Expedition: Still Life – Dani Pettrey’s Tour of Federal Hill!

Welcome to the Expedition: Still Life blog tour! And thank you to my wonderful publisher for joining in!

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Today’s stop is Federal Hill where Avery Tate, the crime scene photographer heroine of my latest release, Still Life, lives. Fed Hill has a rich history. It is one of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods and was noted by Captain John Smith on his voyage up to what is now Maryland, referring to Fed Hill as the “great red bank of clay.”

Fed Hill has continued to grow, becoming the center of the city’s bustling maritime port and growing industrial hub. Today the once red bank of clay is a grass-covered hill where picnickers and stargazers can be found. The neighborhood is filled with cobblestone streets, eclectic shops, art galleries, and yummy restaurants. At the heart is the Cross Street Market—an old-fashioned fresh food market, which opened in 1846.

Some fun facts about this trendy Baltimore neighborhood’s rich history:

    • Federal Hill earned its nickname during a parade celebrating Maryland’s ratification of the U.S. Constitution.
    • It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
    • It served as a defensive stronghold during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.
    • The hill on which Federal Hill Park resides has several tunnels and passageways (from the 1800’s) beneath its present parklike setting.
    • It was the destination of hundreds of thousands of immigrants.
    • Famous residents include/have included: Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry; The Wire’s David Simon and his wife, writer Laura Lippman, and writer Tom Clancy.

Here’s a video tour you can take of the area. I hope you enjoy seeing where Avery Tate lives!

Avery loves living in such an artsy and historic neighborhood. This Pinterest board will give you an idea of what her townhouse looks like.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this inside peek at Avery Tate’s neighborhood and home. This is the third stop on the Expedition: Still Life Tour. Be sure to collect your passport stamp to be entered to win the Grand Prize here. (Don’t worry if you get an error message on the entry box. Your entry is still going through!)

To also be entered to win a LifeWay gift card, just answer the question below. After answering the question, visit danipettrey.com/stilllife-contest/ to see all the other stops and giveaways on this tour.

Avery’s home is rustic nautical. How would you describe your home’s (or dream home’s) style? Mine is beachy shabby chic.

99 thoughts on “Expedition: Still Life – Dani Pettrey’s Tour of Federal Hill!

  1. Oh my goodness! My style is pretty much your Pinterest board! I LOVE that bathroom vanity area with the gray wood walls. I also am really into the white wood ceilings with contrasting bare wood beams. I’ve never seen an anchor on a range hood, but I love that! It’s such a fun accent!

  2. Our home is my grandparent’s remodeled farmhouse way out in the country, and I LOVE it. I grew up right next-door, and my parents still live in that same house. We are surrounded by pecan trees, magnolias, pines, ponds, a barn, and fields that my family has farmed for years. This home is cherished and full of sweet memories of my grandparents–but it’s also where our children have been raised too. So I’d definitely have to say my home and my preferred style is Vintage Farmhouse! 🙂

  3. Hmm, I guess it would be Hobby Lobby meets Lowes combined with a gallery wall of my own photos and art. No, it doesn’t fit into any category, just things I love. 🙂

  4. I love the look of Pinterest board! My home is eclectic – a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I would love a nautical theme or cozy farmhouse!

  5. My home is a blend of antique/modern live in look, if there is such a type😃. My dream home would be a newer 2 story Victorian/Colonial with a wrap around porch. I would do the decor romantic/country inside.I love the way on Pinterest the living is done with the blue and striped sofas and also the bathroom with the tub.

  6. My home is a blend of antique/modern live in look, if there is such a type😃. My dream home would be a newer 2 story Victorian/Colonial with a wrap around porch. I would do the decor romantic/country inside.I love the way on Pinterest the living is done with the blue and striped sofas and also the bathroom with the tub.

  7. I think my dream style would be having Joanna Gaines come do my house. Actually, I’d need a new house for her to do. Our is way too small for our family, but we make it work!

  8. A country style cottage with a wrap around porch with a view of the sun setting or rising. The porch will have have 3 rocking chairs. 4 French doors, lots of windows for the view of the water.

  9. I guess you could call my style farmhouse country: not too rustic, not 80s kitschy, not quite traditional, definitely not formal, a relaxed, but still inviting home. It’s an eclectic mix of new and antique/vintage furniture. Not afraid of hand-me-down items.


  10. Love Avery’s rustic nautical home!
    My master bathroom and the visitor/grandson’s bathroom..as he calls it..have a beachy theme with pictures of all of us (including my daughter-in-love’s parents from Canada) from our last vacation at the Outer Banks two years ago. The rest of our home has a country feel to it with some antique treasures from family members intermixed through out. Some of the furniture my husband’s grandfather made and a few my husband made, precious.
    Blessings, Tina

  11. I would say my style is rustic or primitive. I kind of like a cottage feel. However, I like a mix of all things so I may not fit perfectly into one category! As long as I like it and it matches then I’ll go with it!

  12. I’m in an apartment too but I’d say my decor style is classic comfort. I absolutely require lots of bookshelves and cozy reading areas.

