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**UPDATE**: Thanks to everyone who shared about their friends and family members–it was so fun to read about them! I have randomly chosen three winners…their comments are below. Winners, please email me, Amy, at with your address (and your friend’s address if you’d like the book to be mailed to her separately–otherwise I’ll send you both books).

ShareabookWinnersCoca-Cola brought back a fun promotion this summer where it sent out thousands of Coke bottles with names on them. Not all names, of course. But many of the more common ones made their debut on labels that read, “Share a Coke with…”


That got me thinking—why not try “Share a book with…”? There’s something fun about reading a book where the character shares our name. I mean, I got excited when Miracle in a Dry Season featured a doll with my name, Amy, for goodness’ sake. (So take note if you’re looking for birthday presents—every reader I know would love to get a book with their namesake as the main character.)

Just for fun, here are the female protagonists of the Bethany House books that have released so far this year. (Why not the men, you ask? Because it would have taken me a really long time to type out both protagonists’ names. Sorry!) Look at the list, and if you see the name of one of your friends, comment with the name of your friend and one thing you appreciate about her. Only one comment/entry per person, please! Enter until midnight on August 17. I’ll chose three random comments and send the commenter two copies of the book—one to keep, and one to share with the namesake friend! Check back on this post on August 18 to see if you won.

Remember, this is “Share a book,” so choose a book featuring a friend’s name, not your own name. Also, really close names count. (Julie for Julia, Annie for Anne, Catie for Kate, etc. We’re pretty lenient.)


  • Daylily—Lily will also count (from Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl)
  • Adora—Dora or Doreen will also count (from A Draw of Kings by Patrick W. Carr)
  • Hadassah/Stella—Esther will also count (from For Such a Time by Kate Breslin)
  • Kayden (from Silenced by Dani Pettrey)


147 thoughts on “Share a Book Contest

  1. My younger sister is Andrea. She has a two year old and a brand new baby. I’m so proud of what a good mommy she is. It’s been a joy to watch her flourish under this new role. 🙂

    I also have to make a quick additional comment! My oldest daughter is Ellis! I was so thrilled when I saw Siri’s heroine this past spring! I own Siri’s book, and don’t want to enter my ten year old daughter, but it’s such an unusual name for a female, I couldn’t help but comment. 🙂

  2. Beth – I have been friends with Beth since high school (now over 25 years later) and we stay connected no matter where we are in life (we are a military family that moves often). Even if we don’t see eye to eye on a subject, we don’t let it ruin the friendship we have.

  3. Elizabeth is my oldest granddaughter who I also consider a friend, she is a joy to be around. Has such an outgoing and loving nature about her, she always brings a smile to my face.

  4. ~ so my “friend” I am going to nominate a great Aunt who has always been there for our family through thick and thin. My Great Aunt Pearl. She loves to read too 🙂 You can always go to her to talk and just to have someone who cares.

  5. My dearest and oldest friend Beth. Our mothers were friends through their pregnancies and we were born 2 weeks apart and have been bosom friends practically ever since. Through the years growing up, getting married, having children and homeschooling she’s been the friend I could always depend on and I can still tell her all my secrets.

  6. My sister Anne. She’s fun and the baby of the family. She was always a wild child running around naked when mom wouldn’t let her take a bath alone…when she was 4! She’d have a fit in the store if she didn’t get what she wanted and called my mom maniac mommy right in the middle of the store…she was a pistol for sure. Thankfully she’s outgrown that stage….mostly 🙂

  7. Andrea- my sister. I know she’s there if/when I need her. She loves spoiling and spending time with my toddlers, and that, in itself, is the best trait of all!

  8. Tina, only my Tina is Tiina, spelled with two “i’s”! She is Finnish and it is their spelling. Our children grew up together and she is a wonderful woman of God who has been there for me in some pretty dark times. 🙂

  9. This’ll teach us to come up with exotic names! My friend Madeline is an encourager who sings like an angel. An incredible nurse who can also wrangle cattle. A Renaissance woman!

  10. For my BFF Ann…she has been my faithful friend forever, so it seems. I pray for her continued health and safety daily. She is an ever present help to me in any way I need. I would love to share this book with her. Just a little thank you for always being there for me. Thank you so very much in advance for the opportunity to pay it forward.

