Books with Teacher Heroines

Since schools all around the country have started up this month, it seemed like a great time to share some of our recent books that feature teachers of the past. These heroines might have a more exciting life than a local educator you know (hopefully things like kidnappings, secret identities, and natural disasters aren’t terribly common at your school), but they share the same love: helping students learn.

Playing by Heart by Anne Mateer

Playing by Heart by Anne Mateer

Plot Summary:

Plot Summary: Determined to prove herself, Lula commits to a teaching job for a year, even though the subjects—music and basketball—are ones she looks down on as a mathematician. When she reluctantly turns to the boys’ coach, Chet, for help, she’ll learn more than she ever expected about life and love.

Undaunted Hope by Jody Hedlund

Plot Summary:

Plot Summary: When Tessa Taylor arrives in Eagle Harbor, Michigan, she is dismayed to learn there has been a mistake—the town requested a male teacher. Mercifully, they agree to let her stay temporarily. As she settles in to her new life, two brothers begin vying for her hand, but an unknown danger seems to haunt her steps. Clearly, someone doesn’t want her to stay.

A Bride at Last by Melissa Jagears

Plot Summary: Silas and Kate both harbor resentment over failed mail-order engagements. When a common interest in an orphaned student leads to an interest in each other, they begin to think they can overcome their rocky start. But neither is prepared for the secrets that have yet to come to light. Can they move beyond past hurts and find hope?

Holding the Fort by Regina Jennings

Plot Summary: When dance hall singer Louisa Bell visits Fort Reno to see her brother, she is mistaken for the tutor that the harried Major Daniel Adams is waiting for. Between his rowdy troops and his two daughters, he has more responsibility than he can handle alone. Eager for the opportunity, Louisa sets out to show the widower that she is a perfect fit.

The Tutor’s Daughter by Julie Klassen

Plot Summary: Emma Smallwood and her father have come to the Cornish coast to tutor the youngest sons of a baronet—but all is not as it seems. When mysterious things begin to happen and danger mounts, can she figure out which brother to blame…and which to trust with her heart?

A Worthy Pursuit by Karen Witemeyer

Plot Summary: When a wealthy railroad investor hires him to find his abducted granddaughter, legendary tracker Stone eagerly accepts the job. But instead of a hardened criminal, he finds Charlotte, a teacher on the run determined to protected the child in her care. Will Charlotte and Stone decide to trust each other before they both lose what they hold most dear?

Where Courage Calls by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

Plot Summary: Inspired by her aunt Elizabeth, Beth Thatcher has accepted a teaching position in the rugged foothills of Canada. She resolves to put her trust in God and bravely face any challenge that comes her way. But the conditions in Coal Valley are worse than she’d feared. She is determined to make a difference…but how long can she last on the western frontier?   And to celebrate teachers, how about a giveaway? To enter, just comment below with the name of a favorite teacher and what you appreciated about him or her. I’ll chose three winners on Monday, September 17 to receive their choice of book from this list…and another to give to a friend or family member who teaches.

58 thoughts on “Books with Teacher Heroines

  1. how wonderful. these covers are all wonderful. i had a six grade teacher Mr. Mitchell. he was a very calm and intelligent man. for history he made it come alive. he would dress up and give many visuals so we learned because we wanted to and had fun doing it. for math he did similar things, making boring math interesting. we always had nap time after lunch. during this time he would put on instrumental music. and yes many of us would fall asleep. lol after that we had stretch time in the court yard. Mr Mitchell made going to school fun and we all looked forward to the next day.

  2. Two teachers left an impression in my years of schooling. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Heigle, was kind and generated a love of learning.Then my High School English, Mrs. Kenyon, opened the world to new opportunities with her words of encouragement and challenges. I’m thankful for the many teachers who teach because they love to, not because it’s just a job.

  3. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Mary Smith, my Spanish teacher. She inspired me to become a Spanish teacher, and I just retired in 2017 after 34 years of teaching. Mrs. Smith has passed away, but she always expected us to do our best and would expect nothing less. That is what I expected from my students, and I always held her inspiration in my heart.

  4. The motto “Attitude is Everything” was wonderfully drilled into me my English teacher & volleyball coach Mrs. Ehmke. This guideline has really impacted not only the way I approached sports, but life in general in that when your attitude is in the right spot, other things tend to fall into place, but when your attitude is bad then things usually don’t turn out how you want them to be. Give it your all and see what happens.

