Author Chat: October Bethany House Books

Ask an author who their favorite character is, and you’re likely to get blank stares or the response, “That’s like choosing a favorite child!” However, asking them to name a character they admire from one particular book helps narrow the choices down a bit. The person they name has to be someone who grows and changes during the novel to become someone worthy of imitation.

See who our October authors chose…and why. And check out the excerpts of each book to see if you can get a sense of the characters’ personalities even in the first few pages!

Matter of Heart

Peterson, TracieTracie Peterson: The character I most admire is the heroine, Jessica Atherton.  The reason for me is that she comes to terms with the girl she is—spoiled, selfish and unconcerned with others. Then rather than remain there, she strives to change and be something more.  Her growth isn’t easy, but she is determined to change with the Lord’s help…and does.

Read an excerpt!

Brickmaker's Bride

Nathan Ham Photography|www.whataham.comJudith Miller: I think I admire the male protagonist, Ewan McKay, the most. Ewan is devoted to his family, even-tempered, loves God, and is a man of his word. You can’t help but love him!

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Keepers of the Covenant

Austin_Lynn1Lynn Austin: The character I most admire in my novel Keepers of the Covenant is Devorah. She suffered a great tragedy in her life, and although she wrestled with God, asking why it had to happen, she didn’t lose her faith. Later, when God asked her to do a very difficult thing, she obeyed Him, trusting that He knew best—even if she couldn’t understand it.

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Becoming Bea

GOULD_Leslie1cropLeslie Gould: The character I admire the most is the leading lady, Beatrice Zook. She’s an introvert and has avoided social settings throughout her Amish youth, but when she’s plopped down in the middle of a bustling nearby family and a community of Youngie she realizes her comfort zone had been pretty boring. And when members of her new community betray her, although she’s tempted to retreat back into herself, she learns to reach out and trust God in a whole new way. Bea is definitely worthy admiring!

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Snelling_LauraineLauraine Snelling: My favorite character would have to be Ingeborg (who is the main character of the RED RIVER OF THE NORTH series, but appears in To Everything A Season). I want to be like her when I grow up. She is one I know the best because I’ve written about her for so many books. Why? Her strength and wisdom, all learned the hard way.

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How about you, readers? Name a fictional character you admire and tell us what you admire about him or her.

(To see the winners from our Carol Award contest, go here!)

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