Behind the Scenes of Our March Releases

Just in time for spring reading, take a look at these five page-turning novels (and lovely covers). If you’d like to “page through” the opening chapters, click on the covers to read an excerpt of each title. I’ve also included a bonus “fun fact” from each author regarding a bit of research trivia that worked its way into the novel to give you a glimpse into the writing process. Enjoy, readers!


Playing the Part

Jen Turano: “Washington Square Park, where Mrs. Abigail Hart resides in her completely proper brownstone in Playing the Part, lies on top of thousands of bodies. That area of New York City was once a potter’s field, but when someone decided it would make a lovely spot for the military to practice their drills on, instead of relocating the bodies, they were simply buried and landscaped over. Houses were eventually built on top of some of those bodies, and that’s where the bodies remain to this very day.”

AtonementThe Atonement

Beverly Lewis: “Amish women can bake 8-10 pies simultaneously in their ovens. Which means one busy woman can supply the 40 pies necessary to feed one church district at the common meal, following Preaching service, as Martie Zook does (with her sister Lucy’s help) in The Atonement.”

Treasure ConcealedA Treasure Concealed

Tracie Peterson: “As I wrote A Treasure Concealed, I did careful research on gemstones, particularly in the setting of the novel, Montana. Sapphires can be found all over the state, but the only place in the world where Yogo sapphires are found is in the central area of Montana. These are particularly beautiful sapphires that generally have a cornflower-blue color, although there have been darker Yogos and even violet colors.”

Dressed for DeathDressed for Death

Julianna Deering: “Part of the mystery of Dressed for Death involves drug smuggling. Back in the 1930s, as now, there were people more than willing to profit from the import and sale of cocaine. In today’s society, we get a very mixed message about drug use. In real life, the consequences are often far-reaching and long-lasting. Meanwhile, drug smugglers and dealers grow rich off their hopelessly addicted customers. In any era, it’s a tragedy.

Flirtation WalkFlirtation Walk

Siri Mitchell: “The title of Flirtation Walk refers to a path along the northeastern edge of the West Point military reservation that overlooks the Hudson River. It has a reputation as West Point’s ‘Lover’s Lane’ and is just as popular now as it was in the nineteenth century. It’s strictly off limits to visitors, however; in order to walk that lovely path, you have to be escorted by a cadet.”

Just for fun, we’ll have a giveaway on the blog—your choice of one of these five titles! To enter, simply comment below with an answer to this question: what is your favorite part about the coming of spring? Winners will be notified by a response to their comment by noon Central on Monday, March 7.

48 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Our March Releases

  1. My favorite part about the coming of spring is definitely the nice weather and the flowers. I am looking forward to these upcoming titles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. living where we do its always hot so love a little cool weather….but really its seeing all the changes …that our awesome god has done!

  3. My favorite part is the colors and birds singing! Probably the best is the birds singing…because once you hear them singing you know that spring is on the way and winter is almost over. 🙂

  4. My favourite part about Spring, is Easter. I love when I go to church and everyone is dressed up and we thank God for sending His Son on the Cross to take away our sins. It makes my heart so joyful!!! Then of course we have a huge picnic out side… Which also makes my heart very happy! Along with my stomach!!!! Hahahaha!

  5. My favorite favorite part of spring is to see the buds sprouting. I am reminded that even though we may think that nothing is happening over winter, spring reminds us that we need the period of refining and pruning to truly appreciate the bounty of life in the spring.
    Sonnetta_jones(at)hotmail(dot) com

  6. I live in Australia so I’m heading into Autumn. I like Spring because I can read outside without getting frozen. It is also much easier to play piano then because my fingers don’t have to be un-numbefied.

  7. The tulips. My great-grandmother had tulips planted around the fence all around her house on the farm, and yellow tulips always remind me of her. Love’em.

  8. That earthy, damp, fresh scent when the snow is melting and mud is forming. And finding the first wildflowers: bloodroot, hepaticas, and wild plum brush (which, incidentally, also bears a heavenly scent).

  9. I love the longer and warmer days and the splash of color as flowers start blooming. There’s a sense of hope and anticipation in the air.

  10. O the colors of Spring of life that our Lord has painted is the best part. Add in the sounds, it’seems a cinematic experience all together!

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  11. I love when the brand new leaves come on the trees and the beautiful flowers bloom, but most of all I can’t wait till my grandchildren gets to play outside after all the staying in they have to do during the cold months. My oldest grandson will run and jump on the swing set for just a moment while the rest of the family gets out of the car knowing he can’t stay out because it’s so cold.

  12. I absolutely love the daffodils! They’re my most favorite bulb flower. They have such a beautiful, unique shape, and I love all of the different color variations!

  13. My favorite part of the coming of spring is the time change and that my neice is going to make her way into the world.

  14. Being stuck in the tundra of snow, I can’t wait to tie up my running shoes, grab my head phones and get outside where it’s the best place to run several miles catching up with Jesus.

  15. My favorite part of Spring is Easter and the steadfast reminder it brings. The blooming of our Easter lilies helps steer conversations with the grands to the true meaning of Easter.

  16. Some of the reasons I love when spring comes are the melting snow, days that have more sunlight, things greening up and feeling brighter and fresher, and knowing that blooming flowers and fresh vegetables from my garden will be coming soon. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  17. My favorite part of spring is the warmth of the sunshine and watching nature come back to life after the dull grays and browns of winter. And Easter, such a wonderful time of year. I would love to win a copy of “Flirtation Walk” by Siri Mitchell, but then again, it’s hard to “meet” a Bethany House book that I don’t love.

  18. I love every part of spring. The new growth breaking through the ground. I can’t wait to start a new garden! The warmer air. The sun shining more. Longer daylight hours. Lots of birthdays. Spring rain! What isn’t there to love about spring?

  19. My favorite part about spring is the evidence of new life all around me. The flowers, the animals for example. All of this pointing to the new life we have in Christ which ties into Easter or Resurrection Day as I like to call it.

  20. Spring always signifies new, fresh life in all of creation. With the love of our Father expressed through the Cross -also celebrated in Spring – we can all have a new chance in spite of our wintry mistakes. I NEED Spring in my life! (And not only during these calendar months😊)

  21. Spring is my favorite season of all the seasons. I love the gift of new life God gives us after the winter season is over with. The bulbs are just starting to burst open, my plum tree is showing off to the world it’s glorious array of pink blossoms. The baby animals are being born this time of year as well, I saw the new lambs and goats out at play with their mamas. So thankful to live in a world that our great God made and to witness all the new things being born this time of year. Springtime always helps my focus to turn to Jesus with Easter coming as well!

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