Ask BHP: Can You Help Me Meet My Favorite Authors?

Love this question from our Ask BHP virtual mailbag: “I know there are conventions where fans can meet secular romance writers. Is there anything like that for inspirational authors?”

When I first read this question, my thought was that it would be so much fun if we could do a convention of authors…but our Bethany House authors are scattered in states all over the US and even out of the country. Not to mention the fact that if I tried to plan an event like that, I’d never have time to, you know, actually do my job and promote their books!

However, I’m glad I waited to answer this question, because such an event does exist! It’s not being organized by Bethany House (though we’re a sponsor and a number of our authors will be there), but that’s even better because it means you’ll get to meet great authors from other publishing houses. too. I’m excited to tell you a little about the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat.CFRR Website CoverThe event, a gathering of authors and readers, takes place right before the ACFW Conference on August 24 in Nashville, when lots of Christian authors are in the same place already. Bloggers Annie, Bonnie, and Carrie were inspired to form the planning committee because of their passion for fiction, and I love their vision for the event. Among the keynote speakers is Bethany House’s own Mary Connealy!

You can find all the details and information on their website—including a list of authors participating, a schedule of events, and resources to find a ride or a roommate.

I’m excited to see the fun that always takes place when you get a group of people passionate about books together in the same place! Hope many of you are able to make it.

Question for you, readers: if you could meet any author (Christian fiction or otherwise), who would it be?

36 thoughts on “Ask BHP: Can You Help Me Meet My Favorite Authors?

  1. I’d like to meet Mesu Andrews. She’s inspirational, down to earth, and more. And Francine Rivers as her novels are huge, deep, wide, filled with understanding of people and pain and then peace.

    • Yes, all 3 are fabulous authors, Jennifer!! We’re continuing to have additional authors interested in appearing at Christian Fiction Readers Retreat, there’s even a chance you could run into these 3 due to the ACFW conference beginning the following day very near the CFRR venue. I sure hope you will be blessed enough to have the opportunity to attend CFRR!!

  2. I’m so happy that you shared this today, Amy!! I’m excited about the Reader’s Retreat in Nashville, not only because I will meet readers, but also because I will meet some of my favorite authors for the first time!! Every author is first and foremost a fan of someone else, so this event is the best of both worlds for us. 🙂

  3. I’m so looking forward to attending the Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat! I’m grateful to Carrie, Annie, and Bonnie for giving of their time to plan this event. It’s the first of its kind and I think it’s a fantastic idea!

  4. Amy! Thanks for sharing this! We’re so blessed by all the support from authors, readers and publishers, like Bethany House! If I can put aside my giggly klutziness of fangirling my favorite authors there, I might be able to be coherent enough to give everyone a hug there!

      • I so wish you could be there, Amy – I’d love the pleasure of meeting you in person, since I’ve become acquainted with you online. Don’t discount the possibility of being at Christian Fiction Readers Retreat, God has amazed us as we continually see His hand in it’s planning and provisions. As I’ve told some of those praying for the opportunity to be there: He works in mysterious ways!!

  5. Amy, THANK YOU so much for sharing about the retreat! And for being a sponsor! We are immensely grateful to Bethany House for your support and for all the excellent Christian fiction you provide for us each month!

  6. This is good news,just wish I lived closer to Nashville, I would love to meet and chat with Jody Hedlund. I have read many of her books. Authors are special people and to meet any of the ones I read would be a treat…

    • Pauline, we’ve seen God provide for numerous people to attend our Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat who live not only a great distance from Nashville within the U.S., but also some from other countries. To meet the authors whose books you read is indeed a treat, an honor, and a joy – they are special people, indeed. Saying a prayer He provides a way for you to attend CFRR also!!

  7. Amy, I can’t say thanks enough to you and Bethany for your support of our Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. We love Bethany’s books and authors and are honored you featured CFRR online – I’m whispering a prayer I see you at CFRR!!

    • Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much for all your work putting this event together! I’ve heard nothing but excitement from all our authors who will be attending.

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  8. This event sounds amazing and lots of fun. I’m still giving some thought as I am within a 5 hour driving range. The authors you have put together are a great group. I love BHP. I probably blog more BH books than any others on my blog. Always a great read!

    Mary Koester

    • Mary, we would LOVE for you to join us!!! Please do! 5 hours isn’t that far at all. I’m driving a little over 3 and some are coming from as far away as Washington state and Oregon!

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