Carol Finalists Giveaway!

Some of the Bethany House team are headed to the American Christian Fiction Writers conference today, and one of the highlights is the Carol Award ceremony on Saturday night. To celebrate with our authors who are finalists, we thought it would be fun to host a giveaway of those titles, pictured below.

A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette

Mind Games by Nancy Mehl

The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright

Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse

To enter, comment on this post with what you love about Christian fiction. We’ll pick two random winners for each book on Tuesday, October 1.

79 thoughts on “Carol Finalists Giveaway!

  1. Even though the stories are set in a fictional setting they still touch close to home. Christian Fiction puts hope, forgiveness, redemption, grace, love, perseverance, and so much more into relatable stories set in such a wide span if generations. And, it creates fun conversations for my family to discuss. 😍😍

  2. I love being able to ‘travel’ to other cultures and realize many others struggle with the same issues I do. I also get to live vicariously through their adventures without putting myself in actual danger. 🙂

  3. I love Christian fiction because they’re clean, well-written books. I love when there is a message the authors want to share with their readers.

  4. I love that I don’t have to worry about inappropriate content and I also love that God uses their messages to speak to my heart.

    • I love Christian fiction for several reasons. Most of all, I love reading author’s who show a character in their story who exemplifies God’s love through their flawed humanity. Isn’t that what the fruit of the Spirit looks like? No one is perfect, but we are capable of demonstrating love. With Christian fiction, every situation and circumstance is written without the need for obscenity or vulgar language. This increases the entertainment value and allows me to share books with my family.💜

  5. Oh, my gosh, what an awesome giveaway! I grew up with Christian Fiction (Janette Oke in particular)–it gave me my love of reading and my desire to be a writer. I love the sweet, pure stories of romance that aren’t dependent on physical stuff, and seeing characters learn to put their trust in God as their authors put them through the wringer. I find it inspirational (no pun intended) as an example in my own life — and to this day, I pull out Christian fiction (esp. Janette Oke) when I just want a book that makes my heart squee and sigh at the same time.

  6. I love Christian fiction because I love reading clean, gospel based, stories. I love traveling around the world with the characters and I love the wide variety of everything Christian fiction has to offer!

  7. I love Christian Fiction because it builds me up and shows how to deal with issues. I like that it is clean with no worries about reading something that would not edify me.
    I would love to win Connilyn Cossette’s book. I have two of the others.

  8. I love to read various kinds of Christian books. I become engrossed in the stories and don’t worry about content that I might find offensive, I become emotionally involved and sometimes even want to caution a character or even warn them! Reading brings a lot of enjoyment and pleasure to me.

  9. What I love about Christian fiction is the fact that it lets me read a good romance novel without having to worry about whether or not it will be clean. I also appreciate the way I can relate to the characters and their faith in God.

  10. Christian fiction embodies warmth and wholesome honorable moral values. I love that I can read a story, even with flaws, that generates a love of the Lord. Not having to be on my guard about bad language or immoral behavior. I really appreciate authors who respect their readers in keeping God centered in their writing.

  11. It’s a safe, and temporary, escape from the humdrum of every day life, but with the added benefit of a spiritual, faith-building thread running through the story.

  12. Christian Fiction has such uplifting stories, without explicit sexual content and profanity! The stories can take a person back in time, to different parts of the world and show how to live life to the fullest extent! Well worth reading!

  13. I love that in Christian fiction, regardless if it’s romance, history, suspense, or speculative, regardless how heavy the drama of the narrative might be, you can count on finding a positive message of hope and redemption woven within. Finding those glimpses of the gospel and reflections of Jesus Christ are what make make reading these stories so rewarding.

  14. I love Christian fiction because I know I’ll get an uplifting, clean story. I enjoy threads of hope, love, redemption, and grace woven through the books I read. Thanks to Bethany House for doing your part to spread goid wholesome fiction.

  15. CF has a depth lost to mainstream books. No matter what characters face or endure there is an underlying hope that gets them through. Sometimes it is obviously Christ and sometimes not, but it is an element lacking in mainstream reading. I stopped reading mainstream in high school because it pulled me down some very dark paths. When I discovered CF it was a ray of light that I couldn’t turn away from.

  16. I love Christian fiction. Any author I know travels and researches and really puts in a ton of hard work to really have correct historical information from speech to clothing to culture. The storylines are well thought out and keep you interested but they keep them clean. No need to skip a page or two to get past stuff I don’t care to read.