  13. My dream home would:
    -be on a hill
    -have an ocean view
    -have a forest not so far away

    So, I’d call it ‘Ocean breezy hilly forest of happiness’. 😉

  14. Dream home would be a cabin-feel. I already live in the Northwoods of MN, so I would love to pay homage to that. I would love to have pine trees around the house, but my hubby wants to raise bees. So we have to find that happy medium. 🙂

  15. Last month I bought my very first house and am still working on my style. I do like beachy. I also enjoying traveling and want to display photos and fun things I have collected on my travels.

  16. My home right now is Habitat for Humanity Eclectic. But my dream home would be Early American Cabin. I love the wood and rusticness of Early American. Hard wood floors (which I do have), and the pewter accents – so rich! But never never shabby chic! Finish off that piece of furniture! LOL!

  17. My dream home would be a log cabin, with a clean and peaceful lake right next to it. There would also be mountains and hills all around the house. The house would have hard wood floors. There would be a screened in deck, where I could sit and look out on the water. I would also have a barn filled with horses, to go on trail rides.

  18. My dream home, would either be a cabin near the mountains with a lake out back. Or a country home with a ranch that breeds beautiful horses.

  19. On the outside our house looks like most of the other houses here in the suburbs, but the inside is definitely European style, very bright, lots of light, and with modern and colorful (IKEA) furniture 🙂

  20. My dream home style would just be very basic with lots of window seats and built-in bookshelves. I’d also like to have one entire room filled with nothing but the color purple…purple walls, curtains, lamps, couch, etc. I think that’d be super fun!! 😁

  21. Our home is a cozy tri-level with special things added thanks to my husbands creative handiwork! We would love to live in a cabin with some acreage- a view of God’s beautiful mountains, His spacious blue sky with wildlife around. Love the details about Avery’s surroundings. Fun!

  22. Well, I currently don’t own a home, so I’ll go with dream home. My dream home would be a castle of some sort. As for style, I guess comfy, spacious, with rooms tailored to each person’s needs. It would also have to have a huge kitchen so I can cook and bake, a library room, a sewing room, garden where I could grow flowers/food, and a room for each of my family members (no more sharing bedrooms!) 🙂

  23. My home is outdated but homey, it’s lived in like Mary’s We empty nesters who like to spend time visiting our mothers, who we’re blessed to still have living nearby. We also visit our daughter’s family so we can play with our granddaughter and go the opposite direction to attend cultural events with our son. My dream home is open and airy and on the beach. That may never happen but God is good to give us a roof over our heads and wonderful family and church support.

  24. We live in the house my parents built on property my grandfather bought over 80 years ago. It’s a modified A-frame, with cathedral ceiling in the living/dining area. There are big windows looking out on redwoods and ponderosa pines. It feels like a vacation home, but we’re close to shopping and culture too.

  25. I love a traditional style with a European influence and some casual chic thrown in. I go with what I like and hope it all works!

  26. I’m pretty much living in my dream home now. It’s a modern farmhouse style with big porches across the entire front and back. I love old things, so I have a lot of antique furniture mixed with newer items. I like to say my decor is early relative, late thrift store and middle attic. It’s quite eclectic.

  27. My dream home is the new house we recently moved into which is a modern Mission style with decor influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Roycroft, and French Impressionist painters.

  28. My style is what I would call modern country. I love the idea of the country life and the style of this but with a modern update twist.

  29. Our home is Country French with Real Old Brick reclaimed from a torn down building. My husband is a Licensed General Contractor & Master Carpenter. We have many beautiful built-in bookshelves as I am a voracious reader. He recently built us a gorgeous new front door using Sassafras wood from trees harvested from my Uncle’s Tree Farm. My man planed & jointed the wood into panels. He then drew a design of the door he wanted to build. He even drew patterns & had the glass custom made to fit! He did an incredible job! For Christmas, he built us a Farm Table with benches that seats 12. Years ago, he built our coffee table & two end tables. He also built a small table in our entry way that is extra special. The top has inlaid pieces of slate that came from the roof of our Church (after a hail storm) & my husband’s Maternal Great-Grandfather was a former Pastor there. The sides feature cut-outs that have the exact same design that is used throughout our storied Church. My Father-in-Law had the pattern from where he used it in a design for a Prayer Bench for a former much beloved Pastor. Our home is filled with FAITH, FAMILY & FRIENDS!!

  30. My dream home would be Old Maybe Victorian with secret doors and hallways,Ones that go through all the rooms and back around again. Lots of closets, cupboards and cubby holes for the kids to play and make clubhouses in. A Huge Fully Finished garage and at least 5 acres of land with some woods. Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

  31. Oh my that is a tough one for me. I like log cabins, kind of rustic, cozy, but I also love an open airy home that would be more beach style I guess. Lol, I have neither… but am so thankful for the roof over my head God has provided.

  32. I’m torn between my dream home being a Victorian era mansion (with plenty of window seats and hard wood floors), or a rustic style log cabin in the forest.

  33. My dream home would be like a castle with secret doorways to cozy reading rooms and a huge library like in Beauty and the Beast.

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