Ask Bethany House Survey 2016

It’s a new year…and I’m just about out of Ask Bethany House questions to cover in future blog posts. But here’s the good news: you can help me with this by filling out our Brand-New, Two-Question Ask Bethany House Survey!

(I say “new” because I changed the bonus question. Last time, you all had great taste in fictional characters you wanted to meet in real life! To the three people who said Anne of Green Gables: we are clearly kindred spirits.)


“What kinds of things can I ask?” you might say. Well, here are some categories that might get you thinking, though you’re certainly not limited to them.

The Publishing Process: Is there a part of the process of getting a book from manuscript to book that you’d like to learn more about? Maybe you have a question for a specific person within BHP (marketing, editorial, production, the person who forwards on all the fan mail to our authors). Or more of a “Why do you do this?” or “Why don’t you do that?” kind of question. Feel free to ask away!

Book Publishing in General: Things about agents, the number of submissions we get per year, is “new adult” actually a real category, and anything else you’ve wondered about the publishing world.

Our Authors: Want to know some first-contract stories, how authors co-write a book, or who has the best launch party among BHP authors? (Kidding about that last one.) I may not know…but I can find out!

Inside BHP: If you want to know anything about our work culture or traditions, feel free to ask. Or, you know, what I have hanging up in my office. Anything you’re curious about, really.

Thanks in advance, everyone, for taking the survey! I appreciate your help in making sure this blog isn’t just me rambling about things I want to say, but that it’s focused on what you’d like to learn. (And if you want to go back to the archives and read the Ask BHP posts from 2015, you can find them here.)

If I never pick your question, it’s nothing personal. We may have already covered it, or I may not have enough information to write clearly about it, or I may just have too many questions to pick from. Regardless, it’s great for me to be aware of what people are wondering! Be sure to share this post with any of your reading friends who you think might have good questions.

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