Christy Award Winners Giveaway

Last week’s Christy Awards and Art of Writing conference were jam-packed with moments that warmed my heart, from seeing readers meet some of their favorite authors for the first time, to hearing testimonies from author legends that moved me to tears, to celebrating a legacy of storytellers through Sarah Arthur’s tribute to Madeleine L’Engle for the 100th anniversary of her birth.

But my favorite part of all was cheering on our two winning Bethany House authors, Becky Wade and Jaime Jo Wright, as they received their Christy awards.

Our sister fiction division, Revell, also had two well-deserved wins as well. (Every now and then we have a bit of a teasing rivalry when our books face off against each other in contests like this, but we’re always genuinely happy to celebrate our authors’ successes.)

Here are the Baker Publishing Group winners. Be sure to add them to your TBR List!

First Novel

Missing Isaac by Valerie Fraser Luesse

Plot Summary: When a black field hand disappears, a wealthy white boy he has befriended sets out to find him. But Pete McLean discovers more than he bargained for—including unexpected love and difficult truths about race and class in 1960s Alabama.


The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

Plot Summary: Fleeing a stalker, Kaine Prescott purchases an old house sight unseen in Wisconsin, which turns out to have a dark history: a century earlier, an unidentified woman was found dead on the grounds. As Kaine tries to settle in, she learns the story of her ancestor Ivy Thorpe, who, with the help of a man from her past, tried to uncover the truth about the death.

Historical Romance

The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz

Plot Summary: On the eve of her wedding, Lady Elisabeth Lawson’s world is shattered, as surely as the fine glass windows of her colonial Williamsburg home. In a town seething with Patriots ready for rebellion, her protection comes from an unlikely source—now if she could only protect her heart.

Contemporary Romance AND Book of the Year

True to You by Becky Wade

Plot Summary: After a broken engagement, genealogist Nora Bradford decides focusing on her work and her novels is safer than romance. But when John, a former Navy SEAL, hires her to help find his birth mother, the spark between them is undeniable. However, he’s dating someone, and Nora is hesitant. Is she ready to abandon her fictional heroes and risk her heart for real?

There were a good number of readers attending the awards gala who I had the privilege to meet—if you can make a roadtrip to Nashville next November, we’d love to see you there too!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, if you’d like to check out the livestream posted on the Christy Awards Facebook page, you can do so here. You’ll find lots of lovely talks and cheer-worthy acceptance speeches from your favorite authors.

Instead of throwing virtual confetti at you to celebrate (or mailing you some of the cheesecake served at the gala), I decided it would be perfect to host a giveaway here on the blog. All you have to do to enter is choose one of the books on this list and tell me why either the cover or plot description intrigues you and makes you want to read more. I’ll pick two winners on November 26, and both will win their choice of two of these four books.

154 thoughts on “Christy Award Winners Giveaway

  1. The House on Foster Hill looks intriguing. Love the cover – without reading the blurb there`s a hint of mystery in the colour, and what`s with the broken piano? Makes me want to check it out.

  2. I’ve already read Jaime’s book and it was fantastic! The other two that I’m interested in are The Lacemaker and Missing Isaac, in that order. The Lacemaker because Laura Frantz and Jocelyn Green cross-promoted their stories and I l-o-v-e-d A Refuge Assured. Missing Isaac wasn’t really on my radar until it was declared a Christy Award Finalist. Now I’m interested in this author and her book.


  3. Congratulations to these authors on a job well done. I’m intrigued by Laura Frantz’s The Lacemaker. The color of the dress is so eye-catching. Plus, I love historical fiction and this is a time period that I haven’t read much about.

  4. I’ve read both House on Foster Hill and True to You (both FABULOUS, btw). So I would be interested in either of the other 2. Probably Missing Isaac would be my preference of the 2 simply because the plot line interests me more…. however, I have heard great things about the Lacemaker, so that one is on my radar as well!

  5. I would really like to read Missing Isaac. I like reading historical fiction, and while knowing that people were mistreated for many reasons historically, I feel it’s important to understand and know what happened in order to avoid history repeating itself.