  11. CorbyandTeresa Smoot: Teresa, I appreciate you for your forgiveness and understanding heart that always sees the best in people. You are a blessing to me and to many others by your quiet ways and knowing when to be silent and when to speak. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  12. Tina!! -she’s my boss, but has also become a great friend.
    -she just started a second job…she works so hard to help her family meet their financial and spiritual goals.
    -most importantly, she loves God and puts Him first, being such a great example to myself and others

  13. I have a friend named Andrea. I appreciate how caring she is and all the things she does for the children at church. A super great lady!

  14. Is Cheryl close enough to Celia? lol! I love my friend Cheryl. She is always there when I need a pick me up, a hug, a prayer, a rant, and never judges me in the midst of my yuck. We moved 3 hours away and just don’t get enough time together anymore…with being wife and mom, homeschooling, and just life. I miss her greatly! (If this isn’t close enough, I’m fine with that…just wanted to mention her anyway!! So thankful to God for true friendship!!) 🙂

  15. Pearl – one of my grandmother’s best friends. She and Grandma taught me much of what I knew about God as a young child. Grandma is gone now, and Pearl is in a nursing home, but I often think back to those days and thank God for my Christian heritage.

  16. Alice- we have been friends since our oldest, who just graduated high school were toddlers. She is a pastor’s wife and they moved. She home schools their children and they now have added a beautiful daughter from Ethiopia to their family. She always is loving and giving to everyone and has a gentle and kind spirit. She encourages me and always makes me smile with the beautiful smile she wears.

  17. I have a friend named Beth and she was my college roommate! I wish we had more time to spend together as adults but I am so glad she is my friend! And a daughter named Hadassah and I love everything about her! 🙂 this is fun! (Maybe someday someone will have a character names Callee and spelled that way too) 🙂

  18. Katie (Kate, With Every Breath) – I appreciate her caring heart and love for the Lord. She is always there, ready to reach out to people, pray for them, or just listen – whatever they need. I’m so thankful for her friendship. 🙂
    This is such a cool idea! Thanks!

  19. Teresa – she is always such an encourager, and she is a huge prayer warrior, but she also knows how to make me laugh when I need it! 🙂

  20. Andrea – She is always so joyful, loves to sing to the Lord, has a sweet smile, and is a prayer warrior. (sorry I couldnt just say one good thing about her). She is such a sweet sister in the Lord.

  21. I do have a beautiful friend named Kelly. She is the owner of a wonderful business which encourages and helps to train and promote women in business. I met her through this company, but became friends with her through the blessing of God. She recently went through a traumatic time after years of trying to get pregnant, she lost her baby about five months along when they went into the doctor one day and there was no heartbeat. She always has a smile, a positive attitude which shows her tremendous love for people, life, and Christ. Her passion is to help others and help them to love their life. She has a bubbly personality and perseveres more than any person I’ve ever known. She truly is a strong person, an inspiration, and I am proud to have her in my life and as my friend.

  22. This is for a special young lady named Kelly who in her short 18 years of life has been through so much. The lastest has been fighting cancer.. Kelly you are a strong young woman who is going to beat this battle just like you already have..

  23. My cousin Beth, with whom I have shared many a tea party over the years ~ she has grown into a beautiful young woman of the Lord, and she even reminds me of Beth in Where Courage Calls.

  24. My friends name is Allison, but I call her Allie. 🙂
    We met at work 12 years ago, and when I moved away, she made sure we stayed in touch. She’s the type of person to give you phone cards (remember those?), stamps, stationary, and envelopes make sure your friendship doesn’t slip away. We use facebook, email, and cell phones these days, but I still miss the days of her being able to just come over and hang out, or help me when I needed her. She’s a wonderful person, and I miss our “close” relationship!

