September Bethany House Books: Take the Quiz!

I’m so excited about the stellar lineup of Bethany House books that released this month! There are several from publishing veterans, but we also have a debut novel, A Noble Masquerade, by Kristi Ann Hunter, which is always exciting for me.


To celebrate the release of these novels, we have a fun quiz for you! Find out whether you’re an Amish candy-maker, a conflicted noblewoman, a biblical mother, a determined knight, or a missing heiress. And be sure to let us (and your friends) know which character you ended up with!


And when you’re done, feel free to come back here and click on these titles to check out an excerpt from the book featuring “your” heroine: The Photograph, A Noble Masquerade, Bathsheba, Chivalrous, and The Lost Heiress.

12 thoughts on “September Bethany House Books: Take the Quiz!

  1. Apparently I am a missing heiress. I wonder if my parents know? (Which is to say, I got Brook Eden.) In any case, The Lost Heiress is on my to read list!

  2. I got Brook! And my husband accused me of subconsciously skewing the answers, LOL. (It’s as if he doesn’t think me the type to liberate cars or go flying over the moors on a half-wild stallion…) So fun!

  3. I got Eva Esch! I may just have to try to find a copy of her story now. Much as I love brave and daring heroines, I love sweet ones too and Eva sounds like my kind of girl! 🙂

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