Scavenger Hunt Fun with Jody Hedlund!

Hedlund_Jody1Time for a little summer fun . . . and, of course, here at Bethany House that usually involves books! Join us for a scavenger hunt through Jody Hedlund’s blog tour. She has been stopping by blogs far and wide, commenting about her inspiration for writing novels, giving sneak peeks at Captured by Love, and sharing about the care and keeping of unruly chickens.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the tour, now’s your chance to take a look. And here’s another reason to join the fun: want a chance to win Captured by Love? Here’s how:

  • Find the questions below and write them down.
  • Email the answers to me, Amy, at with the subject line: Captured by Love Scavenger Hunt. (That part is important!)
  • Five winners with correct answers will be randomly chosen! All entries are due by midnight on Thursday, August 7. Winners will be notified via email by Saturday, August 9.

Blog Stop #1: “What Inspired Me to Write the Book”
Question: What is the name of the woman who lived on Mackinac Island during the fur-trading era that helped to inspire the heroine’s character?

Blog Stop #2: “A Research Trip to Mackinac Island (Part 1)”
Question: What was (and still is) the only way to get to Mackinac Island?

Blog Stop #3: “A Research Trip to Mackinac Island (Part 2)”
Question: What war between the British and United States is integral to the plot?

Blog Stop #4: “The True People and Events in Captured by Love
Question: What did the American men have to sign after the British took control of the island if they didn’t want to be forced to leave their families and homes?

Blog Stop #5: “Getting Down & Dirty . . . at the Chicken Farm”
Question: What is necessary for chickens to lay eggs in the winter?

Blog Stop #6: “A Sizzling Romance: Pass Me a Fan!”
Question:  The heroine finds herself in a love triangle between two men. What is the relationship of the men?

Blog Stop #7: “What I Hope Readers Take Away From Captured by Love
Question: Who was the prayer warrior throughout the book?

Blog Stop #8: “Fun Trivia From Captured by Love
Question: What does the name “Michilimackinac” mean?

Blog Stop #9: “The Movie Cast for the Main Characters of Captured by Love
Question: The hero, Pierre, is descended from what nationality combination?

Blog Stop #10: “A Plethora of Pictures of Captured by Love
Question: What kind of canoe did the heroine use (made popular by the natives)?

Captured by Love

Found all the answers? Remember, email me at the address above to enter (don’t share the answers in the comments). Thanks for joining our scavenger hunt!

To hear more from Jody, visit her website or Facebook page. To read an excerpt from Captured by Love, go here.

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