Five Reasons We’re Thankful for Readers

About once a year at a Bethany House meeting, someone will read excerpts from reader letters, either sent directly to us or to our authors. Hearing stories of people whose lives have been changed by the books we publish is always very meaningful to me, and it made me realize how much the end goal of what I do—getting great books to readers—motivates my daily routine.

Because of that, and because Thanksgiving is coming up, today I wanted to list a few reasons why we here at Bethany House appreciate readers.

I can't send you all cookies, but you can print this nifty tag here!

I can’t send you all cookies, but you can print this nifty tag here!

One: You give us feedback.

Everyone’s participation in the Ask Bethany House survey has been great, and last January we held a BHP Book Banter where you answered survey questions and helped us brainstorm. Look for that to be coming up again this year! All of that is really helpful for us, and we appreciate you giving of your time. (If you’d like to be invited to future BHP events, add BHP Amy on Facebook.)

Two: You interact.

I can’t tell you how fun it is when people comment on the blog or Bethany House Facebook posts. I love it when readers share novel recommendations, spread around the latest book news, and give feedback on cover designs. Keep it up! There are actual, living people behind author social media, and even (gasp!) publisher social media. And we really do enjoy hearing what you have to say. (And here’s one super-relevant way you can interact: vote for The Secret of Pembrooke Park in the Goodreads Choice Awards final round! I’m so excited that Julie made it to the finals, not just because it’s great that inspirational fiction is represented, but because I loved this book.)

Three: You love books as much as we do.

Okay, some of you may love books more than we do, especially if you measure that by the sheer number of books you read per year! It’s always fun to be around people with a common interest, who “get” your desperate need to know what happens to people who don’t exist (but should).

Four: You pray with us.

Besides our monthly “Prayer for Authors” post, I know many of you routinely lift up both the authors and readers of our books in your prayers, and that’s so important to the success of what we do. Though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: thank you!

Five: You encourage our authors.

This is last on the list, but it was easily the first thing that came to mind for me personally. At Bethany House, we want our authors to feel like part of our family. So, just like a mom appreciates the coaches, teachers, and friends of her kids who pour into their lives, I’m very grateful to those of you out there cheering “my” authors on and encouraging them. Whether that’s in a professional way by promoting and reviewing their books or a personal way by being there for them when life gets hard, your support matters, not just to the people writing the books, but to those of us who are watching.

Thanks, everyone, for being part of the larger Bethany House team. We wouldn’t exist without readers, and the fact that you’re enjoying our books makes what we do worth it.

To celebrate, I’ll be giving away one of our December releases to five random followers of the blog. (You can follow the blog by clicking the little red button on the left sidebar and entering your email. It will send you weekly updates when we post.) If you’re already a follower, there’s nothing more you need to do. I’ll notify you via email by 11/30 if you’re a winner!

What’s something that you as a reader do to encourage authors? (Or, if you’re an author, what’s something readers have done that has been encouraging to you?)

17 thoughts on “Five Reasons We’re Thankful for Readers

  1. I met Siri Mitchell at a book signing, and discovered that authors are actual people. I know, obviously, right? But I grew up reading, and to me, anyone who created these other worlds were superheroes. So beginning with her, I have emailed authors I really like, and tell them why. I also am personally I love with Bethany House, because you still edit books, and edit them well, in these days when anyone can and does publish.

    • It’s so true, Debbie! I think I had the same thought about authors before I started working here and met many of them. And I’ll be sure to pass along your thanks to our editors! It’s true that they do a wonderful behind-the-scenes job.

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  2. Beautiful post, Amy. And so very, very true. Books and publishers exist because of readers. If not for readers, writers might still exist, but our stories would be stuck on our computers or in printed manuscripts in our attics. God bless you, readers!

    To answer your question, readers encourage me by taking the time to communicate with me via email and social media. Every time I’m feeling down — without fail — God prompts a reader to contact me in a way that lifts my spirits and spurs me on.

  3. I try to encourage authors on social media so they know I appreciate them and their stories. I hope it also encourages other readers to buy their books.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Showcasing an author’s book on my blog and leaving reviews is my way of encouraging authors. Recently, I added a prayer in the post for the author I am featuring. From reading your thoughts today, I’ll add prayers for the readers also! Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

  5. I am always so thrilled to hear from my readers, whether it’s e-mail or Facebook or Twitter or, gasp!, snail mail. It makes me feel like there’s actually someone out there who gets me and my books. So, yes, I love, love, LOVE readers.

    Thank you!

    Julianna Deering (DeAnnd Julie Dodson)

  6. Although I don’t have a blog that reaches unknown numbers of readers, I do try to uplift authors by word of mouth recommendation and by posting reviews. Thanks, Bethany House, for offering continuous and consistent good reading material!

  7. The most appreciated encouragement readers offer to authors is their eagerness to pray for us, as well as continually showing up–book after book. Blessings for this Thanksgiving Season…and always!

  8. I love sharing the books I’ve read on FB and tagging the author. Just recently, with the Goodreads awards, it’s been exciting to encourage and vote for Julie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I’m a reader. As Becky Wade mentioned above and as I also do, I follow her on Facebook! I just love her books, and I really love interacting with her on a personal level. There’s also another author that I follow, Jen Turano, who recently asked for name suggestions for her characters. That was extremely fun to know that we readers might have inspired her books in some way!

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