Spring Cleaning Audiobook Giveaway!

Hello, readers! Our archive room (the locked, mysterious vault where copies of all of our books are kept) has been getting very full. Because of this, our intrepid editorial assistant, Hannah, recently cleaned out several dozen audiobooks on CD and offered them to Bethany House staff for free.

Rather than keep the bounty all to ourselves, I thought I’d do a fun flash giveaway for you readers.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post by noon tomorrow (Friday, June 1), with an answer to this question: what do you like about audiobooks?

If you’re one of three randomly-chosen winners, I’ll contact you via email and ask you what genre you prefer, then send you a fiction audiobook in that genre (I may be able to find specific Bethany House authors, but no guarantees!).

224 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Audiobook Giveaway!

  1. Audiobooks are so cool because you can do other things while still hearing an intriguing story! That way, if you’re like me, you don’t have to worry about walking into walls while you’re trying to read&walk – instead, you can do pretty much anything, and still listen to a great book!

  2. I don’t need any of the CD’s for free, but I love audio because I can listen to books while on my commute to and from work. I listen while working in the garden and even while cleaning house. It is a great way to read books and actually get other things done. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the wealth! 🙂

    I like Audiobooks because with three little kids it’s hard to get as much regular reading in as I’d like, so this makes it easier!

  4. I don’t like them as i have an illness throughout my body and i lose concentration so a print is perfect for me!

  5. I love audiobooks because I can cook and enjoy a good story at the same time! And I love how the actors can do different voices for each character!

  6. I like listening to audio books while I walk. For obvious reasons, I can’t really carry a book while I walk, but I can listen to a book. Also, I can listen to them in the car as I run errands. There are just so many ways and places to enjoy them.

  7. I love audiobooks! I listen to them all the time while I’m doing chores or going on trips. They make chores more enjoyable. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  8. I love audiobooks for when I am doing laundry and dishes and cleaning. But most of all when I am taking trips! The miles seem to fly by when I am engrossed in a book.

  9. I’m deprived!! I’ve never listened to an audiobook, but I’d love to give it a try! I’m interested in seeing if I can concentrate on an audiobook while I’m doing something else. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I love to listen to audiobooks while crafting and working. They help me to stay focused on what I am doing while also enjoying a good book!

  11. I’m a troglodyte. I don’t even know how I could listen to an audiobook, since my phone only does calls and text. I prefer an actual book. But thanks for making other people happy, anyway.

  12. I’ve just recently gotten into audiobooks thanks to Rosamund Pike’s Audible performance of “Pride & Prejudice”. I like that I can listen to a book in the car or anywhere on my phone while I’m doing chores or other things. 🙂

  13. I like that they don’t make me feel like throwing up after listening in the car for hours on end! But on a road trip to Michigan this summer I’m gonna need a book when it’s my turn to drive! I get major motion sickness if I read in the car!

  14. I discovered the joy of audiobooks last summer when I was by myself driving to and from work. No kids in the car with me! I’m looking forward to getting through a few again this summer. I tend to listen to a genre that I’m not currently reading, so I don’t get the books confused. 🙂

  15. I spend a lot of time in my car taking my special needs daughter to various therapy and doctor appointments. We live in a tiny town so all of our appointments are at least 30 mins or more. Audiobooks help me keep up with my reading while I am driving.😊📚

  16. I am new to the audiobook format, but wished I had one on our recent road trip. It would be a great way to enjoy a book together. We used to listen to children’s books in the car or in the evening. Like a grown up version of storytime. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  17. I love audiobooks!! They’re so convenient when I’m not able to sit and read. They’re fantastic on my morning walks or when doing chores or driving. I always have one going.

  18. I can listen to them while sewing as well as driving. It makes the time go faster as well as calming to the soul.

  19. I love that I can listen to them while getting things done: cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes. I can work on my TBR pile while being productive.

  20. I love listening to them when I am busy. There are times my eyes just aren’t working right and by listening I can hear the book.

  21. I love to listen while I work. It is better than having a movie on like I used to in the background. I listen while I drive, even short trips to the store. A good book is hard to put down and with audio books you don’t have to put it down!