  25. Adorable (Adora, from A Draw Of Kings)- everything about her is quirky and cute, from her name to her personality! She often challenges me to think in different ways, and to look for the bright side. 🙂

  26. My Friend named Teresa . She is loving an caring and alot of fun! She is my best friend and we have both been there for each other though many things in our lives ! we have been best friends since birth our relationship is very close knit ! Her family is like my family and vise versa ! We have shared many laughs and other things over the years growing up ! i couln’t imagaine my life without her ! 🙂 i am sure blest having her in my life 🙂

  27. I have a best friend named Teresa. We have been friends for 23 years and I can count her when I need someone to talk to. She always knows when something is bothering me. She is more of a sister than a friend. We lost contact for about ten years but when we found each other again it was like nothing changed.

  28. My best friends name is Madeline! Or Maddy as we all call her 🙂 She is good God loving friend!! We got a long really well and have several things in common(Like we both love reading!!!)

  29. Beth-She the newest mom to the friend group. When I’m straggling behind, literally dead last in a race, she comes back and crosses the finish line a second time so I’m not alone (at least a half hour after she finished). My fellow nurse friend that helps me solve gross & nasty nurse issues!

  30. My sweet friend, Beth, is who I think of. We enjoyed h.s and two yrs of college together, and we are forever friends. When we get old, we plan on parking our rocking chairs on the same porch!

  31. BETH – Is the name of my mom. She is one of the bravest women I know. She sacrificed so much for my siblings and I and her Up Beat, Never Give Up attitude in the face of Lupus, Diabetes, and Graves Disease is an inspiration.

  32. My daughter-in-love’s name is Molly. It is hard to put down just one thing I appreciate about her. I think it is her strong faith. During labor (which she had no intervention with) she would repeat trust and mercy. Our grandson is 9 months old, but she is already teaching him to pray and reading him bible stories. I couldn’t have hand picked a better dil. God picked her for us!

  33. Julia is my friend and leader of our children’s choirs at church. We have been working together for over 20 years. She is so organized and makes it easier on all the directors! (We call her Julie though!)

  34. My kind friend, Esther, who used to drive me around to buy groceries or whatever, when she came to my province, no matter in what province she lived at that stage. We met through Bookcrossing, by the way!

  35. I have a beautiful, loving niece named Andrea. She is a shining light to everyone who knows her and to many who don’t. She is a Christian who daily serves her God. She is the mother of three, grandmother of five and great-grandmother of one. She gladly shares her Christian values with each of them. She is a joy to me.

  36. Kelly- She is persistent. She had trouble getting pregnant and has had a lot of miscarriages, some twins and those that were far enough along that you could tell the gender were all boys. She had one little girl and was trying for more children when they lost more. After losing all boys she was happy to find out that she was having a girl. Her second daughter is turning one on Halloween. Her husband and her have been separated twice, but they are in counseling and both want their marriage to work. Kelly is also an elementary school teacher. She is also Amish fiction fan!

  37. Beth- We met my freshman year of college, when I was 17 and 2,000 miles from home. We’re still friends, almost 18 years later. She is still one of the only people who truly “gets me”, and someone I know will be there for me, no matter what I’m going through!

  38. Kelly is my friends name. 🙂 more like my cousin…but she’s just like a friend to me. Our roots say were cousins but our hearts say were friends. That’s my sisters saying and it’s so true when it comes to our cousins. We are so close and our bond is just knit tightly together. The thing I appriciate about Kelly is our shared love for books. She’ll come up to me and tell me about the book she just read and recommend so many good books to me. She knows what I like to read and what type of books I would like and she always gets so excited when she’s telling me about this one book she loved and knows I will too. She has a beautiful twinkle in her eye when she’s telling me about it and I just feel so close when we’re talking about them. She’s a wonderful friend and cousin and I don’t know what I would do without her. ❤️Love you Kelly.

  39. Marty/Martha. I have really good friend who is in assisted living. Her real name is Martha but she goes by Marty. She is funny and a true loving person. And she loves Tinkerbell. She has a collection of tinkerbell figurines and whatever you can think of regarding tinkerbell. She is a reader also so I would love to give her a book. Thanks for the chance.

  40. Kelly – I appreciate my best friend Kelly because she is always there for me through thick and thin. She always has great advice and can be a great listener if all I want to do is talk! It amazes me that we have only been friends for over 14 years when I feel like I have know her my whole life.