  6. The cover of The Lacemaker would definitely make me pick it up to find out what the book was about. The colors are very appealing to me. Since the model is only shown in part, it causes me to ask, “Who is this lacemaker and why is she important? What is her story?” I’ve read two of the four books and have a third on my TBR… now I’ll be adding this one to that list as well!

  7. The House on Foster Hill! I can’t wait to read this! The description sounds very interesting and I KEEP hearing such great things!

  8. I choose The Lacemaker. I went to Brugges, Belgium last summer and I lived the lace shops! The cover and the plot description are intriguing to me. How fun to win two new books right before Christmas!

  9. I’d love to read True to You by Becky Wade. The cover is so pretty and I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews for it. The plot intrigues me as well because I love a good lost and found story!

  10. The House on Foster Hill! I love the cover, it just draws you in and makes you want to read the book! I also love mystery, suspense, thriller books! So for me everything about this book makes me want to read it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. They all sound so good! Each cover seems well suited for the gem hidden within. I’m partial to The House on Foster Hill, Missing Isaac and The Lacemaker. They’re genres that I read a lot.

  12. The House on Foster Hill has a cover that certainly makes you ask questions. Why did this beautiful house become abandoned? What happened here? The plot makes you want to learn the mysterious secrets and the characters sound engaging. I’d love to know what happens!

  13. Finding Isaac sounds like a great story. I enjoy reading stories about that era (since I lived it!) loved House on Foster Hill. And the others look to be great reads too. Here’s hoping…

  14. I’ve read Becky’s book and it was fabulous! Jamie’s book….the cover is just gorgeous and eerie. There is a story in the cover and the book seems like it would tell it perfectly. Mystery, intrigue, it is all presented in the cover. It makes me want to read it.

  15. True to You has a beautiful cover to which I am drawn. I also think it sounds interesting to read. Normally I don’t read contemporary romances (opting instead for historical fiction romances), but this sounds like a great book!

  16. The Lacemaker’s cover is gorgeous, but if I can only pick one, I think I’d go with The House on Foster Hill. I like mysteries and this one sounds like it comes with a pretty heavy dose of suspense.

    PS – I was super excited to see that Becky Wade won for True to You! That series has been absolutely amazing.

  17. The cover of The House on Foster Hill is one of the most intriguing covers I have ever seen. It screams mysterious and suspenseful! I’ve read this book and it was definitely deserving of the award! The book by Valerie Fraser Luesse sounds like an interesting read also.

  18. I’ve already read True to You and The Lacemaker. They were both absolutely fantastic! I’ve been dying to read The House on Foster Hill. I’ve been hearing about it since before it came out, and it has rave reviews!

  19. Missing Isaac sounds incredibly intriguing. The idea of how a wealthy, white man might come to understand and experience the prejudice of a poor, black worker holds an abundance of possibilities. We often cannot sympathize or even grasp the plight of others when we are completely immune and ignorant of their personal story and challenges. I would love to be able to read this story and see what unfolds.

  20. True to You! A gorgeous cover is always a pull for me, especially if the author is a favorite like Becky Wade. Then the plot description tells me the heroine is book-loving and smart, a genealogist (one of my family’s hobbies), and owns a historical village. Plus the hero is looking for his own family’s history – which means secrets to be discovered – and I’m hooked! : )

  21. I have to go with Missing Isaac. The cover looks so peaceful and it sounds like a good read. My son’s name is Isaac also, so that drew me! Thanks!

  22. The cover of laura Frantz book “ the Lacemaker” intrigues me. I love the frothy dress of lace. And love this period in history. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  23. I have already read The House on Foster Hill and it was magnificent! The cover is what initially drew me to the book. I would love to read Missing Isaac. The cover makes you want to scoop the little boy up and find out what is wrong. The plot of the book intrigues me to want to drive in to the complex issues it is sure to tackle.