  17. I love that it portrays life in the way God would have us live. It lets us enter into a world of interesting places and characters and many times inspires adventure.

  18. I love not having to worry about a steamy scene and even more so that I learn from the characters portions of my own life that I need to work on.

  19. What isn’t there to love about Christian Fiction?! The ability to know I can grab a book and not have to censor it is a for sure must! Then to know it will be uplifting and even challenging to my walk along with just enjoying the journey of the character! Thank you Bethany House for bringing us the best!

  20. Congratulations Carol Awards Finalist! Christian Fiction is all I read! I know the stories will bring hope and a deeper meaning to scripture. Bethany House, Thank you for ALL you do for authors and readers!

  21. I love Christian fiction brcause of the strong faith element and a food clean story line. I think the Christian fiction authors are most definitely the most talented!

  22. A strong message of faith is woven into each Christian fiction novel, and every story is as unique and interesting as the author who wrote it.

  23. What I love about christian fiction is that it almost always brings out the idea that there are things that I can work on in my own life. Different authors can be saying the same thing in different manners and if I didnt quite get it with one author I will for sure with another author. Also, mostly I like that I dont have to read any steamy stuff that I know is not God glorifying. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  24. I love that Christian fiction offers a message of faith, hope, and love, and reinforces that God is there for us and is open to us at any time.

  25. They approach problems in a redeeming way. Often when we are in the middle of something we see no way out. Many books have people go through much worse things than we will. Reading takes you through it in a way that trains you to see past the immediate into what can happen.

  26. I love the way Christian fiction makes me think. Most of the stories I read I find myself having been in similar situations. A shared bible verse at just the right place in the story is uplifting and has me turning to my bible to highlight the verse. I think we can all learn a lot from Christian fiction about God.
    Bethany House has been my go to publisher since I discovered Christian fiction and non-fiction many years ago.
    God bless you all!

  27. I just love how the stories can help us grow in our faith and see things in a different light that we might never have considered before.

  28. Congratulations to all the nominees! I enjoy Christian fiction for the moral values that are embraced. Also, for the examples of faith, hope, and inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome books!

  29. Christian fiction is my favorite genre because I love reading a book that has a Christian worldview. Regardless of whether the book is a mystery, suspense, romance, etc I know what to expect.
    And I love that!

  30. I love Christian fiction because it doesn’t pollute my mind. It’s one way we can follow Paul’s instruction in Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

  31. I love the accidental learning that takes place from other time periods, countries, historical events, or biblical events. The fact that it’s done from a Christian perspective is the best!

  32. I love the faith angle and that there was a meaning to the book. I have read things that aren’t Christian fiction and there just seems to be no point in the book, no hope. No matter if you are reading suspense or a light romance, there is always hope that there is someone out there watching over us all.

  33. Christian Fiction is very entertaining but I learn from the characters how a Christian should or should not act. The adventure I go on are amazing.

  34. I enjoy reading Christian fiction because I can’t handle the regular books so much anymore. They have too much unnecessary cursing and sex. I get really tired of the sex and cursing. I know people do this in real life but it shows how limited their vocabulary is I know in Christian fiction that will be a non factor. It is refreshing to read clean books. I grew up with books that let the imagination soar aned Christian fiction does it. Not like mainstream fiction. I read some wehn I am out of anything else but I can only take so much and I rebel.

  35. The first thing is with Christian fiction that you know you will be reading about the Good Lord above. Second is you don’t have to worry about bad language or scenes that are inappropriate.

  36. What I love about Christian fiction is the hope & promises of the gospel that lie underneath the whole plot, and I love a wholesome story.

  37. I love that CF is always full of God’s hope! After reading so much CF I find non-Christian fiction so depressing. I also love how its filled with God-truths and they’re all ‘clean’, no nasty surprises 😉

  38. I love Christian fiction because I know it will be a good clean read. There are many great Christian authors that have brought me many hours of enjoyment!

  39. I enjoy the inspiring messages that Christian fiction often gives–the reminders of the importance of prayer and scripture as we journey through life.

  40. I love Christian fiction because I don’t have to worry about the content being inappropriate or steamy. I also love that these books make the topic of faith approachable and fun!

  41. When I read Christian fiction I know that I can nourish my love of reading and remain true to my Christian beliefs. Thanks for supplying us with faith-based fiction!

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