RITA Finalists Giveaway

Last weekend, Romance Writers of America unveiled their list of RITA finalists, and Bethany House books made a great showing!


To highlight the books that made it onto the (very prestigious) award shortlist, we’re hosting a giveaway of them on the blog. Find out a little bit about them below.

A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter

Kristi Ann Hunter is an expert on all things Regency—check out her Pinterest for a board of dresses worthy of any Jane-Austen-era ball. Her debut novel, A Noble Masquerade, was nominated both in the Inspirational Romance category and the First Novel category!

A Noble Masquerade
Lady Miranda Hawthorne secretly longs to be bold. But she is mortified when her brother’s new valet accidentally mails her private thoughts to a duke she’s never met—until he responds. As Miranda tries to sort out her growing feelings for two men, she inadvertently uncovers secrets that will put more than her heart at risk.

A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade

Becky Wade’s former Marine Jake Porter is the hunky hero of A Love Like Ours, in her Porter family series. If you just can’t get enough of Becky Wade’s love stories, check out this exclusive preview of Her One and Only, releasing next month!

When Jake hires Lyndie James, an old childhood friend, to exercise his Thoroughbreds, he is surprised to discover that her tender-hearted, fearless nature affects him just as profoundly as it does his horses. Slowly, Lyndie begins to tear down the walls he’s built around his heart, but his fears and regrets still linger. Will Jake ever be able to love Lyndie like she deserves, or is his heart too shattered to mend?

Toward the Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden

On to the BHP nominated title in the novella category. Basically this is a giveaway where everyone wins something, because you can download your copy of the fabulous Toward the Sunrise for free! (We’re including Elizabeth’s full-length print book, Until the Dawn in the actual giveaway as well.) You can download it here onto an ereader or your computer.

Toward the Sunrise

Just shy of graduating from a women’s medical college, Julia Broeder makes a rash decision that results in her expulsion. With few choices, she pleads for help from Ashton Carlyle, the Vandermark family attorney whose job is to take care of loyal employees like her family. As they work together, Julia and Ashton encounter revelations, adventure, and romance.

Also, congratulations to Raela Schoenherr, who edited all three titles! (You can read an interview with her about what BHP looks for in authors here.)

As someone who read and loved all three of these stories, I can confidently say that the judges of the RITA had good taste! Cheering these ladies on—so proud that your hard work has been recognized in this way!

We’re giving away a copy of each of these titles to two different winners. To enter the giveaway, comment on the post below with an answer to this question: what makes a book one you would re-read multiple times? Winners will be notified on Monday, April 4 by a reply to their comment.

151 thoughts on “RITA Finalists Giveaway

  1. Thank you, Amy! It’s truly an honor to have a book of mine listed alongside the work of so many talented and dedicated authors. Hooray for inspirational romance, my favorite type of novel to read and write!

    Best of luck in the giveaway, everyone!

  2. A few factors compel me to read a book more than once.
    1. Complex plot/storyline with details you may have missed and you feel compelled to go back in search of them.
    2. Characters w/ struggles that grip your heart.
    3. Thrill/Shock Factor – When you get to the end and say “WHAT?! I didn’t see that coming.”
    4. Historical Details – I love historical fiction for it’s ability to make history come to life, teach through story, and immerse the reader in a long ago time. (I’m a huge biblical fiction fan for this reason.)
    5. When the author’s prose is so effortless it creates an escape. A journey that you want to walk again and again.

  3. I love and re-read the books where:
    –the heroine/hero emotionally connects with God (i.e. suddenly understands she’s loved, realizes her perceptions about God where wrong, etc)
    –the hero/heroine romance is based on more than just attraction (deeper knowledge of how the other thinks or recognition of each other’s quirks is more fun to read than just a lot of kissing scenes)
    –anytime the hero/heroine overcomes the feelings of shame/inadequacy that they start out with.

    I think I really like the emotional stories! 😋

  4. That’s a tough question! Honestly, I enjoy quirky characters with a unique story line. I also enjoy a book with lots of good (clean!) passion too, though!

  5. I don’t re-read books because there are too many good ones on my TBR list that I am constantly working on, but if I did, it would probably be because of the history and the clean romance.

  6. To make me re-read a book, it has to be a complex storyline with dynamic and interesting characters that I can connect with, even if I have no personal experience with someone/something similar. I love books that pull me in to the point that I can’t wait to see what happens next, or I miss the characters when I’m done reading. I tend to gravitate toward Christian fiction, so I’ll re-read those books more often overall.

