Book Cover Lookalike Fashion

Have you ever stared at a novel and wished the beautiful dress on the cover could be yours? Well, we’ve got some good news…they can be! Or, at least the closest modern lookalikes we could find. Last year’s post matching covers with contemporary dresses was so popular that we decided to revisit the bookish fashion runways again to find some modern counterparts to the historical dresses on a few of our 2019 covers. Enjoy!


So, the colors are reversed on this one, but we love how the punchy purple of this midi skirt matches the shirt Abigail is wearing in More Than Words Can Say, and the floral necklace hints at the pattern in the material. Although this outfit is dressy enough that you probably wouldn’t want to knead dough while wearing it.


The sweater (or “jumper,” if you’re British) that gives a punch of color to The Number of Love‘s cover is updated here with a wine-red sweater dress, and even a necklace reminiscent of the Art Deco style of the era of this novel.


Picture this one paired with a purple-striped scarf, but the flowing lines and powder blue of this breezy dress feels like what a modern Rivkah from Until the Mountains Fall might wear (although the current-day sandals aren’t nearly as practical for walking long distances).


We loved how the sleeves of this navy semi-formal dress matched Flight of the Raven (okay, maybe they’re a tad less dramatic, but we can’t all be royal dreamwalkers like Selene). The pop of white around the collar imitates the accent color as well.


The shade of pink is slightly off—blush vs. peach—but we loved how the lace and bow details on this dress made it seem like an updated version of the gown in Between Two Shores, though with fewer petticoats.


From the silky red of this flared dress to the black lace overlay details, we think we’ve found the lookalike for the one Verity is wearing on her cover, although, of course, the length would have been scandalous in the 1700s.


Which of these dresses would you be most likely to wear, readers?

12 thoughts on “Book Cover Lookalike Fashion

  1. What a fun post! Such a great job matching the styles and colors. My favorite is the dramatic find to match Verity. Not sure I have the figure to pull that one off, but I love the look and how well it matches the historical dress. I do love the purple skirt that matches my cover, though, too. Purple is fave!

  2. What a fun post!! On a practical level, the red-wine colored sweater dress is adorable! But, if I was going for classy and a little formal, the silky red flared dress with black lace overlay is my favorite. ❤️

  3. Love this post! Beautiful dresses! Practically speaking I’d most likely wear the modern blue dress from Until the Mountains Fall. The blush dress from Between Two Shores would be a wonderful bridesmaid dress and the red/black lace from Verity work well in any formal setting.

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