10 Problems Only Bookworms Understand

We’re shaking things up a bit at the office this month! Our fiction publicist, Amy Green, is usually the one behind these blog posts, but I was given the opportunity to write this one. I’m Rachael Wing, the editorial and publicity intern here at Bethany House Publishers for the summer. I started reading at the age of four and have been buried in my “to-be-read” pile since then, always finding new books to add. I’ve been passionate about Christian fiction since I started book reviewing two years ago and am thrilled to now be working directly with authors and their manuscripts at my dream workplace.

As fellow bibliophiles, we’ve all picked up on some bookish habits over time yet we’ve learned to embrace them as who we are. Here are some that I admittedly relate to:

1. Owning more than one copy of your favorite book(s)

You have to own the hardcover because of how much prettier it is than the paperback (and the pages are nicer too), but you also need the ebook because you may get the urge to read it one more time and so you must always have access to it.

2. Keeping a book with you at all times

There’s a book in your bag, a few in your car, and multiple apps on your electronic device—you never know when you’ll need one! Everywhere you go, you remember to have a book with you in case you have a long wait or are stuck in an awkward situation.

3. Trying to figure out what book a person is reading without appearing to stare

Admit it. We’ve all done it. You’re walking down the sidewalk and see someone sitting on a bench reading. You try to be subtle when you glance at their book but someone always ends up notice that you’ve slowed down or turned your attention elsewhere. At that point, you give up and stop or bend your head to make out the title.

4. Being careful about spending money on essentials but splurging on books

You always go the cheap route when it comes to buying groceries, cleaning supplies, and clothes. You’ve even considered if paying the electric bill for the month is necessary because you can read by candle light, right? Though, when it comes to buying books money usually isn’t an issue. You can definitely afford to pay the extra money for the hardcover copy and you may as well buy the rest of the books in the series since you’re already there.

5. Solving a plot twist before it’s revealed and feeling like Sherlock Holmes

You knew that character was suspicious from the beginning and then they say something that supports your suspicions—you’re convinced they’re the murderer! Then their true identity is revealed and for a second you wonder if you chose the wrong career path because you’d make an excellent detective.

6. Having mixed feelings about starting a book you’ve been anticipating to read

You really want to read this new release but then you realize if you start it now, you’ll never be able to read it for the first time again! Then, you will reach the end and the entire experience will be over and you will fall into book separation depression. So, you decide to hold it for a little while and then read as slowly as possible so you can enjoy every word of it.

7. Smelling your new books

You crack open your new book and the smell of paper and ink that wafts in the air is the definition of pure happiness. Then, you bury your face in the pages for the full book-smelling experience. Who cares who is watching? It’s one of the greatest things about opening a new book!

8. Owning a wide array of bookmarks but never using them

You have a whole collection of bookmarks that you love but you never use because you’re either afraid of using them and losing them or you simply just forget. Instead you have receipts, gum wrappers, recipe cards, or whatever you can get your hands on in the moment to mark your place…but you never dog-ear a book!

9. Talking about fictional characters as if they’re real

You’re chatting with one of your friends about your weekend and you recall a funny story that happened to another friend. Only to realize after the fact that this “friend” was in fact a fictional character in a book you recently read. Oh well. You’re as close to your fictional friends as your real friends, anyway.

10. Telling yourself “just one more chapter” when you should really be sleeping

You have to be up in five hours but you remind yourself that whether you were reading or not, you’d be awake either way, because your mind is racing trying to figure out what is going to happen next! Will you regret it in the morning? Probably. You remind yourself that you can always drink another cup of coffee with extra shots of espresso and all will be well.

Don’t be ashamed if you relate to one or more of these. There’s nothing wrong with any of these situations, because reading is one of the best hobbies you can have. You are given the chance to time travel and live multiple lives in various eras, countries, and lifestyles anytime and anywhere you want. There isn’t a hobby that compares to reading, so enjoy your bookish lifestyle and try to make a dent in that TBR stack that’s waiting for you!

What are some other “bookworm problems” you have experienced?

15 thoughts on “10 Problems Only Bookworms Understand

  1. Fun post, Rachael! I LOVE your scarf in the picture. I think I might need one of those. And the cartoon about splurging on books – oh, yeah. There’s always money in the budget for that. 🙂 So glad to have you on the BHP team!

  2. I am “guilty as charged” on everything but the sniffing. Folks mention that a lot, but I have never been a book sniffer. And just for the record, I actually use my drawer full of bookmarks . . . . . my husband just rolls his eyes.

  3. How about owning books in a language one can’t read [yet]?

    I own several favorites that have been translated into French (because reading is the best way to keep up foreign language skills, and why not find translations of favorite books to facilitate better comprehension?) But I confess, I even own one in Swedish (which I have not studied), because I grew up loving the English translation, and when I ran across the book in Sweden, I couldn’t resist. Someday I may be able to read it. Not today, but someday.

  4. Not having enough wall space for yet another bookcase.

    Having a list of don’ts for anyone asking to borrow a book. “Don’t dog-ear the pages, don’t mark in the book, and don’t (gasp!) bend the spine!”

    Slowing my reading when I near the last chapters because I don’t want the story to end.

    Talking to a character, out loud, and sometimes even arguing with them.

    Praying for a sequel.

    • I’m at the point where if I’m feeling a little generous and offer to lend a book- most people decline my offer out of fear. I explain my rules- don’t eat or drink while reading, don’t break the spine ect. I even sometimes offer the use of a zip lock bag to store it in- because it might accidentally fall open and get damaged. Yup at that point people say- ok no thanks! Oh well it keeps my books safe! 😂

  5. Oh yes! Rachael, you speak the truth! I do use my bookmarks though! I have bookmarks strategically placed around the house in my favorite reading spots and stashed on the bookshelves as well! Fun post!

  6. YES! So true to all of this!!! How about when someone asks if you have read any good books lately, and you just give them a blank stare? Bahaha!

  7. Love your post!

    YES!!! Describes me to a T. I review books for a handful of publishing companies including Bethany House. The hard part is when you receive an email that a book is on the way and you stalk the mailbox or when the UPS truck drives down the street and you secretly pray, maybe they have a box for me. Page sniffing is top priority.

    I have a hard time loaning my books out for fear they will not be taken care of or the pages are dog-eared.

  8. I never used to like to read until I was out of school and my sister in law introduced me to Christian fiction books and ever since I have been hooked just like you described. I I absolutely love a book store. Can’t get enough. Thank God that my daughter loves to read also.

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  10. Okay i totally related to everything.Especially number 10,lol.
    The other one i wanted to mention was re-reading ur favourite novel several just to re-experience the awesome incredible journey!

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