    Sometimes, it’s the author who makes me want to re-read a book. If it’s an author who I really enjoy, like Becky Wade or Dani Pettrey (by far not the only ones), I’ll pick it up again simply because I really like their work in general.

  7. Congratulations, ladies!
    There are few books I will reread. A book that completely surprised me with a twist or really moved me is fun to pick up again. I’ll often skim a non-fiction again for a certain bit of information.

  8. Congrats to all of the fianlists. You all deserve it!

    I rarely reread a book because my to-read pile keeps on growing, but to really make me want to reread a book means the story has a complex storyline with characters that I can relate with and grow to love. Oh and the plots twists and turns also helps. I mean, I love it when my reaction is, “WHAT?! How?! When?”.

  9. Charachters that weave themselves into your life. They become real to you and you become emotionally invested in what happens to them. Little House, Anne and Gilbert, Clark & Marty, the O’Malley siblings.

  10. A RITA nomination is wonderful for these books. 🙂

    What makes me re-read books? Here are some reasons.

    • I definitely have to identify with the characters. They have to feel like friends/family.
    • There are a lot of quotable lines in the text.
    • Scenes stand out vividly in my mind.
    • Feelings play a big part. I have to laugh out loud some, but don’t mind a few tears. There has to be more smiles than tears though.
    • If it is a mystery I need to be surprised about “who done it”. There needs to be enough good clues and red herrings that I can hardly figure it out. If I re-read the book in a couple of years I might feel as if I am reading a new mystery!
    • The novel has to be a page turner in which I have difficulty in putting the book down. I hate to see the ending.
    • There is no constant switch of points of view.
    • When I fall in love with the hero myself and hope the heroine deserves him. 🙂
    • Some well-placed lessons, spiritual truths, and history (historicals) are always a must. I need to feel as if I’ve learned something, as well as, having been entertained by a great story.

  11. What wonderful authors! Congratulations, ladies!

    What makes me keep reading or put a book in my “keeper pile”? I think it’s they way the story makes me “feel” when I’ve finished reading. Simplistic, but true.

  12. With so many books out there to read, there are less than a handful that I have re-read at any point. First is a great story w/ well developed characters. Second reason I have re-read some books isn’t about the book itself, but about me. Having changed over the years, will the book speak to me differently at this point in life than it did before?

  13. I do not re-read very often because my TBR pile overtakes my house, but books that I want to re-read are those with complex, flawed characters with good personalities (despite the flaws) put into a good story. If the book makes me cry or laugh out loud than that is even better! Thanks so much for the giveaway and Congratulations to all of you!

  14. I love to read and re reading one would be when it is exceptional to me, great characters that I loved reading about and maybe has a setting that is one I would love to visit or live in. A special author too might make me want to read it again because I loved the way they wrote the book.

  15. Kristi Ann Hunter is a new author to me. Her book looks intriguing. All the books look interesting. I have not met many books I didn’t like! 😉

  16. I reread books where the characters have depth, and where there are scenes that really resonate with me. I am particularly drawn to books where a character is burdened by a handicap of some sort, and has to overcome that to be heroic, however, the book needs to be overall written well to reread it. Clever dialog, suspenseful scenes, characters with good moral character, , quirky supporting characters, and interesting info on an era, profession, or region are things I look for.

  17. I rarely read any book a second time, but I do recommend the ones I really like to my friends and I give away copies of books I really like. I really like books that have great characters that I can relate to in some way. I just recommended Becky Wade’s Porter series to my daughter. She just bought the first 2 books. I’m going to give my set to my aunt.

  18. There are a couple different factors that will typically cause me to re-read a book or series of books. I have to fall in love with at least one of the characters and truly care about their circumstances and outcome. I typically read historical, Christian, and Amish fiction and it is quite easy to do it with many of the characters. Also, an author’s writing skills can also be a magnet to draw me in. I have discovered several new authors that I absolutely love over the last 3 or 4 years. Then there are those who are timeless and I always seem to find myself going back to some of their books, like Jesse Stewart. I don’t know if many of you are familiar with his writings, but they are studied a lot here in Kentucky schools since he is a Kentucky author. I looked high and low for a copy of his book, “Daughter of the Legend”, and finally found one in quite tattered condition on eBay. I would say it is one of my most treasured items and I have reread that book over a dozen times. All of these books are the type that I would love to read. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of each.

