Tracie Peterson’s 100th Book Party: Quiz!

Have you seen those personality quizzes that are shared all over Facebook? Well, here is the Christian fiction version, part of the celebration of Tracie Peterson’s 100th book, A Sensible Arrangement!

Tracie Party!

Of course, we couldn’t include all of Tracie Peterson’s characters. With 100 books, it would just be ridiculous. You’d be taking the quiz for hours! (If you’ve missed the other fun things we’ve been doing this week to celebrate Tracie’s 100th book, check out the virtual card and fun recipes.)

This quiz covers the heroine of A Sensible Arrangement, as well as the leading ladies in the two other series this book has connections with: STRIKING A MATCH and LAND OF THE LONE STAR.

Find out if you are….


Hannah from Chasing the Sun?


Laura from Touching the Sky?


Carissa from Taming the Wind?


Deborah from the STRIKING A MATCH series?

A Sensible Arrangement

Marty from A Sensible Arrangement?

Moment in Time

Alice from A Moment in Time? (And A Sensible Arrangement)

Take the quiz to find out!


Just for fun, tell us which result you got in the comments section of the blog. I’d love to see how many fictional heroines we have out there!

13 thoughts on “Tracie Peterson’s 100th Book Party: Quiz!

  1. I got Alice from a Moment in Time. I haven’t read that book, but the description of her at the end made me smile. I’ll take it. 🙂

  2. I got Hannah from Chasing the Sun. This was a really great quiz, I haven’t read the book but the description seemed to fit me perfectly! 🙂

  3. I am Marty Dandridge Olson. Guess I really need to read the new book, since I should be able to connect with the heroine more than the others. I didn’t expect anything else, I always felt that I connected with Jordana Baldwin extremely well.

  4. I also got Deborah Vandermark from Striking a Match! I love her character, so it’s lovely to think I’m a personality match. Thanks for the fun quiz!

  5. I got Deborah Vandermark from Striking a Match. I haven’t read these books yet, but the description fits me to a T. I guess I’ll definitely have to read that series now! 🙂

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  7. I would like to have been Marty from A Sensible Arrangement (ILOVE her!) but I am Carissa Lowe from Taming the Wind.

    Congrats, Tracie, on 100 beautiful pieces of literature! Thanks for sharing your great talent with me. 🙂


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