2015 Reading Challenge

For the new year, I don’t think any of us need to bother making statements like, “This year, I resolve to read!” since that’s pretty much a given. (Then again, everyone needs a resolution they can check off right away. It’s good for self-esteem. I always put “Eat chocolate” on my list for this very reason.)

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However, I noticed some fun Reading Challenges going around on social media, and I was inspired to create my own. For those of you up for a novel dare, here is the Unofficial 2015 Bethany House Reading Challenge! Print it out, keep it on your fridge, tuck it in your ereader, share it with your friends! I’m going to give it a try myself.

A few rules (since this is such a serious and official endeavor): You may re-read books for this (but try to make at least half new books). You don’t have to read just BHP books. And a book may only fulfill one category. So, for example, if you read Les Miserables, which made you cry and has been made into a movie and is way more than 500 pages, and you’re from France and don’t normally read in that genre…it still only counts once. Nice try.


And, finally, some helpful tips…here’s a list of BHP books by state (with a new list coming out this April!). If you need a book by a new-to-you author, I just loved these two debut novels: Miracle in a Dry Season by Sarah Loudin Thomas and For Such a Time by Kate Breslin. Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg has a Christmas scene that had me laughing out loud. And for child characters, the 2014 new releases that come to mind are Meant to Be Mine (Becky Wade), Love Unexpected (Jody Hedlund), and Child of Mine (David and Beverly Lewis), all of which feature adorable children.

Now’s your turn, readers! Do you have a recommendation of a book that fits one of these categories?

23 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge

  1. This will be fun! Just finished Kate Breslin’s book last night–it was excellent! For a book that will make you cry, I recommend the novella This Quiet Sky by Joanne Bischof. Keep your hanky handy. 😥

    • Hi Linda,

      If printing the post didn’t work for you, I’d suggest right-clicking on the “Challenge” image and copying and pasting it into Word, then printing it from there. Hope that helps!

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  2. Hey Mikayla! Here’s the reading challenge for this year I mentioned! Will you do with me? Pretty please!? I think it sounds like a lot of fun! Tell me what you think. (it’s below)

  3. I love this & laughed out loud reading it. I have read many books published by BHP. I just finished a book by a new author (new to me) in a series that I started in late December. Does that count? Also the author lives here in my state, maybe that could be a category in next year’s challenge…

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Lynn! And you can certainly count that if you like (though you’ll probably read another new-to-you author by the end of the year). I like the idea of an author who lives in your home state! Make people do a little research. 🙂

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

  4. One Perfect Day by Lauraine Snelling takes place in Minnesota and will make you cry.
    Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury has a child main character. Shades of Blue, also by Kingsbury, has a great cover. I knew I wanted to read it as soon as I saw the cover. Hannah’s Hope, by Kingsbury, has a child main character and includes a Christmas scene. One last book – Summer by Kingsbury will make you cry (it’s the
    second book in a series).

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  8. I love this challenge. One of my favorite author is Francine Rivers. I love her Mark of Lions series is great. Karen Kingsbury and Dee Henderson are definitely great reads.

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