  41. Kelley – She has been my long-distance friend since we were little and continues to encourage and uplift me even when we aren’t together! She always makes time for me and puts a lot of effort into keeping our friendship alive from a distance…I don’t know what I would do without her.

  42. Beth has been my dearest friend since we met our freshman year in college. She has been such an encouragement to me and I never would have gotten through nusring school without her.

  43. A cousin of mine that is also a friend, is Beth whom I miss dearly as she lives far away! A new friend of mine is Nicole (without the H).

  44. Monika (Monica) has been such a good friend for the past few years. I’ve introduced her to her husband :). Even though we now live far apart, we keep in contact and she’s always there for me, and encouraging me through my ppd issues.

  45. Teresa Brandon is a friend of mine and always has positive things to say about me. Also my friend Molly( I am not sure if she likes to read) that could use some prayers and encouragement, as she is getting ready to get married and start a new life in a different state.

  46. My friend Angela is also a member of my church. She is a Sunday school teacher and she also coordinates our prayer chain. This means phone calls and text messages at any time, day or night but she handles it all with promptness and grace!

  47. Nichole is a new mama and completely enamored with her son. She has a strong faith and will raise him to know the Lord.

  48. Teresa- I babysat for her when she was young…now she is a grown woman with 2 little ones, and one of my best friends. she is kind,sweet and so funny!!!

  49. My friend, Andrea M., is the sweetest person you’ll ever know! She finds fault with no one, and is sensitive and loving. 🙂

  50. My FB friend Beth. She loves to read almost as much as I do and we share books and opinions about books. AND she send’s me chocolates from Nancy’s Candies in VA where she works. (My name is Nancy!)

  51. Autumn is actually my daughter in love …The Mom of my grandbabies. She is amazing and so very giving and tenderhearted. She left highschool to take care of her babies and while pregnant finished and recieved her GED. She would go above and beyond for anyone. I Love that girl and I’m so very proud of her.

  52. There were several names of my friends on that list, but I picked the name Tina.

    My friend, Tina, is giving. She is like a big sister to me and she always goes the extra mile. I call, text, and email her all the time. She helps me with so many things. I consider her my big sister!

  53. .Kelley. She is an amazing mother of 7, who has spent most of the last 10 years taking care of her children on her own as her husband works in Egypt. She is one of my best friends and I pray that her husband is able to come home soon, for good. She is also a breast cancer survivor!!! Thanks for the chance to share something wonderful with her!



  54. Lily was my grandmother. An amazing woman. She started married life in a covered wagon. My grandparents homesteaded many states, including the Oklahoma Territory. Lily made beautiful quilts. She was responisble for the garden, fruit trees and the animals used for their food. She canned/preserved the foods that would see them through the harsh winters, Her beautiful quilts would keep them warm. I was blessed in knowing my grandmother Lily. A woman that loved her family. A woman that worked hard. A woman that could cook. A woman that loved God. The greatest thing you could say about her “she loved”.

  55. My BFF is Beth! We love coffee and chats in which we edify and encourage each other with God’s word. She has always been my lifeline! I would love to win for her!

  56. Karen – Karen is my “seesta” from church. She is a fellow reader like myself. She always has an encouraging word for everyone she meets. Love enjoying a “cuppa” with her. She is always giving to others. It would be awesome to give back to her.

  57. My daughter’s middle name is Elizabeth. She loves to read! Even though she is busy starting a new career as a nurse, she is willing to help dog sit, baby sit, or help out where she’s needed. She is a lovely person inside and out.

  58. My friend, Gina, is an incredible violinist. Even when she was still in high school, it was a great delight to accompany her on my favorite instrument, the piano! I would love to be able to bring a ray of cheer into Gina’s life by sharing one of Dee Henderson’s books!

  59. Anne is my best friend and she’s a wonderful friend to many others as well. Her faith comes through so clearly in how she shows love to all around her.

  60. My friend katie(Kate). I appreciate her sense of humor and how much we have in common. Her first greeting card that gave me said ” you are my bosom friend” and I knew that if she could quote Anne of green gables then she and I would definitely get along. We have gotten along ever since. We love reading the same books and watching hallmark movies!