  24. I am really intrigued with The Lacemaker! I love the gorgeous cover and of course with Laura Frantz’s reputation, I’m sure it’s a fabulous book. Congrats to all the winners! I’m happy to have read The House on foster Hill, Jaime Jo Wright did a fantastic job with this one. Keep up the awesome writing everyone.

  25. Congrats to these authors and their books! I have already read “True to You” which was wonderful! I’m probably going to have to choose “Missing Isaac” because I had not heard of the book before and now I am intrigued; it sounds like a wonderfully complex and heart wrenching story that I could immerse myself into.

  26. I’ve read both the Lacemaker and True to You; both very good! I’d like to win the House on Foster Hill. I’ve heard so many good things about it. Also, being a preservation architect, all old houses intrigue me, so I love the cover and the idea that the heroine is making it home.

  27. I love the cover AND the plot of Missing Isaac. The 50’s was such a turbulent time (well, when again what time period isn’t?), and I like books that have the potential to change one’s perspective about tough issues. Congratulations to all the winners!

  28. I am eager to read the Lace Maker by Laura Frantz. I love historical fiction and the era of revolutionary especially interests. I’m so curious to find out what happened to her intended and why her glass windows & world are shattered!
    Thank you for this opportunity! 💕

  29. Congrats to all the winners. All the books sound like great reads. The House on Foster Hill especially intrigued me with its dark cover and suspenseful plot. As if fleeing a stalker isn’t enough danger for Kaine Prescott. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I have read two of the four already, The House on Foster Hill and The Lacemaker. I loved both of the covers, they had a hit of mystery and beauty combined. I’d love to read the other two. The cover of True to You is beautiful and the plot of Missing Isaac intrigues me. I love a good mystery!

  31. The House on Foster Hill – just has the right creepy vibe!! But the dress on the cover of True to You wins for prettiest dress on a book cover ever!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  32. Congratulations to the winners!!
    I would love to read Missing Isaac by Valerie Fraser Luesse. I love historical Christian fiction especially the 1800’s.

  33. Congratulations Authors on your wins. I loved The House on Foster Hill. I have the Lace Maker on my TBR pile. The other two are on my wish list, so I will choose Missing Isaac. Thank you for the chance.

  34. I have had the pleasure of reading both True to You and The House on Foster Hill. Both were wonderful novels. Every time I see the cover of The Lacemaker it intrigues me. I’d love the opportunity to read it as well as Missing Isaac and reread Becky and Jamie Jo’s books.

  35. The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz, the cover is enticing, inviting you into a story set in one of my favorite time-periods. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  36. thanks for the opportunity ❤
    The Lacemaker: I read Jocelyn Green's book about Liberty's distant relative and I know Vivienne was persecuted for being a lacemaker during the French Revolution. I'm intrigued by what happened to her relatives during the American Revolution.
    Missing Isaac: "friendship has no color; thought this is set in the 60s, I believe it's a relevant topic in the 21st century as well.

  37. Ever since I first saw The House on Foster Hill on a blog tour, I’ve been in love with the cover. I am intrigued by the contrast between the elegance of the ornate stair case and piano and the signs of abandonment. The cover makes me ask questions that I want to know the answers to!

  38. I would love to read the Lacemaker, it’s on my to-read list. The gorgeous gown on the cover caught my attention and Inspirational historical romance is one of my favorite genres. I have already read House on Foster Hill and it’s amazing and I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Wright!

  39. I love historical fiction, and the cover of The Lacemaker is beautiful. I have The House on Foster Hill and it is a fantastic read. Congratulations to these fabulous authors on their awards!

  40. Having a love for historical novels, the plot description for The Lacemaker captured my attention. First of all, the time period, during the beginning of the Revolutionary War, is one of my favorite times in history. I believe Laura Frantz will bring Williamsburg to life in such a way that I’ll feel like I’m there. I also love that there seems to be suspense. Lady Lawson seems like she could be in danger and might be challenged to rely on someone that others might not consider trustworthy. (Also, the description of the shattered colonial windows grabbed my attention. Made me think of the title.)