  19. There are many reasons why I want to read books over and over again. I grew up reading Grace Livingston Hill’s books and will periodically read them again. They never grow old. K E Ganshert’s Gifting series is spellbinding. I am listening to them on audible now. I love Sharon Hinck’s The Restorer series. I had never read fantasy books before and I loved these.

  20. If a book makes me emotional and really gets down where I live then I can read it over and over again. I love to read and would love to win these books.

  21. I think unforgettable characters are probably the main thing that gets me to reread a book–it’s like they become my friends and I have to reread them to visit them.

  22. Looking forward to reading A Noble Masquerade!
    As for re-reading, there are so many good books out there I don’t have time to re-read.

  23. Congratulations authors and editor! I always love Becky Wade’s books and the other two books both sounded awesome as well!

  24. Congratulations authors and editor! I always love Becky Wade’s books and the other two books both sounded awesome as well! What makes me reread a book is how interested I was in a book and by how much I liked the characters. Also, I have to really enjoy the storyline and plot.

  25. One where I fall in love with the characters or one that grabs me right away and just makes me want to read it fast as I can and not put it down.

  26. Congratulations Kristi, Becky, Elizabeth and editor, Raela! I’m so exited for you!!! The books I re-read are those that impact me at a deep level.

  27. Congrats!!! A book that has value in re-reading has a deeply moving story, engaging story line, witty dialogue and makes me so happy at the end.

  28. A book worth re-reading has good content, is well written and the characters are memorable and interesting. Whiny characters that are too predictable and one dimensional are not worth catching up with. Re-reading a book for me is like catching up with old friends, visiting old haunts and walking down memory lane

  29. Part of the joy reading for me is the new, the undiscovered. So, I do not generally re-read as it uses precious time that could be spent reading a new novel. However, when the characters are compelling and the story touching I will; or, if it is part of a series and a great deal of time has passed since I read the earlier release.

  30. I will re-read a book if it had a surprise ending or plot twist. I read it again with that knowledge to see if I missed any clues. It’s never the same as the first time though.

  31. I think the key ingredient to a book I will read several times is a classic theme. Not so much a theme like love or friendship, but of themes and struggles that are representative of humans- insecurity, loss, doubt, hope and peace in the midst of chaos, etc

  32. Congratulations to you and the winners. The books I read more than once are stories that make me smile and most of them have are inspirational with a thread that strengthens my walk with God.

  33. I will read a book again if the story has twists and turns, something where the second reading brings out new ideas that I missed before.

  34. I do not often reread books as my time is so limited and I would rather read a new book. I will however reread a book if the message is one of hope or encouragement.

  35. I’d say a great romance that’s filled with fun, mischievous moments along with the heart warming and heart-wrenching ones too. Great characters to love and hate and a storyline that will have you wanting more.

  36. Such exciting titles!! Congrats to the authors on the Rita finalists, so happy for you!

    I don’t re-read books in general (except for my Bible). The only way for me to want to, is if a story resonates so deeply with me & God uses it to speak to me in a profound way. There’s only really been one title I can name off the top of my head that has me wanting to re-read it; Francine Rivers “Redeeming Love”. God used that to change me drastically!! Wow…it was so deeply moving to me at that time in my life when I read it. She’s a fantastic author and I’ve read many more titles by her.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I’d be thrilled to win 🙂

  37. Humor, fun, but most importantly that I can identify with it. Or Characters that remind me of people I know and Love.

  38. I’m not really sure what makes it a book if re read. I know love comes softly is one I could read over and over again. Not sure why but it is one I can never get tired of.

  39. I actually am not really sure why makes me re-read books. I think a lot of it for me is if the writer’s style is one I enjoy I have a tendency to read those oftener. And if they are like Dee Henderson and the books on CD are being sold for a resonable price I will add those to my collection as well.

  40. First off congrats! I usually won’t re-read whole books because there are too many good ones out there to get to. I will re-read certain scenes that really touched my heart and made it pitter patter.

  41. I rarely reread books, so when I do, they are really special to me. The reasons are: the character is so appealing and inspiring, the character’s personality is much like mine, or the character’s cleverness, spiritual growth or response to danger are out of the ordinary.

  42. A book I will reread is one that keeps coming back to my mind. I rarely read a book more than once though. There are so many good books out there that I want to read!

