How to Make a Book Tree and a Note from Beverly Lewis

It’s another week in our online BHP Christmas celebration! We have more holiday goodies for you, including some wonderful giveaways and a virtual greeting from Beverly Lewis. (I’m sure she’d love to give you all hugs in person too, but sadly, you’re all a little too spread out for that.)

How To Make a Book Christmas Tree

I'm really excited about this, if you couldn't tell.

I’m really excited about this, if you couldn’t tell.

First, choose your books. Red and green spines work well, but any color is fine, especially if you wrap them around with lights when you’re finished. Consider choosing your favorite books of 2014 for a place of honor.


So is Erin, on our nonfiction marketing team.

Second, arrange books on a hard surface by stacking layers of similar thickness. A few hints: if you have hardcover books, make sure those are to the middle of the tree where they’ll balance out better. NOTE: It is way more stable to arrange the books in a circle, so spines are facing out on all sides. But we didn’t want you to not be able to see any of the the titles. Also, doing the cute little trunk base was totally worth the slight instability.

Third, adjust with care to balance out the books and generally make the sculpture look as tree-like as possible.

Fourth, decorate your tree. Be careful with heavy garlands, but light tinsel and ornaments work well. (We also used Christy award stickers, which just seemed to fit.) Don’t forget the tree topper!

Admire the final result…and it doubles as a way to recommend your favorite books to anyone who drops by!



A Christmas Card from Beverly Lewis

Dear Readers,

What is it about time? As children we anticipated the arrival of our birthdays with what seemed to be near-endless waiting. The same was true Christmas, which just took forever to get here!

So much to do; so little time. Don’t we hear this said about our helter-skelter living? And what about “making time” for this or that? If time could be manufactured, would we actually spend time doing it?

“24/7” isn’t just an expression; it’s become our society’s mantra. Stuff… things…people…and issues all consume our time, whether they fit into our goal-oriented priorities or not. Then, of course, come the resolutions, as in New Year’s, every year. And when the attempts at more exercise, a better diet, proper rest, and more time for prayer and Scripture reading fall away around mid-February, we’re right back to marking time, filling up our time. And…lost in time.

Stop and think about this. What if we had only a few weeks left to live? Would we hurry up and live the way we thought we should have all along? Be more tender-hearted and caring? More generous and patient? Would we take time to tell someone about life everlasting, where mansions await those who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ? And where time will evaporate—be “no more.”

Time’s-a-wasting, I heard growing up. And it certainly is. Our youngest children, boy/girl twins, are all grown up, and as for Dave and me, the mirror certainly doesn’t lie. None of us are getting any younger. What we do for Christ, we must not delay or second guess.

The Son of God came to us earthlings at the right time and place. He continues to work His will and plan within the construct of time and space, yet is not confined by it. Mind-boggling? Yes, and incredibly miraculous, too.

The very best thing about Christmas at our house is that hushed and holy time on Christmas Eve, when the mantel is alight with dozens of candles, music from Messiah fills the air, gingerbread houses still uneaten are displayed on the hearth, and loving hands form a circle of thankfulness. Heartfelt gratitude for this Holy God in a human baby, our precious infant Savior. Irresistible in the manger, born for a Cross…for such a time as this!

May your Christmas Season abound with every spiritual blessing!


Christmas Gift-Away Roundup, Part Two

Once again, I collected various contest from our authors in case you missed any.

Visit this site to win a copy of The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen, which just released last week (and be sure to watch the trailer while you’re there).

Here’s a big one: if you win, you’ll get one of our fiction books…or two…or every single fiction title Bethany House published this year! Enter here! (And check out our nonfiction giveaway as well.)

Regina Jennings will send you a personalized bookplate if you’re giving one of her books for Christmas! (Or giving a gift to yourself. That works too.)

Melissa Tagg’s free Christmas short story, “One December Night” is still available for you to read online or download to your e-reader. Be sure to check out this heartwarming tale of love and bravery during the holiday season.

It’s time to talk Christmas movies with Becky Wade and Melissa Tagg! They’re joining with other author friends to share their favorite Christmas films…and give away books!

Speaking of Christmas movies (or TV specials), what is your favorite?

14 thoughts on “How to Make a Book Tree and a Note from Beverly Lewis

  1. Love the book tree, Amy! 🙂 My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas, but I also love A Christmas Story and so many others. We’ve been watching a movie a night at our house, enjoying every fleeting moment of the Christmas season.

  2. I LOVE the book tree! So creative and festive. One of my favorite Christmas specials is “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” on the Hallmark movie channel. May you have a blessed Christmas! 🙂

  3. Love your book tree! I’ve seen so many photos on Facebook and elsewhere and I just KNOW I wouldn’t be able to pull it off well. Even crafts and decorating things that look incredibly simple somehow always go wrong for me. LOL! Yours looks perfect.

    • Don’t underestimate yourself, Melissa! When it comes to balance and such, I am the least likely person to get this to work. (Thus the Charlie-Brown-style tilt that I’m hoping passes itself off as adorable instead of uneven.)

      Amy Green
      BHP Fiction Publicist

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