  22. Primarily I listen when traveling but I also have discovered they are great when tackling a boring job…..like painting!

  23. I am very picky about my narrators so I have only a few audiobooks. I love them on long trips or when I have to sit in my car waiting for children, I can close my eyes and be transported.

  24. I LOVE audiobooks! I’ve listened to them for years. Other than long car trips, I love listening when I am in my least favorite room of the house…the kitchen. Cooking and doing dishes are so much more pleasant when there is a good story happening in my ears.
    PS. I still have a portable CD player too 😉

  25. Driving. They are the greatest invention ever for anything over, say, a 20-minute drive. Being as the vast majority of my driving falls under that category, that means all the time.

    They’re also great when doing art and other projects that require the use of hands and vision, as I have more than once missed key visual moments in a movie when glancing down at the wrong moment. Can’t do that with an audiobook!

  26. I love audio books! When doing chores around the house or working out it makes the task go by so fast. I’m even getting to where I turn off the tv to just sit and listen to them. I always leave reviews for them to help get more people to listen to them.

  27. I love audiobooks! I listen to them on my commute, while doing things around the house, while doing boring paperwork stuff at work. Last year I read 110 books, and 75% of them were via audiobook!

  28. I love books. Reading has taken a back seat since I do so much commuting for work. I discovered audio books/books on cd, and now I can ‘read’ while traveling in my car! ! I love it! !!

  29. I love that I can listen to a book while doing barn chores, driving, and folding laundry. They keep me fresh and inspired even while getting my mundane tasks all done.

  30. I love listening to audiobooks during my morning walks. I spend a lot of time sitting to write and read, but this format helps me get in some healthy exercise.

  31. When audiobooks first came out (on cassette tapes, imagine that!) I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven–I could do my handwork (at that time it was counted cross stitch–now it is knitting) and read at the same time! When I was driving to work, I loved listening to books and didn’t mind any traffic tie-ups–I could just listen to more of the book! I almost always have an audiobook going, along w/ reading an Ebook and a paperback. Here’s hoping!

  32. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway! I like audiobooks because they help pass the time on roadtrips. And I have several planned this summer! Thanks again!!!

  33. How fun! I used to listen to audiobooks while I was at my old job and they’re what made it fun. Now I listen to them every now and then to relax or if I’m doing something mindless but can’t read a book at the same time.

  34. I love audio books because I can get projects accomplished and still enjoy a book. I listen to an audio book when I weed the garden, clean, sew, during long road trips. I always have two books that I’m enjoying at the same time one to listen and one to read.

  35. How generous!! I love audiobooks because I can read/listen and get things done at the same time. Whether I’m sick in bed, cleaning house, running errands, or doing cross stitch, I’m able to go through my TBR stack pretty quickly, due to audiobooks.

    Plus, I’ve always loved being read to. 🙂

  36. I love audio books for driving in my car—to work, to church, wherever. Nothing in my city doesn’t require a drive. Lately I have been listening for a short time when I go to bed. It relaxes me for sleep.

  37. We love listening to audio books as we travel by car. It makes the time go so much faster, and we get to hear great stories!

  38. I like audio books because i can do other things while I listen such as craft or sew or housework. I would share it with a friend who has macular degeneration.

  39. I like that I can hand them to my mom – she’s blind so I have to read print books for her. Audio books give her the independence to read what she wants to, whether or not I’m around.

  40. My favorite thing about audiobooks goes right along with your meme. I love that I can read and get something done at the same time. An audiobook makes doing dishes much more fun!

  41. I have never heard an audiobook. Sounds interesting. I assume it would be great to listen to in the car while driving or even while doing chores around the house.

  42. My friend needs audio because of sight problems. I would like to be able to bless her with some new ones. She likes Inspirational mysteries, drama and some historic novels.

  43. Audiobooks make all of my household and farm chores more enjoyable. Typically I listen to Christian historical, biblical, or suspense novels, but today I was listening to Moby Dick 🐳 while I mowed the pastures. Its one of the many classics I’ve never read.