  43. So Happy for all the Winners. New Authors to Me! They sound good no wonder they won!! Looking forward to reading them.

  44. i have books that i love to re read multiple times. for me it is always the story & the characters, the feeling that comes from the book when i read it.

  45. Congrats! I will adore and reread a book if:
    A) I connect with and love the characters because I can relate to their feelings or circumstances.
    B) It has a bit of intrigue or mystery.
    C) It has romance! I love quotable quotes and great banter! I HATE explicit sex scenes! I have an imagination…I don’t need to have it all “explained” to me.
    D) It has a happy ending. I know that’s part of the genre for romance novels, but I still like reading for entertainment. I don’t want to be depressed and bawling once the book is finished.
    E) It has highs…which make me laugh out loud or want to cheer, and it has lows…which may make me shed a tear or two because I’m that emotionally invested.

  46. That is a difficult question. Other than the Bible and a favorite devotional book, I seldom read a book twice unless I get confused and buy one that I borrowed from the library months ago and read. I have kept a list for almost 20 years of the books I read so I won’t buy or read a book twice. The simple reason is that there are so many books coming out all the time that I want to read that I don’t have time to keep rereading the same book over and over again. With that said, I might read a book more than once if it contains very compelling information that I need to reread in order to remind myself of the truths found in the book.

  47. There a few reasons that I would read a book more than once.
    1. A clean book with nothing inappropriate
    2. Intriguing and adventurous
    3. I get emotionally connected to the characters
    4. If it is a series that I really enjoyed and I followed the series as it came out, once the entire series has finally been written and released I will go back and reread the whole series together.
    5. A book that makes me laugh throughout the whole thing

  48. Characters with real life issues resonate with me. Especially a story that inspires and connects on a personal level. Congrats!!!!

  49. I think that a book that you would read over and over again would have great character interactions with moments that make you laugh out. Also a bit romance and mystery are good too 🙂

    Oh congrats to all of the Authors that won, You guys did a fantastic job!!!!

  50. It’s a romantic story with great characters. If the book is well written I feel immersed in the book and want to re-live the story over and over.

  51. What makes me reread a book is when the characters are so memorable and scenes replay in my mind so much, I have to read the story again. Just to make sure I’m recalling the story right.
    Congrats to these authors on their accomplishment:)

  52. Believeable characters make a book worthy of rereading…also the time period, I’m a sucker for historical christian fiction☺

  53. If I connect with a character or two and was totally immersed in the world the author created, I will often read it over again. Also if it’s a series, sometimes I will reread to jog my memory before starting the latest novel.

    Congrats RITA nominees, especially fellow librarian Elizabeth Camden!

  54. What I look for in a book that keeps me coming back to read again and again is the characters, whether it be the family that continues on in a series of books or a certain additional character brought further to life in the next book. Good characters bring a story to life and I love series. You get to see how the characters are doing as well as get a glimpse into another character’s, or two’s, life. I have a few authors that fit into that type of writing style I am very loyal to. Two of which are featured in this blog. Congratulations to all the authors and editors for a wonderful job.

  55. What makes a book one that I would re-read multiple times is a gripping, heartfelt story that I can relate to and that makes me feel like I know the charaters personally.

  56. I think believeable characters and and interesting plot makes a book worth rereading(oh and a happily ever after). Congratulations to the authors!

  57. If a book meets my “re-read” standards, it must have a believable plot that is creative and interesting. It also needs to have characters with real depth.

  58. I will re-read a book that has believable characters. They may be flawed but they are redeemable and they recognize the need to be forgiven. They also possess the quality of forgiveness and I love when God’s Message of grace and forgiveness is woven into the story. If there is also a heart wrenching and heartfelt love story, then it is a definite book worthy of reading more than once!

  59. A book that I want to re-read is one that captures my attention from page one, engages my emotions throughout the story, speaks to my soul and perhaps turns my mind and heart towards God in a new or fresh way, and has a happy ending. The happy ending part is really important!

  60. I will re-read books that have a somewhat complicated plot and a gripping tale with well-developed characters that I can “get to know.”

  61. If I can’t put it down would be the biggest reason I would read it again….however I have so many that I haven’t read yet, that I rarely get to re-read a book!

  62. I will read books a 2nd time if the story if emotionally I get invested in the story. If a story makes me laugh and cry chances are it will be read again.

