Guest Post: Elizabeth Camden!

Today on the blog, Elizabeth Camden is joining us to talk about the theme of her newest novel, From This Moment…and a subject that many romance readers and writers are interested in: true love.


Do you agree with the quote above?

While it may not be the most romantic of sentiments, I think most happily married people will affirm it. As people go through life their needs deepen and change. A good marriage requires the strength and flexibility to adapt to these changes… and to keep falling in love anew as life unfolds over the years.

Romance novels typically celebrate the triumph of early-stage, idealistic love, but in From this Moment I wanted to try something a little different. I wanted to explore the qualities of an enduring relationship, with all the exuberant hope and heart-rending choices that sometimes come into play. Is the joyous infatuation of first love enough to sustain a lifelong commitment?

SummerofDreams_novella.inddFrom this Moment features two distinct love stories: Romulus White is a charming womanizer who is secretly terrified of marriage, and for good reason. Then there is Evelyn and Clyde, whose early courtship was shown in the free novella Summer of Dreams. The main novel picks up ten years later with these three lifelong friends at a turning point in their lives. Clyde and Evelyn’s marriage is unraveling, and Romulus is about to meet his match in Stella West.

The two romances couldn’t be more different. While Evelyn and Clyde got married very young on an impulsive rush of infatuation, Romulus believes such feelings are dangerous, and avoids any woman who might rock his carefully won equilibrium. He and Stella ignite in a combustible mix of shared intellect, high-flying flirtation, and overwhelming attraction…precisely the sort of dazzling chemistry that terrifies Romulus. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Clyde are confronted with changes neither saw heading their way. It will either draw them closer together, or split them apart for good.

From This MomentI loved the chance to explore the meaning of love, marriage, and enduring friendship in this novel. Sometimes we have to fight hard to keep falling in love with our spouse, and sometimes it seems to come effortlessly. I hope you will see plenty of both in From this Moment.

Thanks for joining us, Elizabeth! You can follow her on Facebook or visit her website for more. Now a question for you, readers: what is the best advice you’d give to a couple approaching marriage about relationships that last?

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Elizabeth Camden!

  1. I love reading this author as she always writes fictional about something that is important to the public and we learn along with enjoyment of the characters.
    My thoughts on marriage, I married in haste the first time to a cute sailor and divorced him twice,I wanted the marriage to last but if two don’t work at it -it won’t.
    I think my main thing to tell young people is to get to know the young man or woman well -be compatible learn to have give and take in the relationship before marriage.

  2. Approaching marriage: pray long and hard and make absolutely sure it’s God’s will. Listen to others’ opinions; they can see things you are blinded to. Once married, it is a lifelong struggle-for-two, to grow together rather than apart, to stay communicating, and stay growing closer to God.

  3. This sounds like my kind of book – two romances for the price of one! Marriage is indeed a challenge with many ups and downs. Having recently celebrated 31 years of marriage, I can attest to that! Looking forward to both of these stories!

  4. I love that this is about romance after marriage. Too many authors leave the romance at the altar. That’s just the beginning! 😀

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