Author Christmas Tree Snapshots

Most of us love re-living memories of special people and events through the decorations that we put up around the holidays, and our authors here at Bethany House are no exception. Here are some of their favorite ornaments…and the stories behind them. You can find more posted on the Bethany House Facebook page (and more will be added leading up to Christmas, so enjoy!).

“As a young mom I made the mistake of embroidering (actually it’s crewelwork) a Christmas stocking for my precious newborn daughter. Then I had another child, and another and another. It’s like I was TRAPPED in this cycle of CREWEL-WORK. Aptly named! But I used to work with my hands a lot on these things. Crochet, knitting, and such. Now I work with my hands on a typewriter. I wonder if that’s connected somehow. But these stockings, now many years old, remain. And I did my best to make them something beautiful, and now they’ve become a precious keepsake.”—Mary Connealy, author of Too Far Down

“The Lord Takes Broken Pieces and By His Love Makes Us Whole”

“On April 19, 1995, a bomb exploded outside of the Murrah Federal Building in OKC. Among the casualties were the historic stained glass windows of the First United Methodist Church of OKC which sets across the street. This angel is made of that glass. Less than a month after the bombing, our daughter was born and 18 years later her high school graduation was held in the restored church, which bears this motto.”—Regina Jennings, author of Holding the Fort

“I love placing this special ornament on the Christmas tree each year. It’s one my daughter Julie bought with her own money when she was a little girl…a sweet reminder that the best gift any adoptive mother will ever receive is the gift of her precious children. I will always be grateful to the bio moms who gave me these most priceless gifts—our “three J’s”: Julie, Janie and Jonathan.”—Beverly Lewis, author of The Proving

“This ornament looks pretty ordinary, but it’s one of my favorites solely because when my daughter was a toddler, she decided it looked like it was covered with special cupcake sprinkles and tried to take a bite of it (she was SO old enough to know better!). And then, because I laughed, she KEPT trying, until I finally moved it up so high she couldn’t possibly reach it. We laugh about that every year as we hang it (no longer above her head) .”—Roseanna White, author of A Name Unknown

For more glimpses into our authors’ holiday memories, check out the recent posts on our Facebook page. And Merry Christmas!

How about you, readers? Is there an ornament you love hanging on the tree because of the memories it contains? Tell us about it.

One thought on “Author Christmas Tree Snapshots

  1. What beautiful memories. And Regina’s really hit home as I lived in Tulsa during that tragedy. What a beautiful way to remind us that God turns things around. Thank you, authors, for sharing.

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