Quiz: May Bethany House Books

May is finally here, readers! And that means we have some great new books to announce.

Given that I usually try to do something fun besides just telling you the plot of each book, I’ve made up a quiz for the heroines of our three romantic suspense and three contemporary romances.


See who you have the most in common with…


Until I Found You

Kate Darby from Until I Found You

Nick Sheridan has made a vow: no dating for a year. And he’s keeping it just fine—until Kate Darby turns his world upside down.

Gina Gray from Undetected

Researcher Gina Gray is on the verge of a breakthrough in sonar technology, and what she’s told Navy Commander Mark Bishop is only the beginning…

Meant to be Mine

Celia Park from Meant to Be Mine

When bull rider Ty Porter comes face to face with the one woman he could never forget, can he convince her he’s finally ready for love?

Gathering Shadows

Wynter Evans from Gathering Shadows

Wynter Evans came to the town of Sanctuary looking for answers. Can handsome mayor Reuben King help her discover the truth about her brother’s disappearance?

Kayden McKenna from Silenced

After Kayden McKenna discovers the body of a fellow climber, she and Jake Westin team up to investigate the death—provoking threats on her entire family.

Here to Stay

Autumn Kingsley from Here to Stay

Whisper Shore will never be the same once Blake and Autumn join forces to revitalize tourism—but will that be enough to convince Autumn to stay?

 What are you waiting for? Give it a try! And be sure to share this with your fiction-loving friends and let us know what result you got!


19 thoughts on “Quiz: May Bethany House Books

  1. Isn’t this quiz great? I answered as myself and ended up getting my very own heroine, Celia! This makes me happy, because now I get to enjoy a romance with Ty Porter.

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  3. hmmm…I got Celia from Meant to be Mine! kind of surprised but now I really need to read this book! Wonder if my husband is like Ty Porter…

  4. I took this twice, because after I got to the end of the quiz, I discovered there were more options (I didn’t realize I needed to scroll down. The 1st time I got Kayden McKenna & 2nd time I got Autumn Kingsley from Here to Stay. Both descriptions were pretty accurate–looks like I have some reading to do–plus, I HAVE to read Nancy Mehl’s book too.

  5. I got Kate Darby. Weird, since that’s the book I’m currently reading. Thank you, Bethany House, for providing such fun stories that are also filled with spiritual lessons (thanks to the writers, too, of course)!

  6. I had such fun with this quiz, I was wondering if you would mind me reblogging and giving you the credit of course.

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