Celebrating the Christy Awards: Dragonwitch Giveaway

Update: Here are our randomly-chosen winners! Please email me, Amy, at agreen@bethanyhouse.com with your mailing address so I can send you the book (and the other goodies). Loved reading all the answers, by the way!



Last Monday night, as I watched the liveblog of the Christy Awards, I cheered out loud when Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Dragonwitch was listed as the winner of the Visionary category. I’m a big fan of her Goldstone Woods books, so I entirely agree with the judges that the award was well-deserved. You can take a look at all of the Christy nominees and winners here.

12543-DRAGONWITCH christy memeIn a land besieged, an unlikely hero discovers his destiny: he alone can wield the sword that will slay the Dragonwitch—and save them all.

Here are some fun “extras”if you want to learn more about Dragonwitch and Anne Elisabeth’s other fantasy novels.

  • Stop by Anne Elisabeth’s blog. There’s always something fun going on there, whether it’s a fairy tale writing competition or a music contest.
  • Read an excerpt of Dragonwitch and see why one of the Christy award judges said, “Very few books compel me to stop midway through and track down and buy the author’s backlist. Dragonwitch did.”
  • And, finally, what better way to celebrate than by giving away books? We’ll be hosting a giveaway here on the blog. Five winners will receive a copy of Dragonwitch, along with a bookplate signed by the author, a few Goldstone Woods bookmarks, and a shiny Christy Award seal on the cover.


Here’s how to enter: just comment on this blog post with an answer to this question, “If you were given the opportunity to step into a fictional world, which book would you choose to enter and why?” (It doesn’t have to be a fantasy book.)

Winners’ names will be posted in an update to this blog post next Thursday, July 3rd, so be sure to check back to see if you won!


71 thoughts on “Celebrating the Christy Awards: Dragonwitch Giveaway

  1. I am not sure what fictional world I would want to be in. It is just amazing though to step into a new world every time I pick up a book but remain in the safety of my own world.

  2. Ooh I’m so glad to hear she got awarded! I love this series 🙂
    If I could pick any fictional world to enter and be a part of id have to say, Harry Potter (as a witch, not a muggle!!)

    Thanks for the giveaway. Cheers!

  3. I would choose to be in the fictional world of Anne of Green Gables since I read the entire series which is memorable and special and the era and locale is captivating and nostalgic for me.

  4. I would love to step into the world of “Prophet” by R.J. Lawson and follow Ela. R.J. Is so creative and brings a very cool understanding of Gods love to mind when I read her books.

  5. I would step into Alexandre Dumas’ “Three Musketeers” world. I love how chivalry is alive and people fight for honor. I love how going on an adventure meant being gone for months, if not years, and you have to really tough it out. I don’t much like how the government and political issue goings-on were corrupt, but I love how people are so passionate about what they did and upholding their duty to the king and queen until the last breathe. I would love to go around sword-fighting for my king/queen and earning a title or earning a name for myself. Plus I love Athos and wouldn’t mind meeting him. That or Gail Carson Levine’s “Two Princesses of Bamarre”‘s world where I would basically do the same thing.

  6. This is a really tough question. I would love to visit all of my favorite book worlds. I guess for today I’d say I would love to visit Narnia so that I could meet Aslan, the Great Lion. Having talking animals isn’t bad either. Plus, I long for going “further in” and pushing past this “shadowland” and into the “real” world.

  7. Probably cliché, but definitely Middle-earth (minus the giant spiders!). Tolkien’s epic began my love of fantasy.

  8. I would likely step into the world of “Quest for a Maid.” It is a book I read as a child and remains one of my absolute favorites – it is still sitting right on my shelf – and I can’t wait to read it to my kids in a few years. That book had me at the first line. 🙂

  9. Honestly-I really do believe I would be in “Gone With the Wind”!! And yes, I would be Scarlett because she was the ultimate spoiled “Southern Bell”-for that time in history. I would love to be swept away to that era, even though it was during the Civil War. Even Scarlett, in her way, had an influence on the upheaval around her and the loss she and others suffered. I want to be there for it.

  10. Heidi. Would love the fresh air on the mountain tops and walking by the bakery while visiting Clara in Frankfurt. Such a great story of the heart, long remembered from my childhood. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  11. I would love to enter Bryan Davis’ world from the In the Midst of Dragons series. I would love to be half dragon and half human, helping to save the world.

  12. The fictional world I would enter is one more obscure, but I would choose the Eastern Continent in the book “Awakenings” by Faith King and Laura Josephsen. I would love to meet some fairies and the Twelve Brethren, and if somehow I became one of the Twelve Speakers, that would just make my life. The Master, unlike Aslan, isn’t physically present; but also unlike Aslan, the Master seems completely constant with the God of our Bible, which seems hard to do. King and Josephsen’s created world just seems wonderful.

  13. I would definitely take a step thru the wardrobe into Narnia. I read them all and loved them and always kind of wished I could open my closet to find Tumnus hiding inside!

  14. Oh, wow, tough question! Several come to mind – Narnia, Middle-earth, the world of Harry Potter, Jane Austen’s time period/stories, the world of Goldstone Wood!

    The for the chance to win!

  15. I would of course love to be in the world of Harry Potter, as a witch, not a Muggle, but also would love to be in the world of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden sci-fi series. Or in Diane Duane’s Moving Castle books.

  16. I have so many favorite books, it is very hard to choose. After reading other comments, I agree that Narnia is very high at the top of the list. Others are the worlds of Donita K. Paul’s Dragonspell books, and Chris Walley’s Lamb Among the Stars series. Also Kathy Tyers Firebird series… and that’s just the speculative fiction favorites!