  63. I will re-read a book that has an emotional pull on my soul. And I must say not too many do that. Oh, I enjoy lots of books but few really grab me and don’t let go. A couple of authors whose books have done that are Ronie Kendig and Beth Vogt.

  64. A book I would re-read multiple times must have a ton of heart and a fair bit of wit and humor. Memorable characters are a must–the kind that draw you in so you close the book feeling as if you’ve just made new friends.

  65. When I enjoy a book so much that I hate to see it end, I decide I will reread it in the not too different future.

  66. I will reread a book again because I might have missed a minor detail and I can discover more about a certain character.

  67. I will reread a book to study more of the history. “Mary Queen Of Scots” by Antonia Fraser is one book I have reread and intend yo do so again in the future. The history in that era is fascinating.

    • I will reread a book to study more of the history. “Mary Queen Of Scots” by Antonia Fraser is one book I have reread and intend to do so again in the future. The history in that era is fascinating.

  68. It must be a book that has themes and lessons that stay with me long after I finish the book. Really strong characters make me want to read a book over and over as well! Congrats to all these talented authors!

  69. For me to re-read a book, it has to draw me in. I need to feel connected to the characters and storyline.

  70. A book that I will read over and over has to capture my emotions, my attention, my imagination, leaves me feeling like the characters are friends, and feeling mentally satisfied and even a little melancholy at saying goodbye. 3 books that really did that for me, and that I keep reading over and over, are The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers.

  71. One that leaves me thinking about the book for days after I finish it. One that I connect on a deep level with the characters. Deep, raw emotions and overcoming huge struggles are part of the equation.

  72. Related-able characters and a fantastic story line make me want to relive (reread) books over and over again!

  73. A book that’s well written, has a great story line with good ending, and characters I really connect with.

  74. I like to reread a book when it makes a memory for me in that I can’t get it out of my head. I want to read it again so I remember

  75. Congratulations!! As for myself, I love a good book whose characters I can relate to, laugh with, cry with, cheer for, and can revisit just like an old friend. Such books as Fancy Pants by Cathy Marie Hake, The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery, The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen, Beauty by Robin McKinley, A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin, and Eight Cousins by Lousia May Alcott rank amongst my top choices.

  76. If I read a book that is an absolute page turner, I will read it again, and perhaps yet again! I like to be able to find heros and heroines that are wonderful yet perhaps somewhat flawed and human. Many of the classics are just that type of book!

  77. I would re-read a book that I had a real connection with, based on the characters and a unique story line. A lot of times, when I re-read a book, I notice things I did not pick up on the first time.

  78. I think there are three things that will bring me back to a book:
    1- Characters that were really relatable to me.
    2- A storyline that touched me in some particular way.
    3- Humor. I love a good funny book! And I especially like knowing which books I can go back to when I need a laugh. 😉

  79. In order to re-read a book off my keeper shelf and since romantic fiction (esp. rom-coms) is a favorite
    1.) It has me laughing or grinning, idiotically
    2.) There are some masterfully written swoon-worthy moments
    3.) And a hero and heroine that have you rooting for a happily-ever-after.

  80. I used to reread books whenever a new book was released in the series. When some of my series became 20+ books, it became impractical. Nowadays a book has to really grab me to reread it. Rachel Hauck’s Royal Weddings series is one set of books that I will reread. In fact I’m planning on doing that when the Royal Christmas Wedding is released later this year.

  81. I continue to re-read books that I feel and identify with in my heart. There is just something about a story that you get so wrapped up in and feel like you are truly apart of the characters lives and that they become a part of yours. Once that happens it’s just like going back to visit an old friend when you re-read their story.

  82. if the book is well written(holds attention through book)if the cover is pretty and if I enjoy the author’s books

  83. Wow! Congrats!
    What makes me re-read a book? I have to love the author’s voice. The characters have to speak to me and I have to connect with them.

  84. I rarely reread books, but great love stories with awesome connections to God that are well integrated into a compelling plot… Then yeah, I’ll definitely reread that one!!!

  85. I need to connect well with the characters, to laugh with them and cry with them.
    I also love to re-read books that speak to my heart.

  86. If the characters are really likeable and the plot is solid, I’ll probably reread it. A good love story where the parties overcome great obstacles are especially appealing.

  87. Having read A Noble Masquerade and enjoyed it immensely I can hope that Toward the Sunrise and A Love like Ours will be just as well written and enjoyable. Many thanks to the authors for creating Christian fiction that’s as well done or better than secular fiction. You prove that there needn’t be sexual content for a story to have romance and excitment. Thanks for the opportunity to win and share these books.

