Quiz: What Type of Editor Should You Be?

It’s summertime on the blog, and that means it’s time for a fun quiz! I put this together using a deeply complex logarithm of word association and a battery of psychological tests.

Kidding. I made it up from what I know about what our editors do and enjoy. So take this as my disclaimer:

Is this firm career advice? Of course not. In fact, it is almost 100% likely that some members of BHP’s staff will take this quiz and get the wrong position.

But is it fun? We hope so, and you might even learn a thing or two about what goes on behind-the-scenes to get a polished novel into your hands.

10 thoughts on “Quiz: What Type of Editor Should You Be?

  1. Copy Editor for me. That part about consistency in the content, as well as, doing little things behind-the-scenes resonated with me. Fun quiz.

  2. Oh.My.Stars! This was SPOT on! I got copy editor. I can’t tell you how many times I’m reading a book and find continuity flaws, and grammar or misspelled words are just plain distracting! Fun quiz!

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