What Kind of Reading Challenge Would You Like to See?

Now that Christmas is over, I’m starting to look ahead to January, which for me means:

  • several weeks of crossing out 2018 before remembering the actual year.
  • bringing a massive stash of tea into the office to survive the winter.
  • getting excited about new releases from Jaime Jo Wright, Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse, and Jen Turano.
  • …and, finally, creating our annual Bethany House Reading Challenge.

But before I do, what are your thoughts, readers? Is there a particular kind of challenge you’d like to see? Here are some example:

  • A list of categories (“a book with an animal in the title,” “a book whose cover is mostly blue,” etc.) that you can check off.
  • One challenge per month instead of everything all at once, with a corresponding Instagram challenge for anyone following us there.
  • A setting challenge to motivate you to read books set in other states, countries, and eras.
  • Some other creative idea.

Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear what you’d prefer. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

9 thoughts on “What Kind of Reading Challenge Would You Like to See?

  1. Hmmm…I’ve never participated in any of your reading challenges so my suggestions might not fit with what you have in mind. But here goes: What about genre hopping? reading through different time periods. Set a goal to read x number of new-to-you authors. Or debut authors. Or commit to reading x number of books from a new fave author’s backlist. Read x number of books from last year’s award list…or this year’s nominees. I like the idea of some sort of geographical challenge too. All sorts of ways to do that. If it’s monthly — maybe a different challenge per month, not one that you have to follow all through the year. This would be kind of tricky — but reading through the years — finding a book set in each month…well, that might be too hard, what about one set in each season? Reading through the seasons. Better. Read the book that inspired the movie. Oh — this one is BIG for me, Should have been my first thought — READING DIVERSE CHARACTERS, you now, different culture, hero.heroine of different ethnicities whether it’s culture, skin colour, or disabilities.

    Okay — so this was me thinking out loud. Hope some of it makes sense!

  2. I’ve never done a reading challenge, but I like the idea of something monthly. Different genres and different time periods are very appealing.

  3. I’d love a reading challenge that isn’t just checking off a number of books read. Something with time periods, genres, books with animals in them . . .

  4. I like the idea of a reading challenge. Since we are starting in January how about books with an I, J, K, or L in the title?

  5. One year I took part in Reading Bingo where each square is a different book challenge. The first row was read a book that starts with the letters that spell B I N G O. Other squares had random read a book suggestions – a book written in the year you were born, a book with a red cover, a book in a foreign country, a book with a horse on the cover, a book title that has your initials in it (this one was a little harder). The center square was just read a book. Below all the titles were written down so that the same book would not be reread. The goal was to fill in the entire Bingo sheet or as many of the 25 open squares as possible. It was really fun.

  6. A monthly challenge sounds good. Also a fb group where readers could post what they read and how the challenge is progressing. That would help me not to fall off the band wagon, I know.
    I am up to any challenge, except children’s books. If I would suggest anything then that the book should be easily found (as in reading the back of the cover should tell me if the book is the right one for the challenge.)

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