about all things books and research and swoony heroes to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Hope’s Highest Mountain. Enjoy getting to know more about her and her writing style!

Amy: Thanks for joining us, Misty! What do you think makes a mountain-man hero who is loved by both readers and the heroine?

Misty: Ooo, this is a great question! When I’m writing a mountain man hero, I always wonder what it was that drove him into the wilderness to live by himself. Did a deep wound force him to want a life totally different than anything he was accustomed to? Or maybe he just loves the mountain country and craves adventure. The majestic grandeur of the Rockies has seeped into his soul and feeds his spirit like nothing else can. I think the best-loved mountain man is probably a combination of all of these! Micah Bradley from Hope’s Highest Mountain definitely fits that bill.

I imagine the ideal mountain man to be the strong, silent type—he would definitely have to be an introvert to be content living with minimal human interaction! And no matter how wounded (emotionally or otherwise), no matter how bitter from the scars of his past, his protective instincts have to be strong. He has to be willing to fight through any obstacle to protect those around him—especially the heroine!

Amy: Love it! Micah is a great example of that trait. Is there a fun historical fact you came across while researching Hope’s Highest Mountain that you’d like to share?

Misty: Hmm…I’m a history nerd, so every time I get to research, I find fun facts! Surprisingly, not everything I consider fun is a fun fact for “normal” people. For Hope’s Highest Mountain, I got to research so many things about smallpox, including what the disease looks like at each stage, the differences between smallpox and chicken pox, and the history of the vaccination (which included lots of milk maids and a few young children). As I was trying to choose which of these to share here, I decided it might be better to switch gears.

Let me tell you about puppies! Namely, the history of the cute little dog named Shadow who plays a starring role in the story. Shadow is a sweet little male Havanese, solid black and the runt of the litter. We also have two Havanese (in real life), so I’m pretty family with the current version of the breed.

I knew for the story to be accurate though, I would need to do some quick research on what the breed would have looked like back in the 1860s. They actually would have been called Bichons back then (not Bichon Frise, which is another breed that spun off from the original Bichons). For several centuries, they were bred on the island of Cuba, but vacationing Europeans discovered the dog there and helped spread the breed abroad. One of those sweet little puppies even made it all the way to the mountain wilderness of the Montana Territory! (wink)

Amy: I’m sure both the smallpox and the dog research were helpful as you wrote, but this is a good excuse for puppy pictures! Now, what do you most admire about early pioneers like the ones in your books?

Misty: The men and women who thrived on the frontier were amazing! They weren’t just living without modern conveniences and technology. They were living far from “civilization,” often far from family and church. Yet they built these strong lives, homes, marriages, families, and relationships with God. The challenges they faced made them stronger, developing them into people I respect wholeheartedly.

Amy: That’s such a great summary. And for those of you who’d like to hear Misty share more about her book, you can watch this short video!

So, readers, let’s talk heroes: what for you are the traits that make a fictional hero endearing or worth cheering for?

4 thoughts on “Mountain Heroes: Guest Post with Misty Beller!

  1. Misty, I loved hearing about your “history nerd” discoveries regarding smallpox. One more thing we have in common. Very excited about your Bethany House release!

    • Oh, that’s wonderful, Lilian! I’m so glad you loved Hope’s Highest Mountain!! 🙂 The next book in the series releases in June and stars Joanna and little Samuel. Can’t wait to share it with you!!

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