Seven Ways Authors Are Basically Superheroes

Movie theaters have been filled with superhero blockbuster hits recently, with more to come, and it got me thinking: there are a lot of similarities between writers and superheroes. No, they don’t wear capes or spandex in their author photos (and we’re grateful for that), but there are still some interesting similarities between your favorite writers and defenders of truth and justice.


One: The library is their secret hideout. They can disappear there for days without coming out, either writing or researching or reading (or training their young superhero apprentices, a.k.a. children, to love reading).

Two: Want to see a list of sidekicks? Read the acknowledgements page of any of their novels. That’s basically what that page is.

Bonus reason: many authors have Grammar Girl as a sidekick!

Bonus reason: many authors have Grammar Girl as a sidekick!

Three: Some authors, including several who write for Bethany House, have secret identities, alternately known as pen names.

Four: Just as superheroes are often part of groups to keep the world safe, writers congregate together and form alliances to help each other grow and to make the literary world a better place. (I’m not sure why they haven’t changed the name of ACFW to the Avengers Christian Fiction Writers. Go figure.)

Five: Writers can teleport people to different locations almost instantly by engaging readers in the story worlds they’ve created. Historical fiction authors have even mastered time travel!

Other superpowers include: X-ray Editing Vision, Flight (of fancy), Mind Control (during those last few tense chapters especially), Super Typing Strength, Plotting, Invisibility (when they’re on deadline, anyway) and Superhuman Coffee Consumption.

The perfect mug for coffee-guzzling writers at work!

The perfect mug for coffee-guzzling writers at work!

Six: They defeat dastardly villains on a regular basis, such as:

  • The League of Daunting Gatekeepers
  • The Muddy Middle Monster (who unleashes a Gaping Plot Hole of Doom)
  • The Grammar Nazi with his Sinister Red Pen Device
  • The Gremlin of Self-Doubt (whose favorite trick is dropping Writer’s Blocks on unsuspecting authors in an attempt to crush them)

Seven: Finally, just like our favorite caped crusaders, there are times (like right around a book’s release) where authors find themselves in the spotlight, enjoying a little praise and attention…but most of the time, they’re just typing away, being quietly faithful to their calling to write great books, even if no one sees or appreciates all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Thank you, authors. You’re heroes to us!

Did I miss any? How do you think writers and superheroes are alike?

20 thoughts on “Seven Ways Authors Are Basically Superheroes

  1. Wow! Our identities are so secretive, I didn’t even realize I was a superhero! I definitely can see it now…hmm…now to decide if I should tell my husband and children my real identity. 🙂 This actually reminds me of my son, Asher. He wants to be a superhero when he grows up (a.k.a. police officer). The other day his friend, Echo, was at our house and she said when she grows up she wants to be a doctor. Asher got really excited and he said: “Did you know doctors are superheroes?” I bet he realizes I’m a superhero already. 🙂 This was a fun post!

  2. Amy, thank you for making us smile and feel special for “writing away”. I’m not published yet, but I can relate to much of this already. Writers may not wear capes, but we can consume a lot of coffee and chocolate while trying to meet a deadline.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Thanks! And aren’t they great! (There is no shortage of fun author coffee mugs, further proof that coffee consumption is a major part of many writers’ productivity.)

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

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