July 2017 New Releases

Welcome, readers, to another fabulous set of Bethany House books! If your summer reading list is dwindling (and even if it isn’t), here are some great choices for you to pick up. Read a blurb, admire the lovely covers, and click on them to read an excerpt of each novel.

A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White

Plot: Rosemary Gresham has no family beyond the thieves that have helped her survive on the streets of London. Pickpockets no longer, they’ve learned how to blend into high society and now work as thieves for hire. But when a client assigns Rosemary to determine whether a friend of the king is loyal to Britain or Germany, she’s in for the challenge of a lifetime.

Why: A spy pretending to be a librarian. We really shouldn’t need to say anything else…but we will. This is the first in a series that you won’t want to miss, following a family of thieves on their adventures in Edwardian England. If you’re looking for a page-turning dash of suspense in your historical romance, this series is for you!

Egypt’s Sister by Angela Hunt

Plot: Chava, the Jewish daughter of a royal tutor, vowed to be faithful to her childhood friend Queen Cleopatra. But after they argue, Chava is ripped from her family and her privileged life and sold into slavery. When she finds herself alone in Rome, she must choose between love and honor, between her own desires and God’s will.

Why: Ever wonder what happened between the Old and New Testament to set the stage for Jesus’ arrival? Even if you haven’t, you’ll love the way Angela vividly brings this time period to life, with all of its conflict and chaos and hope. This one is also starting a series called The Silent Years.

Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson

Plot: Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at the Whitman Mission, but at a terrible cost. Safe now, her mind and soul are healing. However, this peace is shattered when she is asked to testify at the trial of those responsible. As she confronts the pain of her past, an army lieutenant brings a ray of light into her life. But can she trust him with the truth?

Why: Tracie Peterson delivers her trademark deep historical romance, and this series has the added interest of being based closely on real people and events. The themes of this story are raw and relevant, and you’ll find plenty of moments to cheer for as the characters fight to choose grace for others and hope for the future.

The Legacy by Michael Phillips

Plot: Loni Ford is slowly adjusting to her unexpected inheritance in the Shetland Islands. She is falling in love with the quiet hamlet of Whales Reef, with its simple ways, and with chieftain David Tulloch. But some of the locals have misgivings. When the community faces a major crisis, can Loni and David keep Whales Reef from fracturing apart?

Why: This novel concludes inspiration-fiction legend Phillips’s trilogy set in Scotland, concluding multiple intriguing plot threads (and making you want to book a trip to the Shetland Islands as soon as possible). With part in the past and part in the present, it’s the perfect stay-cation.

Four very different time periods and settings are represented in these new releases…which one would you most want to live in, readers?

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