Ten Signs of a Reading Addiction

Let’s be honest, people: there are readers, and then there are readers. Those who like bookstores and those who could spend probably the majority of their lives wandering the bookstores’ shelves. Those who pick up an occasional book for entertainment and those who depend on turning those pages for life itself. Those who enjoy escaping into a fictional world and those who have to be routinely reminded to return to the real one.

Here are a few easy ways to find out if you are addicted to reading. (Tweet this!) Read through the common symptoms carefully and see how many apply to you.

One: After seeing a movie adaptation, you have to find someone to talk about the inaccuracies and inadequacies of the film compared to the novel…but you still inexplicably want all of your favorite books to be made into movies.

Two: If your Kindle was magically turned into a physical library, it would probably look like the one from Beauty and the Beast.


(Speaking of which: best movie moment of your childhood, right there.)

Three: The package delivery person carries around earplugs so as not to be deafened by your squeal of delight when a new book arrives. Which is often.

Four: Everyone knows what to get you for Christmas, or your birthday, or Mother’s Day (even if you’re not a mother), or World Book Day (it’s a real thing!), or really, any day of the week.

Five: Half of the pictures on your Dream Home board on Pinterest involve bookshelves, personal libraries, or cozy reading nooks.

Six: When you check out fewer than twelve books from the library, the librarian gives you a concerned look and asks if everything is all right.

Seven: Getting to all the titles on your to-read list on Goodreads would require you to drop out of life for at least a year with nothing but you in a room alone with books…and that doesn’t actually sound like a bad plan.


Eight: You have high standards—if the author hasn’t impressed you (or at least intrigued you) by the end of chapter one, you’re outta there! Too many books, too little time.

Nine: Some of your friends actually think your favorite fictional characters are real people because you gush about them so much.

Ten: When asked to list your hobbies, you start with “reading”…and then struggle to think of something else. Maybe…collecting books? That’s a hobby, right?

Don’t worry—there is help for a reading addiction. I recommend extensive time spent in group therapy with other reading-addicted friends, discussing your favorite books. Of course, you have to face the real world eventually…but maybe after a few more pages.

What’s your biggest indicator that you might be addicted to books?

39 thoughts on “Ten Signs of a Reading Addiction

  1. “When asked to list your hobbies, you start with “reading”…and then struggle to think of something else.” LOL! So very true. I loved this post, Amy. 🙂

  2. I like Becky’s comment..My biggie is buying more when I have a room full to read,if I see one online that looks interesting, I want it. I see a sale online,I am there. I stop at a thrift store-the corner where books are is first stop.

    • I identify, Pauline. I once went to the thrift store looking for a new bookshelf. Couldn’t find one, but I did come home with eight new books…

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  3. I am so disappointed. I thought I had this addiction! But, reading the symptoms, I see I only have half of them. I must not be doing something right! lol I do love to read!

  4. My addiction reveals that the books I select to purchase for the library where I work are ones I want to read. And of course, if i want to read them so should everyone else! LOL (I do select other books for those that may not like my choices 😉 )

  5. When I saw Beauty and the Beast, and she was given a LIBRARY, I actually broke down crying. Now I am a church librarian, so in a way, the love of my life gave me a library! Yes, definite addiction.

  6. Ah, yes. I’m the easiest person to buy a gift for, the same thing every year any day. Everyone knows to get me a giftcard to the bookstore. And, yes, I’m still envious of that library in Beauty & The Beast.

  7. When you can stay at a bookstore (especially Barnes and Noble) all day and not be bored. You start reading a book, and finish it before you leave the store. You don’t realize what time it is until the store employee tells you it’s closing time.

  8. Seven: Getting to all the titles on your to-read list on Goodreads would require you to drop out of life for at least a year with nothing but you in a room alone with books…and that doesn’t actually sound like a bad plan.

    This is only true if I don’t add a bunch more books as the year progresses…in which case the year isn’t long enough.

  9. Seven: would take me three years of dropping out of life to read all the to-read list of books on my goodreads.

  10. When you’ve got several stacks of books piled up in your room that you’ve promised to read and review BUT you keep buying more books for your Kindle and bookshelf because you cannot get enough of a good read!

    Great post, Amy! 🙂

  11. I have many of these symptoms. Sadly I “have” to finish a book once I start it, Just to see if it gets better, I wish I could learn to just close it an move on but I cannot 😦

    • I’m almost a ‘have to finish’ Jamielynn82. I’ve skipped out of a few books that I felt like I SHOULD read. But almost never fail to finish a book I chose. btw, I’ve read some lousy books. Youngblood Hawke … all I can say is Herman Wouk owes me about ten hours of my life back. Yeesh. And I think I read it in a Readers Digest Condensed Book and it was still brutally long!

  12. That every book you read a synopsis of you think sounds good and you go out and get it or at least put it on a book list for later when you have read all your other thousands of books

  13. I realised I had a reading addiction when I couldn’t walk past a bookcase in my own house without getting out a book to read. People laugh at me when I say I had a reading addiction!

  14. After reading #9, I knew I was in trouble. I’ve read Dee Henderson’s O”Malley series several times and really like that a lot of her stand-alone novels mention the characters. I just started Traces of Guilt and when I read Ann Falcon’s name I thought, “I’m glad she’s here.” I feet like I’m looking forward to a visit from a friend. 🙂

  15. No Kindle here, only printed books. I don’t even own a computer (I’m at the library now). Book collecting is my hobby, especially used books from the library sales. I think I spend more time collecting and looking at my books than reading them.

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