Ask Bethany House a Question!

Here’s your chance readers, aspiring authors, and people generally interested in books in any way! I’m collecting questions for next year’s Ask BHP posts, where I answer your questions (or, in some cases, find someone more knowledgeable to answer them instead).

This is an open call for anything you’ve wanted to know: about prices, cover designs, marketing, what frustrates our editors, how to correct a spelling mistake on a cake in frosting (yes, that happened on a cake delivered to one of our company celebrations), or anything else you’ve been wondering.

I won’t get to them all, and we might have already addressed your question in a past post, but that’s okay! Ask away so I won’t resort to making bad book spine poetry every Thursday of 2017.


Click the quill to enter the survey.

And while I’m at it, thanks for being great, readers! It’s always fun to chat with you on the blog and see your responses on social media.

6 thoughts on “Ask Bethany House a Question!

  1. About a decade ago we were told that when a book in a series went out-of-print, the gaps would be filled by print-on-demand books which would cost just a little more. But then eBooks came along and replaced this. Will we ever see more out-of-print Bethany House fiction titles available as print-on-demand or is everybody who doesnโ€™t have an e-reader out of luck?

  2. Does Bethany House “recruit” authors to join their team or does everyone published through BHP have to apply? And along that same train of thought, do you make personal interviews, face-to-face when offering a contract? And if you do recruit, how does that process work?

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