  88. The book I read over and over when I was a kid was Little Women. Now there are books by several Christian authors that I read again. (Too many to name! 😉 )

  89. I look for authors who write riveting takes that are also squeaky clean. I am so excited when I find one! I am sure to read and buy more of their work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I will reread a book with unique characters or characters in unique life situations. I like clean passion, connections between characters that aren’t usual, when God is present in the characters lives. Well written and few, if any, typos! Oddly, I find typos totally distracting!!

  91. Nowadays with so many Christian fiction books available, I seldom reread a book but if it was a very touching story with really well-written, interesting characters, I might.

  92. Congratulations to all the authors ! I read a great many books each year and I would love to keep them all, however I usually share them because I know there are others who would love to read them to. I keep and will reread books from authors whose characters and stories linger in my thoughts and yes sometimes in my heart, if I relate to their struggles in some way, especially on matters of faith.
    I appreciate Christian based books, so many great stories by many different authors.
    I know before hand I can trust the content and I am rarely disappointed.I look forward to each new month to see what books will be available.
    Thank you for opportunity to win.

  93. I don’t re-read many books. I do re-read books whose theme and characters resonate with me on a personal level, and because the truths portrayed are satisfyingly victorious in the end, validating my deepest beliefs, feelings, and hopes.

  94. I read a lot of books, really. For me to re-read a book the characters have to be real to me, almost like friends. If the story is historical fiction, I want the language and history to be correct. Nothing ruins a historical book like using current slang and phrases. If it is biblical fiction then the facts better be biblical, not made up. I recently ran across a book where they had Moses fight the battle of Jericho not Joshua.
    I have several books that are my favorites and will re-read or listen to them on audible if I’m feeling homesick or just missing the characters. Sometimes I just want something familiar and comfortable. There are several Bethany House author’s on my list of re-reads.
    Thank you for this give a way. Thank you even more for providing quality, clean, romantic, suspenseful, and fun material for me to read.

  95. What makes a book a keeper for me (or a re-read) is one that strikes a match inside me or brings out an emotion I’ve either never experienced or strengthens my faith in some way.

  96. It has to be a book that grabs my interest and keeps it. I’ve read “A Noble Masquerade” nine times already and I know I will be reading it over and over.

  97. I love to re-read books! Basically all I need to read a book again is an awesome love story that leaves me smiling, one where the characters develop naturally and their relationship is strong and sweet. Of course drama, action, suspense, and character change don’t hurt a bit either!

  98. To re-read a story, I have to like the main characters. They have to feel real to resonate with me. The storyline has to be at least plausible and well written. If a historical, the characters have act appropriately to the era, the caveat being a time travel. The story needs to leave me with a good feeling. It needs to make me think about it long after I’ve finished the book. If it makes me not want to finish reading it, because then the story will be over, then I will definitely read it again and again.

  99. If I loved the story, connect with the characters and it made me think of God I will reread a book. I am reading A Noble Masquerade again because the writing was great. I can understand the struggles of the hero and heroine.

    Congratulations on being a finalist.

  100. What makes a book a re-read for me is characters with whom I can relate and even see as being friends if I met them in my day-to-day life. This can be books in any genre, but somehow the story just resonates with me on personal level. Usually the story has a simplicity about it that I find calming and homey even if it isn’t in any way similar to my own life.

  101. I’ll read a book multiple times if I can really relate to the main character and if it encourages me in some area in of my life. I have about a half dozen very well worn books that I have read multiple times.

  102. How fun, I love these authors! Well, to re-read a book I have to really be in to the characters and plot. It needs to be one that is either near and dear to my heart, or one that goes with other books (I would re-read it to remember characters and plotlines for the next book in a series). Either way, I love having physical copies of books to read and share with others so they can learn about authors I enjoy. Congratulations to the authors and Bethany on the RITA finalists above.

  103. For me to read a book multiple times it needs the following
    1) A good story that is relatable, intriguing or transports you to a different time and place. If it is historical time period and all that goes with that time period must be accurate.
    2) Characters must be developed the more you know the more you are drawn into the story.
    3) The presence of God. How the author uses the book to convey the attributes of God. It can be subtle or bold but it is nice to come away with something you did not have before you started.
    4) A good ending

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