  41. I so enjoyed reading The Lace Maker. I saw the cover of the book and knew I wanted to check out the details of the story. I remember after finishing the book I had to check out the cover picture closer. There is actually no handmade lace on the dress shown. But I think it is one of the prettiest covers I’ve seen.

  42. Oh, it’s so hard to choose one book. First, congratulations to all of these authors for their award-winning books. I can’t believe that I have not read books by any of these authors. Same on me. I usually do not judge a book by its cover, but each of these has a cover that says, “Read me.” I’m especially drawn to the beautiful dress on The Lacemaker. Christian Historic Fiction is my favorite genre.

    I’d be thrilled to receive any of these books.

  43. I would love to read True to You because it won book of the year, and Missing Isaac because of the Alabama setting. Congrats to all of these fabulous authors!

  44. I’ve read True to You and The House on Foster Hill – both excellent reads. The Lacemaker is one I’ve heard buzz about for some time. The cover is gorgeous, and I’m intrigued by the idea of protection coming from an unlikely source. Hearing that this won the Christy for its category stirs my interest all the more.

  45. The Lacemaker cover is simply beautiful! When covers catch my eye I’m more likely to read them first (though I’d read anything with Laura Frantz’s name on it!).

  46. Each of the books draws me in its own way. Missing Isaac – what is the story behind why a rich white boy wants to find a missing colored field hand. The House on Foster Hill – the cover makes me wonder what the story lies behind an abandoned house. For The Lacemaker I’m curious where the protection comes from and why she needs the protections. In True to You – my curiosity lies in whether or not the birthmother is found and the story behind her placing her child in the care of another.

  47. The cover depicting a staircase makes me want to explore! I’d also like to play a few notes on the old piano and see how it sounds. It probably needs lots of fixing up:) I’d be interested in The House on Foster Hill, a print copy, primarily because of the intriguing plot and suspense, since RS is my favorite; plus it’s in Wis., (where I was born), and all the good reviews make me want to read it:) The Lacemaker has a beautiful cover, and has a story line that I find somehow one I’d like to read (a print copy)! Appreciate the opportunity to enter a giveaway to win print copies! Thanks so much!

  48. The cover of The House on Foster Hill caught my attention first. I like architecture and the staircase is lovely! Then I read the plot summary and now I am really hooked! Looks like I’m adding this to my goodreads want to read list! Probably will put True To You on my list too because I like the plot summary as well. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  49. The House on Foster Hill looks amazing!!! I try not to judge a book by its cover, but I love the cover. It’s simple, yet has a kind of creepy, old look that makes you wonder why it was abandoned.(The story sounds intriguing too!)

  50. Boyth the cover and the plot description of the House on Foster Hill are intriguing. I love the sraircase. It makes you wonder what is up on the second floor. I love old houses and am interested in seeing them preserved. Also like the history of what went on inside them and who lived in them.

  51. Both “The Lacemaker”, & “True To You” books have beautiful clothing on their covers. But it’s their Descriptions that make me really want to read to read them! I love Historical novels, so I’m really drawn to “The Lacemaker” ‘s American Revolutionary War setting. The disappointed in Love, so focusing on Work premise of ” True To You” is a common starting premise for many novels. But it’s still one that interests me. I’m intrigued with the heroine’s occupation, & the hero looking for his birth parent. I haven’t read a story with either of those factors before, so I see reading that novel in my future!

  52. The House on Foster Hill looks intriguing and sounds it as well. The cover looks dark and mysterious and seems to suit the description perfectly.

    Mary Koester

  53. Congrats to all four winners!!! What tremendous recognition this is!!! Of the 4, I’ve already read The Lacemaker and have been a Frantz fan since her first book. Otherwise to keep with the spirit of the giveaway rules, of the other 3 I’m intrigued to read the contemporary setting of Becky Wade’s True to You. I love to do genealogy research so that’s what has drawn me to the book description. Both my husband and I love watching the Ancestry-sponsored TV shows WDYTYA and LLF. Who doesn’t like solving a puzzle?

