The Perfect Christmas Gifts for 10 Types of Bookworms

It’s that time of year where you stand among towering bookshelves once again in an attempt to figure out what to buy your bookish friend or family member. Or maybe you’ve given them a Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift card for the past four years and decided that you need to change things up this time around.

This guide will give you gift ideas for ten different types of bookworms. Mix and match to fit their bookish type, or find them that one perfect gift that will have them curling up by the fireplace to enjoy with their Christmas read.

(Note: We are not affiliated with these links or being sponsored by any of these stores. We just like their stuff.)

For the Soon-to-Be Bookworm


This cozy Storybook Baby Blanket from Storiarts is a wonderful Christmas gift that will please bookish parents or future bookworms. These soft screen-printed blankets feature text from children’s books such as: The Velveteen RabbitPeter PanThe Little Prince, and more!


“Oh, please don’t go—we’ll eat you up—we love you so.”

Out of Print sells body suits, socks, tote bags, and books featuring children’s books that are affordable and adorable for your little one!

For the Young Adult Bookworm


Don’t know what to buy the book-loving teen in your life? Sign them up for a book subscription box from OwlCrate! With this subscription service, you can purchase a monthly subscription box for anywhere between one to six months. Every box has a creative theme that will contain a brand new YA book, 3-5 bookish items (bookmarks, pins, prints, etc.), and exclusive goodies from the author.

For the Cozy Bookworm

SOCKS-1023_Book-Nerd-unisex-socks_03_1800x1800These fun socks will keep every “book nerd” happy when they cozy up with a book. You can find these at Out of Print along with multiple other bookish socks.


What cozy bookworm wouldn’t want to keep their book feeling the same way? The Cozy Life Shop on Etsy makes fun book cozies that will fit any paperback book! Also, do any of you bookish Bethany House readers recognize that cover? I love that they featured Ronie Kendig‘s Crown of Souls in their shop photos!

For the Candle-Loving Bookworm

Don’t these candles from the Paddywax Library Collection look amazing? I want all of them! Featuring famous classic writers such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, and more, these candles will make a fantastic gift for any bookworm who loves classic literature and magnificent fragrances! Also, each candle features a famous quote from the author’s writings.

For the Fashionable Bookworm


The Storiarts scarves are a must-buy for anyone who likes to show off their love of literature. I own the Pride and Prejudice scarf and it’s my favorite article of clothing! Storiarts has a wide array of titles and designs that decorate their scarves, fingerless gloves, pillows, and more.


Give him the option to add a little literary flair to his formal attire with these book cufflinks on Etsy! This specific shop has cufflinks from To Kill a MockingbirdThe Great Gatsby, Dracula, and James Bond.

How stunning is this bookish packaging from Storybook Cosmetics? They sell brushes, lip sticks and glosses, eye shadow pallets, and more! You can buy their products on their website or at your nearest Ulta Beauty!

For the Bookworm Who Reads Everything


You know that bookworm who reads every sugar packet, ketchup bottle, and menu item at the restaurant? These Litographs shirts will always keep them entertained. With shirts featuring artistic designs and text from over 200 titles, these will wow your bookworm.

For the Bookworm On the Go


This is a quick and easy gift to give to the bookworm who doesn’t have much time to sit down and read. With thousands of books to choose from, Audible gives people the chance to listen to their TBR pile while they’re driving, flying, at the gym, or doing household chores.

For the Grammatically-Correct Bookworm


These mugs will make your bookworm laugh out loud and nod in satisfaction! These Grammar Grumble Mugs can be bought as a collection or separately.


Any member of the grammar police will be proud to wear this t-shirt for the greater good and education of the community.

For the Tea or Coffee-Drinking Bookworm


First Edition Tea Co. on Etsy has black, green, herbal, and English breakfast literary tea that you can buy separately or as a collection. Their literary tea titles are: Alice & Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and Jane Eyre.

product_image.jpgFuel up your bookworm’s reading-filled weekends with this Readers Fuel from Book Lovers Coffee! They have both whole bean and ground coffee that is designed with a fun library slip and bookish quote.


Whether your bookworm drinks coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, a book-themed mug is a gift that any reader would treasure.

For the Night Owl Bookworm


“Just one more chapter” is a common phrase your late-night bookworm often whispers to themselves when they have picked up a new book. This folding book lamp is perfect for those reading through the night.

Bonus: For Every Bookworm


If you need something last minute, or want to give your bookworm a fun stocking stuffer, every bookworm would be thrilled to receive a new book as a gift. Check out our monthly release announcements on our blog or the Baker Book House store for book ideas!

Bookworms: What bookish Christmas gifts do you suggest to your family members or friends?

These gift suggestions are brought to you by Rachael Wing, our Bethany House copywriter. (Notice the Pride and Prejudice scarf!)


8 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Gifts for 10 Types of Bookworms

  1. This is a fabulous list! Out of Print is an awesome website, and purchases there contribute to their literacy outreach. I recently treated myself to a few literary tote bags and the quality is excellent.

  2. There’s another bookish tea company called Noveltea Tins–with book shaped tins of clever flavors like Pride and Peppermint, The Picture of Earl Grey, Matcha Do About Nothing, Pippi Oolongstocking, and Pekoe Pan. They’re beautiful. And tasty.

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