Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You?

It’s been a while since we had a quiz on the blog—and since every reader loves to dream about their ideal reading location, here’s a way to explore the book nook you wish you had!

Books on a bookshelf


What do you think? Sound like a fun place to read? Feel free to share with your reading friends!

29 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You?

  1. Wow, my own private library! The description is sounds quite lovely–I could be very happy there. And yes, the rolling staircase from Beauty and the Beast is a must!

    • I will say…I got the secret room. (Although it’s possible I structured the questions so I would get that result, so you can decide if that’s cheating…)

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  2. Result: A Private Library 🙂
    Likely to be equipped with leather chairs and smell of old books, cinnamon, and possibly pipe smoke, your personal retreat will make you feel more studious just upon entering. What better place to read than surrounded by all of your past and future favorites, with plenty of space for more? Hopefully it also has one of those rolling ladders like in Beauty and the Beast.

    Fall Bethany House Book Recommendations for You: Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin, The Cottage by Michael Phillips, The Domino Effect by Davis Bunn

  3. I got the hammock . . . it’s a beautiful day here in Lexington, Kentucky. If I had a hammock in the backyard, I’d be there right now. Fun quiz, Amy!

  4. I got the hammock, which is totally accurate for me! The lemonade & the pool… How did you know?! I love to go lay out on our pool deck with a glass of iced lemonade or tea and read for a while before taking a dip in the pool! XD

  5. Ah! This was so much fun!!!! Thank you so much! I got the personal library…a perfect place to forget time looking through all the amazing books! Add a warm cup of tea and a dreary day (plus a friend or two) would create heaven on earth!

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  9. The setting for me is a Private Library (leather chairs, scents, and all those books!). The only thing I can say is one of the leather chairs mus recline or have a comfy footstool. I always have my feet up or I’m curled up with a blankie.

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