  54. Missing Isaac. The plot sounds intriguing, and I like reading about a time in history that really wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like it. Plus I have never read anything by this author, and I always love discovering new ones! Congrats to all these ladies on their Christy Awards! 💛

  55. True to You by Becky Wade sounds like a story that would get my attention from the start, and keep me hopeful for a romantic connection to the end. I love the cover which has a bit of the 50s vibe, and I like Becky Wade as an author.

  56. True to You interests me. The cover is so pretty and I would love to read the story behind the cover! Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz The cover is lovely ! Most importantly – I am drawn to historic fiction. Most books that I choose to read are of the genre and by reading these books I learn so much more of history than has ever been taught in schools.

  58. The Lacemaker. I love reading historical romance and the beautiful cover and plot description both grab my attention. Adding it to my need to read list.

  59. Missing Isaac because I love historical fiction (Lacemaker for the same reason) and I’m originally from Alabama. All of my favorite books have this theme in common- Uncle Tom’s Cabin, To Kill A Mockingbird. And my birthday is Nov 26!

  60. Missing Isaac because I love historical fiction (Lacemaker for the same reason) and I’m originally from Alabama. All of my favorite books have this theme in common- Uncle Tom’s Cabin, To Kill A Mockingbird. And my birthday is Nov 26!

  61. The House on Foster Hill, even without the blurb, has an amazing cover that invites a second look – mysterious, shrouded in intrigue.

  62. So happy for the authors (and publishers)!! I *love* “The House on Foster Hill” -such a good one. I would choose “The Lace Maker” to win because I haven’t had the chance to read that one yet and it looks and sounds excellent!

  63. The Lacemaker catches my eye with that beautiful over. I’m a graphic designer and judge books by the covers all the time. And this one always catches my eye when I see it. The dress is so pretty and you get just a hint of that lace. This book is also based in a time period I don’t usually read in, but I want to read more in the colonial days. And the description. Who will be her protector? Why is it an unlikely source? I want to know!!

  64. I love the True to You book cover! The backdrop and the dress are exquisite. Plus, it accurately conveys a romantic and enchanting vibe.

  65. These books all look and sound fantastic! I’ve read The House on Foster Hill and loved it. Missing Isaac sounds so intriguing to me. I love historical fiction, and since I was in my “growing up” years in the 1960s, it would be interesting to read about the this time period in the south. The Lacemaker also greatly appeals to me. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and Laura Frantz is a very talented author.

  66. I have had the pleasure of reading all of these novels and they are so great!! I would love to have them in paperback form, though- it beats reading them digitally from the library. Congratulations to all the winners! Very well deserved. 🙂

  67. I’ve already read The Lacemaker, fabulous story! The others ALL intrigue me, but I’d have to pick The House on Foster Hill. I enjoy a good mystery. Thanks for this giveaway!

  68. Congratulations to all these authors! Missing Isaac intrigues me for a few reasons. I’m a mixed-race woman born in the 60s, so there are personal connections for me. Many secular books deal with this issue, but I’m interested in reading about them from a Christian POV.

  69. True to you was an amazing read and also a page turner.I loved it and wish to congratulate Becky wade and all the other authors on a job well done👏👏👏

  70. These are great choices! I’ve read all but one, and I especially loved The Lacemaker. The French Revolution’s impact is fascinating! Congrats to the winners!!

  71. I think The House on Foster Hill or The Lacemaker intrigue me the most. Definitely the cover on Jaime’s book. And I’m a sucker for a mystery and I’m so curious about it!
    But also The Lacemaker because of the beautiful cover and I want to know what the title has to do with the storyline. I also greatly enjoy historical novels set in the less popular time periods. 🙂

  72. True To You would be my first choice, as I am both an avid reader and a hobby genealogist. I love the genealogist and Navy Seal combo in that book. Next would be The Lacemaker, with the beautiful cover and intriguing historical romance. Congrats to Bethany House and Baker Publishing with your continued array of excellent authors and books.