    BTW The House on Foster Hill and A Light on a Hill were both very good audiobooks!

    Amanda Geaney

  44. I travel often and when I load an audio book in my car the time flies by. Love being able to enjoy a story when driving!

  45. I like audio books because they help time pass when I am doing something monotonous like long car trips or housecleaning. I love to hear books read aloud, and I believe the narrators can spark the listeners’ imaginations. =)

  46. I loved that you can listen to them while driving or when doing a task where you can listen to them. All those times that you can’t physically read.

  47. I love audiobooks because I can draw and read at the same time, two of my favorite things. Now with audiobooks, I don’t have to choose between one or the other, I can have and enjoy both! ❤
    I still love and prefer reading (paperback/hardback), but audiobooks can also be SO convenient!

  48. As a church librarian I find that audiobooks are one of our most popular media. I personally always have a CD in the car for long or short trips.

  49. I love how audiobooks help me to get two things done at once, listening to a great story and completing other projects.

  50. The thing I like best about audiobooks is that I can listen to a book while doing housework, or riding on roads where reading a book would make me car sick. I can ingest more books that way! 😀
    Thank you for the giveaway.
    Amber S.

  51. I love audiobooks because it’s easy to do other things at the same time you are enjoying your book haha
    Also, I like how the reader guides the tone of the story 🙂

  52. Love audiobooks for the drive to work especially when I have to wait 10-25 minutes for a train – it is time not wasted.

  53. Audio books are the best hands off reading. We often used audio books when I home schooled my children. It freed them up to do other things (like chores) and still enjoy “reading.” Thanks for sharing.

  54. Awesome giveaway! Thank you!!
    I like that they are a good option for long trips (or even short trips over a long time :). Sometimes you just get tired of music, and it makes the time go by faster.

  55. Audiobooks are a wonderful distraction when I’m doing housework! I can put on the headphones, wash the dishes, vacuum, clean toilets, etc. and the time passes so much faster! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  56. Hands free entertainment makes holding babies easier. And folding laundry, washing dishes, and making dinner can get monotonous. So audiobook liven them up.

  57. Great for long car trips. Also for listening to while getting other things accomplished. Audio books are great!

  58. Hands-free reading. I am on my feet for my job all day long. Reading and working at the same time is a win-win.

  59. What I like about audiobooks is that you can “read” the book while doing other activities. For example while cleaning, going for a walk or even on a road trip.

  60. I love to listen to audio books while I am working in the kitchen. I get to cook AND listen to a story! Love it!

  61. I like audio books because: they help me multitask, they help me get into the story, and they can help me get the rest of my family hooked on the story, too.

  62. I love that after a long day, I can just go home, flop down on my bed and listen to the story… The first audiobook I listened to was a Miss Marple Mystery.

  63. I like audio books because I can enjoy them while doing something else… especially mowing our acreage in the summer or long car rides with the kids (if its a family friendly book).

  64. Well, the last time I listened to an audio book , I was a child and my mama bought those books with a 45 rpm record for me and my brother. But I think it would be nice to listen to one when I am doing chores.

  65. I like Audio-books because i can still get in some reading while I’m busy doing other things… Cleaning, Driving, Cooking, Exercising ect.

  66. I enjoy audiobooks for so many reasons, primarily to keep me company on frequent two-hour drives to visit my elderly father who lives alone. Thank you for offering this generous giveaway!

  67. My husband loves listening to audio books while driving and any chance he gets. They are great for people always on th go!

  68. My brain needs to be engaged when driving on road trips, otherwise my eyes close and I drive right off the road! (Unfortunately, it’s happened!) Audio books keep my brain engaged. Therefore, I love audio books because they keep me alive! 😉

  69. I love audiobooks because they pass the time while driving and I’m not tempted to be distracted by my cell phone.

  70. I find it very difficult to read entire books, or some days, even to type, due to debilitating health problems. I enjoy listening to others read.

  71. I love that audio books allows my aunt to independently enjoy books. She is blind. I also enjoy listening to audio books while on road trips!

