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C.S. Lewis once famously said “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .'” There’s something exciting about finding another person who shares a hobby or passion or way of looking at the world…or even something as small as a favorite ice cream flavor. Fictional characters are the same way. We love them because they remind us of ourselves and those we love. Their struggles often mirror our own, and we cheer them on, in part, because we hope our own stories have similar happy endings.

I asked our April authors to share a little bit about why they loved their heroines and why they’re excited to share these leading ladies’ stories with the rest of the world. Take a look at their answers. Who knows? You might find a new book best friend!

From the StartMelissa Tagg about From the Start: “I think what makes Kate relatable is the doubt she has about whether her life matters. She currently writes romantic movies…and she’s convinced she needs to do something bigger or more important. She can’t see how her stories make any kind of difference. I think that desire to matter is something we can all relate to. And I’m excited to share with readers Kate’s journey of learning to believe in her own story and calling…and consequently re-falling in love with love along the way.”

Finding MeKathryn Cushman about Finding Me: “Kelli, through absolutely no fault of her own, has her life turned upside down. Everything she once believed, the people she trusted, all of it has proven false. I’m really excited about this story because at one time or another, most of us will find out that something/someone we counted on is not that immovable rock we thought them to be. When nothing is left to stand on, that’s when we find out what we’re really made of. More importantly, that’s when we find out what we truly believe.”

Together With YouVictoria Bylin about Together With You: “Anyone who has left home for the sake of school or a career will relate to Carly Jo Mason. A Kentucky girl by birth,  she’s a grad student at UCLA and eager to go home to her family. What I love most about Carly’s journey is the way her faith sustains her, especially when she falls in love with a man who’s all wrong for her. We all have to make tough choices at times. Carly does it with love, and I hope that inspires readers to do the same.”


What is it for you that makes story so compelling that you would recommend it to others?

2 thoughts on “April Bethany House Books

  1. Millie is the backbone of the Brennen family in my trilogy set in the roaring twenties. She loves her family, but thinks she can solve all their problems. Her interference causes pain and conflict that she never imagined. Book one, Unclouded Day, introduces Millie and gives the reader a glimpse of what is to come in book two, In The Garden, and book three, Send The Light. Book three is unfinished and should be available in the summer. Yes, Millie’s character is based on a real person, but I’ll never tell.

  2. I have just finished reading Together with You and this author made the story both interesting with details of this syndrome of alcohol comsumption and how it can be prevented by just abstaining while pregnant along with a relationship that was questionable because one had christian faith and the other agnostic. The story seemed to have a slow start but then when you got into all the story -you didn’t want to stop reading. this kind of story is one that keeps me reading. Thanks to the author for all the research that helps readers learn along with an interesting romantic story to smile and feel good about.

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