  73. I enjoyed The Lacemaker and The House on Foster Hill! Both of these books are on my keeper shelf! Becky Wade is one of my must read authors!

  74. Please!!!! They all look incredible! I adore laura frantz and look forward to reading all of her books when come out. I love Williamsburg and the lacemaker was beautiful

  75. I love Becky Wade’s book True to You because I’m basically Nora. I’m an introvert who loves reading and researching things and watching Masterpiece Theatre and anytging vintage. And I also identified with John because I’ve got an autoimmune disease and it’s hard losing your health and adjusting to a different kind of normal.

  76. The Lacemaker would be my choice, the cover piques my interest as its fancy and lace and blue catch my eye but the storyline is intriguing, making me want to know where she finds her support! It just makes me want to know more!

  77. Missing Isaac – Valerie Luesse is a childhood friend. She and I and our girlfriends would often spend summer evenings gazing at the stars laying atop freshly harvested cotton laughing and talking about all the important stuff of our young lives. This story captures my attention because of the familiar places and people and because it takes place during a time where kids were kept in the dark about the hard things of life, the plot summary grabs at my curiosity. Valerie is a materful storyteller and I look forward to losing myself in this, her first of many novels. It would be a sincere treasure to win!

  78. oooh! such a tough choice. I just got a copy of Missing Isaac, so my choice would be The House on Foster Hill. That cover really hints at secrets to be uncovered and the description really increases the creepy factor.

  79. The cover of Becky Wade’s True to You is so visually appealing, and I love Becky Wade’s books! Congratulations to the Christy Award winners!

    • The cover of Becky Wade’s True to You is so visually appealing, and I love Becky Wade’s books! Congratulations to the Christy Award winners!

  80. I love the cover of Becky Wade’s book. The adorable model and dress with the home in the background is enough to make me want to read it.
    And the beautiful dress and lace on Laura Frantz’s book is inviting enough to read just from the title and the picture!
    Those are my two choices. 😊

    ttmom42 at gmail dot com

  81. I am a huge fan of Becky Wade and have loved the Bradford Sisters series so far. I love the dress on the cover of “True to You” – it is definitely a dress I would love to have in my closet!

  82. The House on Foster Hill intrigues me the most because of the mystery indicated in the plot summary. I have read True to You twice, once when it first came out and second when I recommend it for my book club. ( We all loved it.)

  83. Missing Isaac is the book that got me intrigued from the description. I haven’t heard about Valerie Fraser Luesse, but I believe this book is really amazing; just the main idea gets me excited to read it!

  84. I love the cover for The Lacemaker. The dress is gorgeous and I love the angle of the photo. So pretty! The synopsis is intriguing, too. I love this time period and want to find out what happens.

  85. The book Missing Isaac intrigues me because of the plot. I think the book captures what it was like to grow up in the 1960’s. The second book that captured my attention is The Lacemaker because of the gorgeous cover. I have read Becky Wade’s novel and loved it .

  86. Missing Issac seems like a very interesting book. I also am interested in all of the others except The Lace Maker which I have already read.

  87. I’ve been eyeing The Lacemaker since it came out. Historical romance is one of my favorite genres so I can’t help but be intrigued by the premise.

  88. The House on Foster Hill looks great and like something I would love to read. Suspense/Mystery is one of my favorites. The second book that catches my attention is Missing Issac. I have read both the Lace Maker and True to You. Both are excellent and I highly recommend them,

  89. I love the cover of The House On Foster Hill as well as the “Time Travel/Split” aspect of the storyline (a favorite of mine). I’ve alresdy read and loved True To You (and the previous books of the series).

  90. The House on Foster Hill looks intriguing, it sounds like a fabulous mystery. Plus I grew up in Wisconsin. That book is now on my must read by the end of the year list.

  91. I have had the pleasure of reading all of these books and I loved them all~ each for different reasons as they are unique! My favorite was probably The House on Foster Hill because of the gothic theme and the gorgeous cover! I would love to win that book as I only have an ebook copy and paper copies are the best. 🙂

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