Thanks for the Challenge…and a Giveaway!

For those of you who’ve seen Bethany House Fiction on Instagram, you know we’ve been busy this month. Today marks the end of our “For the Love of Books” Instagram challenge. We posted a picture on a particular theme every day, and readers joined in with over a thousand entries during the month of February! We were stunned by your creativity…if you haven’t yet, you should take a look at all the bookish images we got to enjoy.

We’ll be choosing winners among the Instagram participants tomorrow after February is officially over, but here’s a special giveaway just for our blog readers to celebrate a successful Instagram challenge.

Just go to our Instagram profile and look over our February posts. Pick one that you especially liked, then come back and comment on this blog post with the reason why. We’ll choose a random comment on Monday, and that reader will win their choice of one of the books in the Instagram post they selected. (This is open to US and international readers.)

Thanks so much to all who participated…it’s been an extra-fun February with all the book love you put out there!

35 thoughts on “Thanks for the Challenge…and a Giveaway!

  1. I love the Day 22 post of Becky Wade’s Bradford Sisters books! The behind-the-scenes details of the dresses, the amazing books, and the secret stash of cover shoot costumes… Wouldn’t it be fun to try and match the costumes to the books? 🙂

  2. I didn’t take part in the challenge so I have loved viewing all of the 28 pictures this morning. I am choosing Day 6: Library or bookstore love, I was a public librarian for 22 1/2 years and this view was familar. Book stacks and books on the shelf. I truly love libraries and bookstores!
    Thanks for this fun event!

  3. Day 21 for two reasons. 1. Daphne and William’s kiss is to swoon over. I checked this book out from my library and LOVED it. 2. You used Kristi Ann Hunter’s photo. I love her creativity in each of her posts through out the challenge to incorporate A Return of Devotion in each one.

  4. Um, all of them? 😁 But seriously, this was such a fun challenge and I’ve loved seeing the creativity and love that’s gone into each post! (Especially by Kristi Ann Hunter! What a champion!!) And if I have to pick one, the Pink/Red day because how clever to think of paint chips! But really, they’re all amazing. Thanks for doing it!!!

  5. They’re all wonderful! I’m going to pick Day 8 Dream Book Boyfriend because I’d like to meet Simon Forrester from High as the Heavens by Kate Breslin

  6. This has been a fun challenge! I enjoyed seeing a variety of photos and how people interpreted them differently! My favorite post was Day #6: Library or Bookstore Love! Because who doesn’t love both of those!?

  7. This was such a fun challenge! It’s hard to choose a favorite! I love the post on the 22nd of the beloved series because I adore Becky Wade, but also because the books arranged on the dresses of the cover models was brilliant! I also really enjoy today’s post on February’s haul…the circular set up of the books is very pleasing to the eye. If I have to choose one, I’ll go with today’s for the logical reason that if I happen to win, there are books in that set that I do not yet own. 😉

  8. So many wonderful posts but my favorite was Feb 11: Woman Scientist. I love reading about women who excel in the sciences!

  9. Day 23 was my favorite! I don’t blame the marketing department at all for sneaking over to ride on the ladder! I’d totally do that too!

  10. I’d have to go with Day 22: Beloved Series, because I love the idea of using the covers’ dresses! (And there are books in this picture that I haven’t got📚💖😜.) I also have to mention Day 2: Forever and Always, because Colin and Georgina are one of my favorite couples, too💖🤗😍!

  11. Love the #BHPBookLoveChallenge – Day 28! So many great choices to pick from but I would pick A Desperate Hope by Elizabeth Camden to read first!!!

  12. Day 27. Cover love.
    I loved this post because I love to see the behind the scenes/editing of how a book cover comes to be!

  13. Liked all the photos! One of my favorites was day two of the challenge- the heart-print background was pretty, and I liked the scrabble lettering.

  14. My favorite is The Dream Book Boyfriend. I would pick Kate Breslin’s book.
    I have been unable to post on Instagram. Don’t know why.

  15. Hard choice! It was such a fun challenge. I think I would go with… Day 22: Beloved series, because I love seeing the behind the scenes type of photos, and those dresses are gorgeous!

  16. Day 15: Red and/or pink. I love the color sample cards behind the books. A clever background for a cool challenge.

  17. I like Day 23 – those women look like they’re having a blast and I would LOVE to slide along on that ladder and have access to all of those books!

  18. I loved Day 5: Title could be a conversation heart with Jody Hedlund’s “Together Forever”. Those were my favorite valentine’s candy as a kid, and many of book titles would be great conversation hearts. ❤

    Also liked Day 16: Sequel, please!

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