  72. I like audio books because I can do housework or cook while listening to a story. I have a wifi speaker, a portable cd player, a boombox and a mp3 player all of which would enable me to hear an audio book.

  73. I love audiobooks! It’s so awesome to be able to read while exercising or doing chores! I also love how a great narrator can pull me even deeper into the story!

  74. I love audiobooks because you can do other things (like close your eyes!) while listening to them. 🙂 Also, they keep my kids entertained (and quiet) on car rides! 🙂

  75. I listen to them in the car, and on long trips my husband (who unfortunately is not a reader) can listen along with me and share in the same story!! There are many stories I WISH he would read but this has made it possible to share some of my favorites with him!

  76. I love several things about audiobooks. Most importantly, I know several people who have trouble reading-either they can’t read very well or they never developed a passion for it. To them books are lengthy & boring. Shocking I know! But to hear a story is a whole different experience and I know of non-readers who love audiobooks. Secondly, I love them because they are so CONVENIENT! We travel a lot and when we have a good story to entertain our minds, the time flies by!!! They are also convenient to listen to while cleaning the house or working on a task. (Hubby & I do drywall finishing and often we listen to books as we work.) I also love them because they are fun to share with friends! 😊

  77. I LOVE listening to audios when I’m traveling because I get so wrapped up in the story and time just flies!!

  78. I like audio books because I can sit in my comfy recliner, close my eyes and feel like I’m in the story. Awesome!!!

  79. I love audio books. I sew heart pillows for a Cancer center and I make lap quilts for the Veterans in Phoenix. If I have an audio book I can do both of my first loves together. I read or consume an average of 250 books a year.

  80. I love audiobooks! They are great for so many reasons. The only ones I have right now are for a visually impaired child. We love to listen together, especially when my voice is too tired to do the reading. 🙂

  81. I really like audiobooks for my vehicle, especially on long road trips, but even around town. On solo road trips they keep me alert. I have even gotten my husband to listen to some.

  82. I love audiobooks. It is my preferred reading type. I always have an audiobook downloaded on my iPad, which I listen to in my car. I also listen to books, while working. Audiobooks allow me to multitask and read at the same time, which I love.

  83. What’s not to love about audio books? I listen to them while commuting my 40 minutes to work every day. It’s the best way to drive and “read” at the same time as I really don’t want to have an accident! lol I only wish I had thought of audiobooks 9 years ago when I started this job. Think of how many books I could have “read” by now!

  84. I’m new to audiobooks {gasp}! But I like the idea that I can still do all my daily responsibilities and still get some reading done!!

  85. Road trips!! I love listening to stories on road trips. I also love multitasking. Listening to a story while doing chores, while driving to work, etc.

  86. I love them because I can “read” at work. I’m fairly new to becoming an audiobook listener but since I started, I’ve always got one going (when I can’t be reading a digital or physical book).

  87. I love them because I can listen in the car, while I get ready for the day after a shower, during a walk with the dog, etc. All of those times when I can’t actually hold a book and read now can be filled with stories through my ear pods. I especially love when I find combined ebook/audiobook deals. Then I can switch back and forth between those two formats, depending on my situation and preference. Over 80% of my book reading (both fiction and non-fiction) is now done via audiobook because I enjoy them so much.

  88. I love audiobooks because I can do other things while I’m listening to them. I actually rarely listen to them in the car (my kids are too loud!), but I listen to them while I’m preparing meals, cleaning, organizing, working on the computer, etc.

  89. I actually have only listened to 1 audio book, but I did love it. I listened while driving. I had a long, 5 hour drive and wanted something to keep me focused and awake. The audiobook was perfect for that.

  90. I love the freedom of audiobooks. You can do multiple tasks while still listening to a book. I always listen to an audiobook when walking.

  91. I live Audiobooks because I can multitask! I can read a book while I do laundry or exercise! It’s the best. Plus I live having the narrator’s voice in my head.

  92. I like to listen to audiobooks while riding in the car and doing housework. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!

