November Bethany House Books: Raising the Stakes

In real life, we’d be delighted if all our friends were leading calm, peaceful lives with no troubles, where the most dramatic thing that happened was an early frost.

But let’s face it: that wouldn’t make a very good novel.

So, for our fictional friends, we often find ourselves reading through situations where conflict is abundant and stakes are high. That’s especially true with our November releases: a new romantic suspense page-turner from Nancy Mehl and the start of an epic fantasy series from Patrick W. Carr.

Click on each of the book covers to read and excerpt and learn a bit about each world, and listen in as the authors share about the conflicts and secrets their characters bring to the story before page one even begins.

The Shock of Night by Patrick W. Carr

Shock of Night

Plot: After an encounter with a dying man leaves him with astonishing powers, Willet Dura is drawn into an epic conflict that threatens his entire land.

Patrick Carr on the main character: Willet suffers from night walks, a malady that afflicts quite a few of the veterans of the last war, where they walk in their sleep. What makes Willet’s case both different and terrifying is that he only night-walks when there has been a murder. He is, rightly, afraid of what’s in his mind that he doesn’t understand. There’s something terrifying in Willet’s past, and he’s trying as hard as he can to keep from connecting all the dots that link that incident to his current state of mind. He’s very human that way, and I think it’s what makes him sympathetic.


Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl


Plot: When newspaper reporter Sophie Wittenbauer follows a lead on a decades-old crime to Sanctuary, Missouri, she encounters an old crush and new dangers.

Nancy Mehl on the main character: Sophie was neglected by her mother and abused by her father and has always pushed people away, ashamed of her family and ashamed of herself. She knows what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. To deal with pain and poor choices. All of us have things in our past we need to heal from, and most of us understand how hard it is to set our lives on a new course. Sophie is determined to become someone better, but she’s left God out of the equation. She will have to learn that she can never become the person God has created her to be—without Him.

Can you think of a character with a backstory that immediately raised the stakes for everything that happened afterward in the novel?

4 thoughts on “November Bethany House Books: Raising the Stakes

  1. Wow, these books look great!!

    The first story that comes to mind when asked what backstory raises the stakes is Angel’s backstory in Redeeming Love. That one is loaded with stakes!

    So fun to see these Bethany House new releases!!

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