  17. It’s a hard question – what world I would step into. I would have to say the Chronicles of Prydain world. It’s a really fun world, and I’d love to go adventuring in it for myself.

  18. Oh that’s not hard at all! What a fun question! It would definitely be Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings – I’d love to visit the Shire and see the hobbits and go to all the other super cool places and see elves…

  19. That’s a hard one! I think I’d like to clamber around the mountain with the young Rose Red and Leo for a while, and then go on an extended walking tour of some of the other kingdoms/realms–the ones currently without dragons or faerie wolves. One doesn’t get tired or hungry while on these fictional adventures, does one?

  20. Sorry, I forgot to say why. It’s because I’d love to meet some of the Goldstone Wood characters where they live–without being blasted or eaten, of course.

  21. Narnia would be a first choice but I think I would also enjoy checking out the world of Little House on the Prairie. Although I feel a pull toward checking out castle living,,too. So many choices…hmmmm…feel the need to go read.

  22. That’s such a hard question! I think I’m gonna go with Narnia, specifically on Dawn Treader, because that was my favorite Narnia book.

    Otherwise I’d probably go with some great historical fiction mystery.

  23. If it was an entirely different world, definitely Narnia, otherwise something in set in Ireland, preferably near the cliffs of Moher in Doolin 🙂

  24. I would choose the book Tron (Brian Daley). It was written after the Disney movie Tron and is probably one of the few books, if not the only book I love that was written AFTER the movie. The Grid is the world inside the computer where you meet the programs the creators design. I would love to meet the characters such as Tron, Ram, Beck, Mara, Zed (last three from Tron: Uprising). And I’ve always wondered how well I would do in battles in books.(?) Would I become one of the best or would I die in the first round of Disc Wars in the Grid or be blasted from a laser in a first fight in Star Wars and die; I don’t know? I love Tron and what the good characters stand for.


  25. I would go to Anne Elisabeth’s world of goldstone wood e cause I love fairies and her characters would be fun to interact with

  26. Hmm I think I would pick the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Poalini! His mid evil magic world is so vivid! I could def see myself there learning magic, becoming a dragonrider and winning the heart of he desert king or an elf!! 🙂

  27. Hmmm, that’s a tough question. I’d be torn between Narnia, Goldstone Wood, and my own world of Tellurae Aquaous. Narnia because it seems to be one of the least dangerous fantasy worlds to visit – but with plenty of adventure and enough danger to make things interesting, and I like that you can spend a lifetime there and come home again at the exact time and age you were when you left.

    Goldstone Wood is just such an intriguing world, though, and there are a lot of people I’d want to meet there such as Eanrin and Imraldera.

    Tellurae Aquaous is near and dear to my heart of course because I made it up… so I’m a bit biased. But I think my favorite thing about the world is the fact that dragons can be good or evil, just like humans. So there’s a chance I could get to ride a dragon, and see some magic, and possibly take part in some grand battle between good and evil before coming home.

  28. Oooh, or the Enchanted Forest from Dealing with Dragons. Dragons, magic carpets, and the chance to yell “Arglefraster!” in order to melt bothersome wizards…. hard to beat that! 🙂

  29. Oooh, this is a tough question! How about the world of Julie Lessman’s Heart of San Francisco series in the early 1900s? Because that would be a fun time to live in – with new modern conveniences like cars and electricity coming soon.

  30. I would love to be able to go to Middle Earth. I grew up reading Lord of the Rings. The first place I’d visit, of course, would be the Shire.
    There’s just so many fantastic and adventurous places to visit in Middle Earth.
    Or Narnia. That would be awesome.
    Or Albion, based off of Steven Lawhead’s Paradise Wars trilogy.
    And of course who wouldn’t want to travel through the Faerie world and Goldstone Wood. 🙂

  31. I would have to say Narnia, for ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of stepping through into another world, and it all started with Narnia. I would love to live that dream and see what my Narnia story would be. 🙂

  32. I’d want to enter Ilyon in the Ilyon Chronicles. Though it be dangerous, (like any other fictional world) I would absolutely LOVE the chance to meet my favorite characters in person. 😉

    This is such a fun giveaway! 🙂

  33. Like many others, I would love to visit Narnia! Any place with that much creativity deserves to be visited. 🙂

  34. I would enter the world of Pride and Prejudice. I love the time period and I think that I would enjoy the world. 🙂

  35. Oh this is so hard, but I would have to choose Goldstone Wood. I would want to go there so I could meet many of my favorite characters, and explore many new worlds yet undiscovered in the wood. I would love a look at Imraldera’s library, a walk in the clouds with Prince Athelbald (I have so many questions!), and a run through the forest with Eanrin. I feel I would have a great time and really learn a lot from them.

  36. Other earth in Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy because it felt totally believable yet intertwined with ours that it felt like home.

  37. I really would like to live in Ohio Amish country, but that is not fictional, is it? Well, next best thing would be the world of Harry Potter. Not the fighting-evil part, just the -out-in-the-boonies, live-off-the-land kind, but with all those extra special abilities to enable me to get more done than this creaky old body will allow.

  38. I would choose Narnia or Star Wars, depending on what time frame in them I had to step into 🙂 Stepping into Star Wars during the time of the Empire, or Narnia during the time of the White Witch does not sound like a good plan!

  39. I absolutely love this series and book! For a fictional world, I would choose Amara from the Dragon Keepers Chronicles since there is less chance of being killed than in most fantasy worlds but still many adventures to explore!

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