  93. Love audiobooks when I’m doing dishes ,other chores or needlepoint. That way I can still enjoy my favorite story even when I can’t have the book in my hands. (Reminds me of a good old fashioned radio show) Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  94. Audio books keep my mind engaged while on a long trip. That is way better than dreading and constantly thinking about how much travel time is left. 😉

  95. I’m a slow reader & words on paper get twisted out of order when I read sometimes. I like audio books because I don’t have that issue when I’m listening to a book.

  96. I love audiobooks because I get my CF fix while cleaning the house, folding laundry, and while I’m walking on my lunch hour. I forgot to mention the amazing reading talent!

  97. How fun! I started listening to audiobooks this year and I love them! They fill my commute time with adventures. They’re great when I’m cleaning, to allow me to escape the present. Especially stories where characters have accents!! It helps the story really “pop”

  98. The only audio “books” I have listened to are Adventures in Odyssey, but I have a friend who listens to them all the time, so if I would happen to win, the book would likely be regifted…not that I wouldn’t attempt to find a time to listen to it first 🙂

  99. I love audio books for listening to in the car when I’m on a road trip. It’s great to be able to “read” while driving!

  100. Audiobooks are just fantastic for long car trips. We used to make 12 hour car trips from MS to MN, and audiobooks really helped the time pass. Great contest!

  101. I love being able to listen in my car or doing yard work because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything read!

  102. I love that I can listen to a book on my way to and from work! It is a wonderful treat! Thank you for the chance!

  103. I like that I can put a puzzle together, sew, crochet or clean house and listen to a book. I get more reading done. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Brenda Murphree

  104. Audiobooks are my go to when I have tedious housework or chores to do, especially the kind that no one likes. I can put on an audiobook and the time totally flies by and the unsavory chore is done in no time! I don’t know how I ever got these kinds of chores done without them!! 🙂

  105. So I love to listen to books in the car! My kiddos are getting old enough to understand them too and that makes me a happy book loving mama!

  106. Audiobooks are great because I can walk the dogs while enjoying and usually walk longer, I can ‘enjoy’ cleaning the bathroom while listening, I can make dinner being entertained, I can drive to visit grands while learning something via audiobooks, and they are a great way to entertain the grandchildren when video game time is over. Thanks for providing all the great authors you do.

  107. Audiobooks are good for when I’m crafting or scrapbooking. It mean I’m multi-tasking. 🙂 I also listen to them on long road trips to dispel the boredom of endless miles of roadway. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  108. I love reading! Audiobooks let me give my eyes a rest, block out surrounding noise and just enjoy the story. It’s a great way to way to catch up on my reading list because I can listen while walking, cleaning, commuting and more. The very best part is guilt-free reading!

  109. I have a 45 minute drive each way to and from work. Audiobooks are what keep me sane on those long drives every day!

  110. I love that audiobooks give me the chance to read even when I can’t hold a book – on the road, while I’m gardening, etc. But it’s just a different way to experience a story! Sometimes I catch interesting themes or parallels listening to the audio that I missed with the paper book. Or if it’s a Dee Henderson/Dani Pettrey type suspense, it really brings the action to life. If it’s more of a Jen Turano, that quirky humor comes through even more.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Amy!

  111. To be honest, it’s been years since I tried anything like this. I recall YEARS ago ordering some old time radio stories on CD for a car trip and enjoying them, but I have never listened to an audiobook. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S9+, so I imagine this “bells and whistles” phone has a way to listen, but I’m not sure how. Would be fun to try! 😉
    Christian Historical Fiction is my genre of choice and Jen Turano is my favorite author because of her humor… so anything along those lines would be appreciated. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!

  112. I haven’t gotten to enjoy many audiobooks, but I like the fact that even when your eyes are tired from working on the computer all day you can still relax with a good book…ehem…or enjoy a page-turner while doing other housework. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  113. I love audio books for traveling of just laying around the house. But when traveling they make the long 2 day trip go faster.

  114. I love audio books. They are amazing in that I can multi task with them. I can get work done all while being immersed in a story. And having s great narrator can capture you!

  115. I can’t read paperbooks at work, but my boss is fine with me listening to audiobooks. makes the work day go much faster.

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