  61. My best friends name is Andrea, We’re actually total opposites except for our shared love of stunning heels and great books! 🙂

  62. My daughter’s name is Andrea. She loves sharing books with me and her grandmother. I appreciate her resilience during tough times.

  63. Nichole! It’s so exciting to see it spelled with an ‘h’. My daughter’s middle name is spelled that way (coz that’s how I thought it was supposed to be). Samantha Nichole has always been such a fun child — active in sports and music, and full of life. She is a determined young lady who is persistent at seeking what she wants despite the barriers. I love her to the moon and back!

  64. I was so excited to see my sister’s name Autumn! She is always helping others and a joy to be around. When I get to be with we always have a blast!

  65. My girlfriend named Tina. I also have a friend who’s name is Eleanor..I added a new member to my family. Her mom’s name Andrea.

  66. I have a dear friend named Ellie (Eleanor) she is such a bright happy person who brings a smile to my day. She is always so positive and uplifting and blesses people with her love of Jesus and sharing His impact on her life. She is selfless and giving, I truly admire her!

  67. Julie… She’s a new friend who is actually younger than my children. She is the pastor’s wife at our new church home and I have discovered that she is a booklover like myself. I actually also have a special friend Julia but I don’t think she would enjoy the book as much as Julie. If I win, I will be sharing both copies because I already have one that I enjoyed very much.

  68. My little sister, Autumn (which isn’t a popular name so I was surprised to see her name on the list). Though she is family, she is still the one person who knows me and can read me like no other. I could list a whole bunch of things about her that I appreciate, but the main thing is how she can never fail to make somebody smile and laugh. She has such an outgoing personality and whether on stage or in company, she can always brighten up a person’s day with her humor and wit!

  69. One of my co-workers is Julie. She is a teacher, always calm, kind, and prepared. Kids are always very happy to have her for their teacher. She is very appreciative of the aides who work in her classroom and shows that appreciation often.

  70. Julie. She always puts others before herself. She is a great example of a godly woman – a great wife, mom, grandmom, daughter, sister and my friend.

  71. Beth is my sister in law and friend. She is strong in her faith as she has recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  72. Nichole – she seems to draw children to her and then proceeds to get them excited about being taught new things or becoming more confident in what they already know. She is a good encourager. I want to go buy “Truth Be Told” by Carol Cox – my granddaughter’s name is Amelia and that book looks so interesting and I’ve never tried a book by her yet. But not entering Amelia’s name – she loves books but is too little to read. : )

  73. Amelia (Emily) stretching it a bit– but she’s a fantastic friend. We both have busy lives and if we want to do something together without kids it has to be late at night. We have been known to have a workout at 10pm then fold laundry together. That’s a good friend!

  74. Kate — or Cate as we spell it. She is my daughter, my friend. Cate loves the Lord and wants to please her in everything she does. She is selfless, caring and a wonderful encourager.

  75. My sister’s name (middle name actually) is Kate. And she has red hair like the heroine in With Every Breath. =) I would say she is my best friend. We’ve especially gotten very close over the last year or so, taking several trips together and staying up late nights talking. =)

  76. I saw my BFF Julie’s name! She is amazing and is always there for me when I need support or a smile after a tough day! Love her! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  77. Allie is the middle name ofmy sister-in-law who I walkand work with. We have complete two half marathons and are currently training for a full marathon. As we walk we talk about everything included the latest books we have read. It would be fun to give her a book we could both read and then discuss.

  78. Molly, My daughter and now my grown up friend too. 🙂 Have loved every season of life with her, and am REALLY enjoying being at a point where we can talk about anything on a grown up female level. She is a joy.

  79. Perla, (Pearl) this is my sisters name and she and I are close sharing books that we read and talking about the characters and the locations. I baby sat for her when she had a little boy before I married. Our names are close as mine is Pauline.

  80. Angela is a first cousin of mine. But we raised our children together for years in the same church! Swapping stories and problems over the years! She helped me out with my oldest child before we had 2 girls close together. It was so much fun raising these two together! It’s so good to have someone u can depend on!

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