Inside BHP: Book Tours!

This week, I’m with Beverly Lewis, traveling around North and South Carolina at libraries and bookstores to meet and greet some wonderful readers! (You can see where we’ve been and the few stops still to go here.) Despite some storms and rain from Hurricane Irma, the signings have all been full of amazing people excited to get a copy of The Proving.

For more tour pictures, take a look at the album on Beverly’s Facebook page!

Beverly loves chatting with readers, speaking at library events, and giving hugs. It’s always so fun for longtime fans in particular who are meeting her for the first time.

And what’s my job on the tour, you ask? Anything that needs to be done, from handing out bookmarks to taking pictures to explaining what the reading level of Beverly’s kids and youth books. With three events a day, it’s a lot to do, but also a delight. Thanks to all the readers who prayed for this tour, and we’d love it if you continue to pray for safe travel over the next few days.

I’ll be back to regular blogging next week, but enjoy this sneak peek inside the life of an author and publishing team.

Have you ever met an author in person? If so, who, and at what sort of event?

4 thoughts on “Inside BHP: Book Tours!

  1. Yes, I sure have met an author who became one of my favorites! I met Suzanne Woods Fisher at the Gospel Book Store in Berlin, Ohio. She was on tour for the release of The Imposter. She was delightful and we had a lovely time getting acquainted.

  2. The first authors I met were at Women of Faith events. I most recently met several wonderful authors and BHP Amy at Christian Fiction Readers Retreat in Cincinnati! It was a wonderful event!

  3. I met Beverly Lewis this summer at a library book talk/tour in Rocky Mount, Virginia. She’s so gracious, talented, and a joy to meet. Her assistants, (possibly you?), was so kind and took a photo of me with Ms. Lewis. It was a highlight of my summer! (Psst…How is Ms. Lewis’s ankle?)

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