Christmas on the Canadian Prairie: Janette Oke

The time following the Depression and into WWII was not known for extravagant gifts under the tree and tables spread with bountiful feasts. But that does not mean that they were dreary and dreaded. I think back to my early Christmases with a great many fond memories.

I grew up on a farm and attended a one-room country school. Christmases meant hefting the ax and tramping through knee-deep snow into our woods to pick the best Christmas tree we could spot, church celebration services, school Christmas concerts, and visits with family or friends. Even though our house was small, there was always room for a few more at the table. My mother was adept at tossing a few more potatoes in the pot and cutting the meat, which was often venison or elk steaks, into smaller portions.

One Christmas that stands out in my memory happened when I was around eight. We lived on a road that led to a First Nations reservation if one traveled east, and to another if one went west. The two reservations were several miles apart, but we often had travelers, either single wagons of families or little groups traveling together, pass by our place. Occasionally they stopped to sell smoked fish or other goodies. Truth was, thanks to an older sister who loved to tell her own versions of “Indian lore,” I was afraid of them and always kept well behind a protective parent.

The Christmas in mind started out as usual. The school concert was an event we looked forward to. Of course we kids all had parts to memorize and perform, but there would also be neighborly visits over a potluck lunch, candy treats, and a visit from someone’s father dressed as Santa. We couldn’t wait. We traveled by horses and sleigh, sleigh-bells jingling “all the way.”  We snuggled down in the heavy bedding of warm straw covered by blankets and sang carols and counted falling stars.

On this particular evening, we had an unexpected addition to the usual program. A First Nation couple had been making the trek from one reserve to the other and had stopped to tent in our neighborhood. I’m not sure who first discovered them, but they were invited to the concert and became a part of the entertainment. They both played guitars, and he sang and chatted comfortably. We were enthralled. A real “Indian” at our concert.

A couple days later, word came that a bad storm had blown down a tree that ripped a big hole in the First Nation couple’s tent. My mom soon had Dad hitching up the team and going to look for them. I remember standing there watching him go. It was cold and stormy, and as a child I was more than a little concerned.

So that was how we came to have guests for Christmas. The man’s name was Mr. Northwest. I don’t recall his first name. The woman was very shy, and I don’t think she knew much English, but he more than made up for that. He was a wonderful storyteller and could do little tricks, like whistling into his guitar and making it sound like the echo was coming from the ceiling. Dad and Mom gave up their bedroom and shuffled us kids around to make room in our limited space. I suppose some of us slept on the floor—but we were used to that when guests came. They were with us for a few days until the storm abated, and during that time I lost my fear of Canada’s native people.

When the weather cleared and they were once again able to be on their way, it was with a sense of sadness that we watched them go—trudging off into the whiteness, their packs on their backs. I guess it was one of those wonderful lessons that God teaches when we least expect it. Christmas—my favorite time of the year—is even better when it is shared.

God bless your Christmas!

Janette Oke

What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?


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19 thoughts on “Christmas on the Canadian Prairie: Janette Oke

  1. Janette Oke has been my favorite author for many many years. I am so happy to see a new book coming out. I own most of her books and all the movies that have come from them. Merry Christmas!

  2. I love seeing a memory from Janette Oke. Some of my favorite memories are surrounding your books! My mom started reading them out loud to me when I was 7. Marty and Clark were some of my earliest childhood book friends! She would paraphrase a few things she found too adult, but was so thankful for clean books she could share with me. I remember being allowed to stay up later than the others, curled on the couch with my mom listening and living in that world! It is not exactly a Christmas memory, but we did not celebrate Christmas like the rest of the world growing up, and we did extra reading at Christmas time. My best Christmas memories are of my mom reading aloud to me!

  3. beautiful cover and we know the story will be great with this author, loved the Christmas memory….Mine is when Mom would bake many pies for the holiday, we only got them on special occasion so sweets were a good memory…she made them from scratch and was a wonderful cook.

  4. I was just wondering which older sister… And my mom has great Christmas memories in that little farm house when she was young. and as the second round of grandkids… Great grandma always had room for all her .grand baby’s.. I always looked forward to my home made Christmas gift from her and grandma…

  5. I have all her books and moves neaver get tired od watching them I was so disapointed when someone said she retired have realy missed reading her books

  6. I have all of Janette Oak books and movies. I’ve been her fan for years. If you haven’t read or seen the movies u are missing some great stories!

  7. I love Janette Oak books. I have most of her books. She was the first Christian fiction author I read, and it got me hooked on Christian fiction.

  8. Such a wonderful memory! Thanks for staring. I LOVE and enjoy your books; I believe I’ve read them all! As well as watched the movies more times than I have fingers and toes! I am anxiously awaiting your new movie release! ;-D I am very blessed with many Christmas memories – my parents were incredible and though we were not the wealthiest, we never lacked for love or a few presents on gift occasions. My most treasured memories are of being with extended family, fabulous food and enjoying everyone, the laughter and good times. Even above that, however, was knowing the reason we celebrated and hearing at home, numerous times during the season, the story of Jesus. That miracle has always be a part of me! Wishing you and your Christmas Blessings!

  9. I’ve known Janette Oke fer over thirty years and I have and do read books of Janette and books from other authors as well yet I have ta sey Janette Oke is the Best author I’ve ever read books by and she is the DEAREST LADY SWEETEST Person I’ve Ever Known. I Wil alweys choose Janette Oke over all authors caus Ivan TRUST Her words her story lines with OUT one single doubt. I wil ALWEYS turn ya her books …. as fer the show when calls the heart…. as long as they keep it in Janette Oke story guideline then they wil Alweys have Good Extremely Excellent FAMILY Sgows ta PROVIDE all People With…. and personally …. I baleve thet People Alweys have wanted Good Family shows but the shows weren’t there so there was nuthun good ta watch… now I’m glad ta see and hear thet Good Excellent Clean Family shows are comin back ta stay…. Life is Good when Families have Love.. understanding…. support… care… alweys there fer each other… lotsa patience….all ahround being there fer each other…. … Every year Christmas 🎄 alweys brings thet Love and more into the Center of Family where it balongs and there it should stey all year long…. thank You

  10. I’ve slept in the upstairs of that converted Post Office to Home. I still can’t figure out how 8 kids slept upstairs with the low ceilings and partial attic. It was so hot in the summer and pesky buzzing mosquitoes! And for a long while no indoor plumbing. Which meant trying to reach the outhouse in time. I don’t know how they bathed…must have been cold in the winter. Grandma did make Wonderful Bread..all the girls did. My mom was the eldest girl..who showed (Aunt)Janette to “pull the needle through “. She helped with naming 1 of (Aunt)Janette’s children’s books “Duck Tales” . Love to You All🌹

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