Fictional Postcards: October Bethany House Books

Sometimes setting can be a great reason to pick up a book—we all love the escape of relaxing in a famous travel destination or the adventure of exploring a region or country where we’ve never been in person. This month, we had such a great variety of real-life locations that I decided to show you postcard-worthy pictures of each. (You can click on the cover to read an excerpt.) Enjoy!


This story takes place after the Exodus, when the Israelites journeyed into the wilderness and met God at Mount Sinai. There’s debate by scholars on the location of Mt. Sinai itself, but here are a few shots of what the mountains and wilderness of the area looks like.



For more pictures, check out Connilyn’s Pinterest board.


Although Lauraine’s beloved town of Blessing, where many of her family saga series are set, is fictional, the town of Drayton, North Dakota has embraced its identity as the “real-life Blessing.” Below is the Red River of the North and the Høstfest Heritage Foundation, dedicated to preserving the stories of settlers who resemble characters from the books.



For more information, check out the Høstfest Heritage site.


Lynn explored the history of her home state in Waves of Mercy, taking readers to the shores of Lake Michigan and a historic resort—and, in Geesje’s timeline, even farther back to the founding of the city of Holland. Beautiful views abound of this peaceful—but often dangerous—Great Lake.



For more information, take a look at sites along Lake Michigan.


The beautiful Shetland Islands welcome Loni Ford as she searches for answers about her past in this saga from Michael Phillips. The beautiful cliffs, rolling ocean, and lush green of Scotland can’t help but make you want to book a trip.



For more information (and breathtaking views), visit the tourism site for the Shetland Islands.

What’s a lovely place you’ve “visited” by reading a novel?

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