  5. My favorite teacher was mr Anderson our band teacher as he instilled in us discipline and practice every day which paid off when we had concerts, shows, contests as we were confident in performing and prepared. I also loved my English teachers who encouraged a love for reading.

  6. My favorite teacher was my mom. Does that really count, you ask? Yes, it really does since she homeschooled me from Pre-K to 12th grade. (Not just me, but all six of my siblings too!) I appreciate her dedication and love for her family, as evidenced by her (and Dad’s) decision to teach us kids at home. One major thing she instilled in all her children was a love of books and reading and for that I will be forever grateful.

  7. My Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Schneider. Set me on a wonderful school experience my whole life. Christian based, I learned to love school.

  8. Mrs Johnson, my 8th grade English teacher. She taught so well and really loved what she did. She was the perfect Christian example in a public school.

  9. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Campbell. I was new and she made me feel welcomed and special. Great list of books. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  10. I am a teacher myself – due, in part, to the influence of one of my high school teachers. Mrs. Dugas brought much to the classroom. She breathed what was possible into me. I now work with high school kids who struggle to see a positive future. I have learned that even one voice can make a difference.

    • Awesome! One of my favorite teachers, was my kindergarten teacher. She was the nicest person I knew who did not play favoritism. I had never been to daycare, so it was a perfect way to enter public school, with a loving being. 💕

  11. My mother was a teacher, so I was raised with a healthy appreciation for the gift of teaching. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Breeding; she taught HS math, and she challenged me not only to think, but also to be a better person. As a HS math teacher myself, I find that this is my daily challenge as well.

  12. Mrs. Salisbury in 5th grade. She really related to us well and was thoughtful in her lessons. She was also a terrific neighbor.

  13. Mrs. Joyce Caudle, my 7th grade teacher. She encouraged my love of reading and writing. She had an after school writing group that I was invited to be part of. It was an important part of my growing up.

  14. My favorite memorable teacher was my home ec teacher, Mrs. Bennett. She was fun and encouraging and helped me to be pay attention to detail. I have been sewing almost 60 years now.
    Hubby’s favorite teacher was his fifth grade teacher. She kept him after to do pages of math problems. He excelled in math in later years and we kept in touch with her until she died.

  15. My favorite teacher’s name was Mrs. Gerbode. She taught Language Arts and made it super fun and interesting. She was kind and patient!

  16. This really isn’t an easy question! Although we didn’t see eye-to-eye, I might go with a teacher I had for a few different English classes in high school. I appreciated that while we held very different spiritual beliefs, over the time I knew him I was able to see that he had gained a lot of respect for me and he even told me as much. Where before he was against anything Christian holding value, he in the end told me I had “given him things to think about and consider.”

  17. If I am blessed to win I would like a copy of Undaunted Hope. Of all my teachers, Miss Troth was my favorite. He taught me shorthand and Office practice in high school. She was very patient and understanding.

  18. HI! One of my favorite teachers was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Else. She was such an encouragement in my love of reading. I became a teacher and now I am a Director at a Library.

  19. My favorite teacher was my freshman English teacher. She made learning so much fun and encouraged a love for reading and learning. She’s retired now, but still volunteers around the school with tutoring and after school programs.

  20. My mom was my favorite teacher! She homeschooled my sisters and I for 27 years and always brought passion and excitement into learning!

  21. My dad is my favorite teacher. He is still teaching students from 7th – 12th grades today. I had him as a teacher in different grades, and at different schools (moving several times over the years). My senior year, I had my dad as my history teacher. 🙂

  22. My favorite teacher was Mr Riker. In 7th grade I had a horrible math teacher. Mr. Riker was the 8th grade math teacher. I went to him a few times a week and he would teach me what I needed to know through the whole year. Now the next year, he was promoted to the High school so I didn’t have him the next year. But because he was willing to teach me material he was not even teaching in his classes he blessed me and will always he fondly remembered.

  23. Mrs. Peak, my teacher for Middle school. She was strict, yet kind. She made you stand in class if you forgot your pencil. Caught chewing gum? You had to stick it on the end of your nose for the entire class period. Probably seems harsh for today’s time, but let me tell you NO one chew gum in class and EVERYONE had a pencil! lol
    She also was a positive role model in her walk with God. She’d always say “Lord willing, if the creek don’t rise, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

  24. Mr. Shimaji was my math teacher in junior high, all three years. He loved basketball. I don’t remember if he was even a coach for our team but know he spent a significant amount of time teaching me to shoot free throws and to improve overall. I loved his class as well and the way he encouraged me.

