Spring Reads: May Bethany House Books

Sometimes, the books releasing in a given month have similar themes or feels, or at least the same genre. Not this time around!


We’ve got everything from psychological thriller to heartwarming contemporary romance. Even our historical fiction ranges from a gritty portrayal of ancient times to a character-driven journey through the 1970s. Here’s a little about each book so you can find the ones that are a good fit for you.

Shadow of the Mountain: Exodus by Cliff Graham

Shadow of the Mountain.EXODUS.indd

This is an intense look at the life of Caleb from the Old Testament, and readers will be kept up late turning pages to see what happens next. The pacing and action of the scenes are meant to mimic a movie unfolding in front of you. Cliff’s mission is twofold: to remind Christians that the Bible and the stories within it are anything but boring and to inspire men to never give up the fight against evil. That’s a rallying cry we can all get behind.

Until the Harvest by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Until the Harvest

Sarah’s beautiful descriptions bring Wise, West Virginia of the 1970s alive. There is something so deep and solid about these characters that you just ache to meet them in real life, to learn about their lives, to ask their advice. And the book does give good advice, about loss and shame and hope and the beauty of treating the fragile, sinful people around us with grace.

Amish Promises by Leslie Gould

Amish Promises

Even those who normally avoid books with a bonnet on the cover will be intrigued by the conflict between these neighbors, as well as the emotional struggles both Amish and English families face. A sweet, budding romance, the sometimes-strained relationships between parents and children, and an exploration of restoration within a marriage…all of them get equal time, and yet the story doesn’t feel crowded, but complete and sigh-worthy by the last page.

Taken by Dee Henderson


When it comes to a premise, you can’t beat this one: a young woman escapes the crime family that has held her captive for years and now needs someone to keep her—and the ones she loves—safe. Dee goes deep inside her characters’ minds to explore the effects of trauma, and Shannon’s trek out of darkness is one worth cheering for.

A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade


You can’t help falling for a “can-childhood-best-friends-find-true-love?” story, and this one gets you right from the start. Lyndie is an adorable heroine, and Jake, the strong, silent military vet, a swoon-worthy hero. Even the secondary cast is made of colorful characters who never upstage our main duo but make you want to know what will happen to them as well. Becky nails her dialogue every time, and constantly raises the stakes to make the emotional payoff of characters’ choices feel worth it.

How about you? What draws you to pick up a new book?

3 thoughts on “Spring Reads: May Bethany House Books

  1. Thanks for this round-up of Bethany’s May releases! You’re right. These books are very diverse. Something for everyone!

  2. As I scan the shelves in a certain section of the store, it’s the title that catches my eye. Then from there I read the synopsis on the back/inside cover and if the story sounds interesting enough I’ll give the book a chance. I don’t really go by author. Found a lot of good books this way and I know I’ll find more as I continue to scan for new books.

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