  25. I had so many favorite teachers I will choose two. My Kindergarten teacher Miss Cronkite, was so special. I knew how to read and write before I started school, she made learning other things fun and let me read to the class. She also cared for my heart, she made me feel special when things were not good at home. My English Lit. teacher in high school, Mr. Marsh brought books and plays to life for those of us lucky enough to be in his class. He was an actor/teacher and in his 70’s when I had him. He never forgot a student. I saw him at the mall ten years after I married and moved away and said hello, he knew my name and favorite play/movie. He even asked if I still loved Cary Grant. I did.

  26. I had many wonderful teachers over the years. My high school chemistry teacher was one of my favorites. She was (and still is) knowledgeable, kind, and caring, always thinking of the needs of her students and leading by example.

  27. I don’t think I can pick a favorite teacher. My kindegarten teacher (Mrs Galleher) and high school chemistry teacher (Mr Games) were the first 2 that popped in my head. Both of them were unafraid of sharing their faith (I went to public school). Mrs Galleher prayed with us before snack time every day, even on days when there were visitors in the room. Mr Games always had his Bible front and center on his desk and everyone knew he was in his classroom early each day reading it and praying for us. We also knew the door was open for any of us to join him. But, like I said, I loved pretty much all of my teachers so I can’t pick a favorite. Lol

  28. Well being homeschooled my favourite teacher is obviously my mum! I have so much love and appreciation for all that she taught us and for the sacrifices she’s made in order to teach me and my seven siblings. Love you mum!

  29. Mr Ben Zachary in St. Paul, MN–my music teacher in 7th grade–I learned many of the basics of music from him, and because of him, I started playing in the band…If Mr. Zachary is still alive, I would love for him to know that I’m a church musician!

  30. When I moved to this country, I had an ESL teacher named Ms. Berry. She was single and devoted her time – inside the school and out – in teaching children to learn English and to acquire the skills needed to succeed. I owe my love for the English language to this wonderful lady and, though she is no longer physically with us, I will forever treasure her in my memories (and I was just telling my children about her this week!).

  31. My favorite teacher was my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Schroeder. He was a former minister and made learning grammar rules and poetry fun!

  32. Ms. Candyce Hagler taught 3rd and 4th grade students with learning disabilities in Kelseyville, Lake Co., California for a good number of years. Her dedication and determination went far in her student’s learning. From using small pumpkins, jelly beans and amaryllis plants for math to being a loving teacher she is my vote for the BEST teacher ever.

  33. One of the best teachers I had was my junior year in high school. My literature teacher made books come alive for me and instilled an even greater desire to read. She was a feisty lady who was well into her 60’s at that time. She was a little cranky but was passionate about literature and passed that on to her students.

  34. I was homeschooled all the way through, so my parents were my teachers. However, as an adult who is now a teacher myself, my greatest inspiration has come from my coworker at our Christian school, Mr. B. He is so capable at guiding and motivating students because of his genuine love for them. He wants nothing more than to see each student come to know God better through our school, and through that to find success in every avenue in life.

  35. My favorite teachers were my high school and college French teachers–Karen White and Kathleen Massanari. Madame White always had her door open for students and made it fun to learn a new language (movie and Bingo weeks, anyone?). When I think of Madame Massanari, I think of her as the quintessentially eccentric French teacher, and when she laughed, it was a joy to listen to–especially when it was a full-blown laugh that you could feel started right from her toes and worked its way through her whole body.

  36. One of my favorite teachers was Mrs. Hill. She was kind and thoughtful and made learning fun. Many years latter, she and my mom traveled to Colorado and stayed with my family. Our two young daughters enjoyed them and both were treasured “Grandmas” by the time their vacation ended.

  37. A very strict, no-nonsense but excellent teacher, Mrs. Hutchinson, who taught 8th grade math, helped further my love of math and led to my major in college, accounting with a minor in math.

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  39. My Mom was our teacher for years while we were a Christian missionary family in Paraguay, South America, where I grew up with my brother, where we worked with our parents, reaching a number of Indian tribes together for the Lord. . . Thank you for the opportunity to enter a giveaway! Would love to win a print copy of any of the books mentioned above (other than one by Janette Oke, as I can get that one at our library:). Would especially like any print copy by Anne Mateer, Jody Hedlund, Melissa Jagears, Karen Witemeyer, Julie Klassen, or Regina Jennings, as these authors are all new to me:) Thanks! krautter12ATbresnanDOTnet

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